Travel Log: Boston, Massachusetts


I am completely overwhelmed at the thought of recapping our trip because there's so much to say and so many photos, so I figure I should probably just dive on in. 

We officially booked this trip back in March, but we've been talking about a trip to Europe for 4 or 5 years, mostly as a "wouldn't that be fun" kind of thing. Then last year around Christmas, we were thinking about what we wanted to do in 2018, and we decided the timing was pretty good for a fall vacation based on the ages of the kids and a gap before we might try for Baby Bum #3 and just the fact that we should just finally go ahead and do it while we could!

I honestly felt self-conscious even talking about our trip to anyone for a few reasons, but one of them was because I've read enough comments on blog posts and articles about working motherhood to know that a lot of people think families with two working parents have a lot of money and choose to work so they can have extra funds for fancy things. Every time I mentioned we were going to Europe, I wanted to follow it with, we aren't swimming in money. this is very unusual for us. we have never done anything like this before. But people will think what they want, I suppose, so that's neither here nor there. We saved for this trip just like we save for any other trip, which I talked about at length in this blog post if you're interested!

We decided to borrow backpacks from friends of ours who have traveled to Europe a few times. Since we were going to be moving around to a few locations in England and getting on and off trains, we wanted to pack as light as we could and liked the idea of being able to carry our stuff rather than pull a suitcase around. It ended up being the absolute perfect decision, and I am so glad we did it! I am also super impressed with myself that I was able to pack for 11 days of travel in just one backpack that I carried!

Of the two of us, I'm the one who plans our trips, books our flights and places to stay, and researches things to do and places to eat. Of course, I talk to Jordan about it before I confirm payment, but in general I make all of those types of decisions (because he doesn't really care and I kind of do care haha!). After looking at flight prices along with times and dates that might work with our work schedules, I decided that it would be the cheapest to catch a flight out of the Dallas airport to somewhere on the East Coast and then take a direct flight to London. That's how we ended up with a mini "trip within a trip" by spending a day and half in Boston before we flew to the UK! We drove from OKC to Dallas with both the kids so that my parents could take us to the airport and start out the first half of the week with R and J.

I've been to Boston once before on a family vacation when I was a teenager, but Jordan hadn't been. And honestly, I only remember it vaguely. We got to Boston around 3:30 in the afternoon and ended up taking a water taxi across the bay (long story short, we were supposed to take a ferry but didn't). That was super neat! We ate seafood for dinner and walked a bit of the Freedom Trail before heading to our hotel.

The next morning we ate quiche at the cutest breakfast place and then walked all day following the Freedom Trail and saw pretty much all the sights! After we walked up 294 stairs at the Bunker Hill Monument (which is at the end of the Freedom Trail), we ate lunch at Little Italy (after getting hangry and getting into a minor argument), and then took a Lyft to the airport. It was such a fun mini trip to start off our week in England.

Water taxi! Not the cheapest option, but it was fun. And it was really only like $10 more than our Lyft we took the next day so not crazy expensive.
We had a minor panic in the morning involving our plane tickets. We weren't able to check in online, and there was a notice that our passports needed to be affirmed at least 3 days in advance and we hadn't done it yet. We freaked out and thought we weren't going to be able to fly, so we called the airline and talked to them directly. Everything was fine, but man we were panicking! New to international travel lol ;)
One of our favorite parts of the Freedom Trail was going on board the USS Constitution. I just think it's neat how many ropes and things go into making and running a ship. It was cool to go into the lower decks and see the cannons and bunks and crazy to think about people actually being out in the middle of the ocean in one of these.

Our flight was delayed an hour, and we ended up leaving Boston at 10:30 pm for an overnight flight to London (Gatwick), getting in at 9:30 the next morning! From there we traveled to Liverpool, York, Cambridge, and back to London, so I'll have separate posts for each of those places. I know travel recap posts aren't everyone's favorite, but it's good motivation for me to get some photos edited and memories down in writing before I make my official Shutterfly photo book ;)

Also, feel free to let me know if you have any specific questions or want to know about anything in particular!
Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

I am so impressed with your packing. Also, salivating over that lobster roll and chowder. Yum! I’m excited for your remaining travel posts!

Unknown said...

I love vacation recap posts! Even though I lived in Upstate NY for 4 years and visited Massachusetts on several occasions, we never made it to Boston-so I love seeing these pictures and hearing about it. I love how much historically significant places there are in that part of the country!
And good job packing light! I once was with a big tour group in Europe and I felt sorry for the people in our group who packed suitcases-they did not look to be having fun as they lugged them around train stations, it is well worth re-wearing the same outfit and packing light with just a backpack :)

Rachel said...

What, a ship?! I love ships!! Everywhere we go, if there's a ship, I want to tour it.
I'm not new to international travel but I've never heard of something like a passport needing to be "affirmed" a few days in advance? That's a little confusing.
Looks like it was a great beginning to the trip! I love packing light when traveling...having a baby along will make it a bit more challenging, but I'm planning to pack for the three of us in two backpacks and a little roller bag carry-on for our upcoming 8-day trip. Let's just say I plan on buying diapers at our destination. This should be interesting...

Audrey said...

We did part of the Freedom Trail when we were in Boston a few years ago. We climbed Bunker Hill and saw the USS Constitution! So, so cool! (I think we got into a minor argument, too. We were very hungry as well. LOL)

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

Interesting...because when I think of two parents who have kids working I don't necessarily think they are swimming in money. I'm more inclined to think maybe they aren't because maybe they have to and can't afford to have one parent stay home. I'm sure it works both ways though, in 1 vs 2 parents working is no indication of financial situation alone. Anyway! Glad you did it. Sometimes you just have to get out there and so that kind of thing for yourselves. I already know that as much as I want to be I am not that person who can fit two weeks in a backpack! Super impressed with those who can.

Jen said...

Wow so awesome!!!! I would love to visit Boston someday.

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

I love trip recaps. I think they are so fun. I honestly don't post them because I feel like Dave and I pack so much into trips that there is no way I can blog it all, not that I've been blogging, but when I was.

I'm glad you guys go to go to Boston. I like that town a lot and the Freedom Trail is really neat. I'm actually going back to Boston on Friday for a sisters trip so that should be fun.

Maria said...

What's funny is that I was reading one of my really old blog posts from a few years ago and you had commented about wanting to do this trip back then. I am so happy you made it a reality and didn't give up on the idea.

I never understood the whole "backpacking" through Europe thing and then I went there with my rolling suitcase, hobbling along the cobblestone streets for a mile to our hotel and I totally understood! Good call there!

Boston has been on my list for ages and from your pics, it does look like it lives up to the hype. I want to go when the fall colors are out and things are decorated for Halloween. :)

Amie said...

I agree with the comment above about if 2 parents work I assume they aren't super wealthy and both work because they need to. You all deserved this trip for sure!! Also, can I hire your parents to watch my wild kiddo so we can take a trip? haha That's our problem, we really don't have anyone to watch him. Our parents are just too old to handle him more than an hour or so.

Amanda said...

I used to read more comments on posts about moms working vs. not working... I don't any more because people can be really mean. But actually a lot of people do think that! But hello childcare is not cheap, people, and I wouldn't be working if I didn't have to.

Anyway, it was such a fun trip! Yes I am so so thankful for our parents. We truly could not have done this trip without them.

Betsy said...

me too! on both counts - the dual income thing and the packing thing :)

Rach said...

Well, I love travel posts so my enthusiasm to read your recaps will make up for anyone who doesn't love them as much, haha!

Boston is on our list of places we want to travel so reading this post is so fun! I've always wanted to try a lobster roll so yours looks really yummy! And the ship looks so cool! What a neat thing to tour!

Kendall said...

I am loving all your travel posts (even the one about what you packed - I weirdly loving reading posts like those!)! Would also love to see a post/photos about the Shutterfly photo book you mentioned doing for your trip if/when you get around to doing that!