Link Love (The Yes, it's Another Gift Guide! Edition)


Today marks two weeks until Christmas. I repeat: two weeks, people! I'm sure you've all realized by now that bloggers everywhere love to share 8,000 gift guides for even the most unassuming holiday. Obviously you know we get money when you click on the links we share, and in my case that means literal cents. Seeing as how I made a special trip back to the grocery store to return a $3 bottle of chocolate syrup we didn't need (because I found an unopened one hidden in the pantry), I take even the smallest change seriously! So thank you for indulging me in the following list of gifts that I've either already bought or have on my list this year. Maybe you will find something you love too!

*If you do not already have a charity to support through Amazon Smile, please consider Dare to Serve, which is the nonprofit my dad runs that serves primarily underprivileged high schoolers in North Texas.

For the Kids

I bought these for the kids as their main present, and I'm so excited. Someone shared them on a Facebook group I'm in, and I knew immediately that R would love them. She has started lining her books up to hop from one to the other, which is problematic for a few reasons, one of which is obviously that she's not allowed to step on her books! These river stones seem super fun and have some great reviews. I will say, though, that I'm confused about the price. I originally was going to get these for $60, but then I found these for $30, so I bought them instead. But when I was finding links for this post, it looks like the ones I bought are not that cheap now, so I don't know if I found them on sale or what. So, in conclusion, these now appear to be cheaper, though they are not the exact ones I bought. Sorry if that was way more information than you wanted.

I think this would be a really fun outside toy! We were over at a friend's house, and their daughter had a jump rope, and R loved played with it. I love the Green Toys brand also. Fun stocking stuffer!

I friend recommended these, and I had never heard of them! But they look fun.

R loves these no-mess coloring books. I got a few for her and think they will be good to save for car rides to Texas.

I bought this for R! You can get full seasons of the original Veggie Tales episodes on DVD. She loves Veggie Tales, and let's be honest, I do too ;)

R has a smaller set of these Melissa & Doug stamps and loves them, and I've put more stamps/stickers/painting supplies on her list this year.

I have been eyeing this sparkly, natural play dough for a while. I love that it's non-toxic and think it looks like a fun stocking stuffer.

R has a water bottle just like this, and J is always trying to steal it, so I'm going to get J one for his stocking this year.

R has been asking to play games lately, so I bought her a set of Go Fish for her stocking. Love this set too!

For Me

This cookbook from America's Test Kitchen in on my list! I love making cookies!

I've had my iPhone for almost 4 years, and my case is finally starting to fall apart, so I asked for a new one of the same brand as I currently have since it's seemed to hold up well for a long time and kept my phone in tact when I've dropped it. No cracked screens over here!

Picture Frames
I asked for some pictures frames of various sizes so I can hang/display the cute pics I've been taking of the kids.

I'd like to get a few of these Willow Tree nativity figures to display during Christmastime, so that's on my list.

I guess these are really for the kids... or maybe they are for me ;) I saw these recommended (again on a Facebook group) for a way to keep kid's art projects and things organized. I love that these can be personalized! Or maybe something simple like this.

I put comfy sweatpants on my list this year. All of the sweatpants I own are super old, and it would be nice to get a new pair! These look comfy and are currently buy one, get one 50% off!

What's on your Christmas list this year? What's one present you got your kids that you're excited about?

p.s. If you have a book-loving friend or family member, Melissa reached out to me to share a code for 20% off anything in her shop. Use THELADYOKIE20 for 20% off at Literary Book Gifts.
Laura J said...

Such good ideas for the kiddos! I just Amazon'd the Melissa and Doug stamp set - Sheff loves playing with stamps at school, and I never even thought to get him a set of his own. Plus, sweatpants for life!

Audrey Louise said...

I love that sweatpants are on your list. Also, you can't go wrong with Veggie Tales! Those river stones look so fun for kids!!

San said...

I've been eyeing the Willow Tree Nativity Set for a while. It's so beautiful.

Rach said...

I've never heard of these stepping stones! What a fun idea! That adds a whole new level to the-floor-is-lava. :) And that play dough is so pretty! It looks good enough to eat. :)

Jen said...

These are such great ideas! I love the jump rope idea! So fun!

Jenny Evans said...

Elephant & Piggy books are THE BEST! They are short and hilarious.

Also, when you start archiving your kids art I highly recommend writing in pencil on the corner or back who did it, how old they are, and any other cute notes about where/when/why they did it or what they said it was. You don't think you will forget that stuff but you do.

Amy said...

Girlllllllll that cookie cook book is a HUGE YES from me!


Sarah @ Sweet Miles said...

Those river stones are so fun!! Adeline would LOVE them. I've been drawing hopscotch and a "balance beam" on the sidewalk for her and she is obsessed. Have you seen the Magna Tiles that are all the rage? Adeline played with some at a toy store the other day and was captivated for like a half hour while we shopped. But, they're hella expensive!