Stitch Fix #4: The One with All the Tops


I think this is actually my 5th Stitch Fix box, since I'm pretty sure I didn't blog about the last one. I have gotten one box every quarter this year, which has felt like a fun splurge every few months but isn't tempting me with new clothes constantly.

The note I left my stylist for this box requested warm, dressy/casual tops, preferably tunic-length so I could wear them with leggings and cover my butt. I still can't get on board with leggings as actual pants without a top that is long enough to provide full coverage. And I didn't mind if they sent pants, but I specifically mentioned no jeans. I counted recently, and I have 16 pairs of jeans! Who needs that many? I was horrified after I counted and promptly tried them all on and put 6 pairs in the donation pile. So that's a step in the right direction. 

Are capsule wardrobes still a thing? They were huge in the blog world a few years ago, and while I love the idea, at the end of the day I just can't commit to one specific jean cut and wash. Some days are dark-wash denim days, and a girl needs options, you know?

Okay anyway, the point is that this box contained all tops! I loved it! Maybe I've just gotten lucky with a good stylist, but every single box so far as felt perfectly my style, taste, and color palette, which makes it super fun to try on. I normally just keep 1 item, but this time I kept 2! The prices didn't terrify me this time either, and everything was between $38 and $48. 

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Here's what came in this box:

1. Alexander Jordan - Radha One Pocket Plaid Top

This was the first shirt I tried on, and I figured if I hated everything else, at least I could keep this and not lose my styling fee. Loved the lighter plaid, the fit, and the cut. It was soft, and it was the cheapest of the bunch! Ultimately I ended up loving two of the other tops better, so this was a return.

2. Tinsel - Floid Chambray Top

I did like the fit and the fact that it was longer, but I have an almost identical shirt just in a lighter wash. And I know I mentioned wanting options when it comes to denim, but in this case I felt like I could find a similar top for cheaper if I really wanted to. Also this shirt was super wrinkly, and I just don't have time in my life for a high-maintenance top that needs to be ironed every time I want to wash it. Return.

3. Pink Clover - Valencia Curved Hem Pullover

I knew immediately when I tried this on that I wanted to keep it. It was super soft and felt like it fit really well. The sleeves are a tad long, and when I wore this earlier in the week I rolled them up once, but otherwise it fits well and is comfortable but looks dressy with the right necklace/earring combo. Also I looooooove the color. Keep!

4. Staccato - Shenaya Knit Top

This is a lovely dark purple, which is hard to see in the picture. I thought the tie neck was fun, and the material of the top was suuuuper soft. Also, it had pockets! When I texted my friend all the pics, she said she liked this one the best on me. However, I just didn't love it for some reason. It felt a bit thin in the front and hung on me weird. Also J loves to pull on strings, so I figured that might be an issue if I ever wanted to hold him while wearing this. He already chews on all the strings of my sweatshirts! Return.

5. Pink Clover - Fulton Turtleneck Pullover Tunic

I actually wore this yesterday! Spoiler alert: I kept it. This was my favorite thing in the box and the only top truly long enough to cover my butt in leggings. It's a very pretty grayish purple, is super warm and comfortable, and overall a love for me! Keep.

What do you think about my box? What would you have kept?
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  1. I just ordered an all tops box too - I haven't done SF in a while. I forgot how expensive they are. I asked for all sweaters because winter. I just got it yesterday, pulled out the first sweater, cut off the tags and wore it last night. My stylist (Britt) seems to really nail what I typically wear and also puts occasional items that DO look good on me that I wouldn't normally try myself. Which I think should be kind of the point. It looks like you got five great tops! That first flannel fits you so well, I always look like a lumberjack in flannels.

  2. Totally agree with your picks, I would have kept those both too!

  3. The Pink Clover turtleneck tunic looks so pretty on you! I can definitely see why you kept that. :)

  4. I loved #3. And my wardrobe is a time capsule wardrobe. From 2010 because that's probably the last time I went shopping.

  5. I love your choices! The green sweater almost makes me want to join Stitch Fix again (you saw my embarrassing photos of what they sent me last time and I haven't tried another box since). I am pretty sure I have the dark purple pullover and yes, it's the softest thing I've ever owned. I wore it all through my first trimester and I'm so happy its winter again so I can pull it back out. The strings are SUPER annoying and don't stay tied, so you were right about that. I still love how soft it is though. Please share all of your boxes. This is fun.

  6. I tried to guess on each picture what you kept or returned... Nailed it! Great choices!

    1. Ha! I read the comment before I saw who wrote it. Good job, Mom 😂😂

  7. I love the two you kept! Very, very cute and cozy. I’m so glad your stylist has been a good one!

  8. I love what you kept! That last one is perfect!

  9. You made a good choice with the two tops you kept!

  10. love the two tops you kept! i've only done stitch fix once. i kept two things - a great dress, and a sweater that i like but that has sleeves that are a bit short. and i don't have long arms! so i've been a little meh on trying them again, but maybe i'll give them another shot. :)

  11. I am waiting on my box now, it's scheduled to be here by Saturday. I also requested tunic tops to wear with leggings so I am excited to see what I end up with. I love the ones you kept also, they looks super comfy!

  12. I love the two you kept! That color of #3 is so pretty on you!

  13. I love the ones you picked but I'd have been tempted to keep that blue button up and the purple knit top! I looove those two colors!

  14. Oh I love love love top number three!!!

  15. I love the last three, but I actually hate button up shirts on myself. :) I've kept all of the items from my last two boxes, and I have a box arriving this week!


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