At least one thing is going right so far this year


Well I'll just say it. 

2019 has been a bit of a dud for me so far. On New Year's Eve I chipped my front tooth on a plate of jello. No, I'm not making that up. I repeat: JELLO. Strawberry jello, if you really want to know. That's the short version, which is all the information I want to share with the internet. We were at a friend's house playing The Office Olympics, and no, no one at the party was drinking. I only wish I had that excuse, but in fact I'm just an idiot who closed her eyes too early and smashed her face as hard as she could into a table, thank you goodbye.

So that happened on Monday. And I still stayed up until midnight to ring in the new year with my friends and Jordan and sparkling cider and, oh yes, a chunk of bone missing from my mouth. The dentist was closed on Tuesday because it was January 1. On Wednesday they called and scheduled me for first thing in the morning on Thursday. But THEN we had an ice storm, and they cancelled all Thursday appointments, and I only got in Friday at noon. I went to work Wednesday and Thursday and had a noticeable lisp. I was literally talking to Jordan and said the word "piece" like this: pieth. I wish I were making this up. I even wish I were lying a little bit to exaggerate and make this funnier. I AM NOT. It's all true.

I'm still traumatized and halfway convinced the rest of my teeth are going to fall out at any moment. It didn't help that sinus pressure from my cold is making all my teeth uber sensitive and achy. I keep dreaming about losing my teeth and blowing my nose for hours, except that last part is happening in real life. I probably won't be able to bite into an apple ever again, and I've been cutting my food into smaller pieces than the ones I give J.

This past week both Jordan and I have had the most miserable colds. I fell asleep with R every night at 8:30, and nothing whatsoever got done. On Thursday I went home early from work and took a nap all afternoon after stopping at Panera for soup. By Friday I was finally feeling better, but I'll just say it's a good thing I didn't make any 2019 resolutions because I would have broken them all already. Unless one of my resolutions was to eat ice cream every day, because I finally found a store selling Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip, and I bought some immediately. At least one thing is going right this year.

Saturday morning was cold and rainy, and R for some reason really wanted to go outside. She kept saying, "We just need to get our coats on and my rain boots and a hat. There is rain out there." I told her she was welcome to go, but I was staying inside, but then J saw R through the window and started freaking out (he loves being outside), so we all got bundled up. Both the kids loved it, and I have no idea why, but I decided to make the most of it and got out my good camera to take some pictures.
I hate that my first blog post of 2019 is basically me complaining about life, but it just hasn't been the greatest of starts to the new year, and I can't blog about anything else until I boldly proclaim my sorrows and share them with strangers on the internet. This is life as a millennial. I'm living the dream, people!

The new year is a time of reflection and setting goals for the year to come, and I'm probably slash definitely being way too hard on myself and overthinking this a lot, but for some reason this year I just feel bummed when I look back and see that old me is still the current me, and really I don't feel that I've improved much at all. There's nothing magical about January 1, but I still can't help but feel like something should be different or better, and then when it isn't I'm sad. Does that make any sense at all to anyone else?
Anyway, enough about that. I do truly hope your 2019 has gotten off to a better start than mine. It's not all that bad anyway, just life sometimes. I'm hoping this week we can finally start to get into a routine again after the holidays. I took down all the Christmas decorations, but we still have the tree up and lights on our house. I won't tell you whose job that is, but whoever he is better get on it.

I have really slowed down with blogging over the past 2 years, and 2018 was my lowest number of blog posts yet. I don't know what to say about that other than I write when I feel like I have something to say and when I want to choose to blog over something else in my spare time. That isn't as often as it once was, since these days there are a lot of things I like to do and many things I need to do, and there are only so many hours in which to do them.

I do think my next post will be 2018 Year in Numbers, because I've been doing those for the past few years and think it's so interesting to compare year to year, so check back for that!
Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

I'm sorry your 2019 got off to a rough start. Tooth issues are never fun. I can't bite into apples, ever! I had a root canal done on my front tooth. And I had more than I want to remember root canals done last year and have one more to go before baby J gets here. I'm glad we have dental care but it isn't fun. It will get better, hang in there. Dave was also vomitting violently NYE so that was how we spend the New Year. Oh well.

The pictures of your kids are super cute. I'm glad they made you go outside.

Rach said...

Oh bless you. What a rough start to the year. I really hope the rest of 2019 is much kinder to you!

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

Oh man! I fell down the stairs the week before Christmas and broke my toe, so I am limping along with you into the year! ;)

I feel the same way about blogging. 2018 was my lowest number of posts and views ever, and I'm ok with that! These spaces just serve a difference purpose for us I suppose!

AnneMarie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your 2019 has gotten off to a rough start! That tooth issue does not sound fun at all. I just don't like anything having to do with dental work anymore...I need to schedule another dental appointment for myself, but I've been putting it off haha! I have to say, though, I think ringing in the new year with The Office Olympics sounds AMAZING!

I do want to add, I've been having an adjustment period as we enter the new year-winding down from holiday travels/parties/festivities, plus the dreary, energy-sapping weather, has got us all out of routine. It seems like from October until now, we've either had relatives visiting, been travelling, had Big Events, or someone has been sick. It's been a good start to the year for me, but I'm still very ready to get back into some normal routines again :)

Jenny Evans said...

Teeth injuries freak me out, I would rather deal with a severed limb than broken teeth, I don't know why!

Our family has not had good luck, which is maybe why I'm so squeamish about it. One of our kids fell off her bike and the impact with the ground shoved her two front teeth partially up into her gums. She had a splint on her teeth for 3 months but miraculously the root did not die and I think they're okay now.

Another fell and chipped his front teeth on a basketball court, but they were still baby teeth so I guess that was the best case scenario.

Another chipped her two front teeth on a chair in the cafeteria at school (I don't even know how that happens) and had to have veneers put on (she's supposed to never eat apples, either) and 3 weeks later I got an identical call from the school nurse because her sister fell on the playground and chipped her tooth on the hardtop (however, it was such a small chip the dentist just filed it a little and said it was fine.)

I'm sorry to hear about your tooth, though. I think the reason I hate tooth stuff so much is because it's so permanent. Broken bones heal, but teeth do not regrow. :(

17 Perth said...

Gurrrrrrrl. (In a very southern accent.) That is rough! I’m so sorry you’ve had a rough start to the year. To make you feel better, my J decorated the entire play room and E’s room with dog food while I was trying out a new rug in the living room. Then an hour later, I found more dog food in my washing machine that had been washed. ��

Seriously hope things turn around for you guys and hope you’ve had a restful weekend!

Unknown said...

Teeth are never fun to have to get fixed. I'm glad you were able to get in but gosh it just is terrible how it happened too. Our 2019 is nothing different, honestly. I had the same feelings of being the same me and I think I'm going to try some new things this year to feel like I'm not just "mom" which isn't a bad thing but I feel like I want to be a little more than that and my kids are finally older and can do more things, if that makes sense. I still have Christmas decorations up, and lights are still on the house and we haven't had any reason like you have, ha!

Audrey said...

Yikes. Your 2019 DID start off rough. That's life, though, and I'm glad you're ok sharing it. Everyone is posting their treadmill pics and healthy food, etc. It's refreshing to see someone say "new year, same me." But I also think you're being tough on yourself. While you might be the same person today as you were on Dec. 31st (plus or minus a tooth), you're way different than who you were Jan. 1, 2018. You're a more confident mom and employee. You're a world traveler all over again. You're smarter and more experienced than you were a year ago (just by default- we all are technically). Don't sell yourself short ;)
*Also, I SO wish you'd have posted a picture. Just for a visual reference ;) My dad chipped his tooth this year when he walked into our screen door. Happens to everyone. Lol

Kate said...
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Kate said...

(I accidentally deleted this the first time. Whoops)

I started out 2018 with the plague. It was the sickest I can remember being in a long, long time. The rest of the year turned out ok though, so there's hope!

Also, hi, I'm Kate. I have an irrational fear of bad things happening to my teeth. I'm 32 and still wear my retainers multiple times a month. I tend to have some issues with mild obsessive tendencies. One is my fixation on the fact I'm convinced I'm going to trip and fall and break my teeth. I think about this fairly often. And now I'm even more scared it really will happen. So, thanks. ;)

Michelle said...

Amanda!!! I have had actual nightmares about what happened to your tooth. I’m so sorry! I’m cringing just thinking about it! My 2019 has been zero percent better. I’m talking hospitals and doctors and a car that bit the dust. And I literally just got off the phone with a doctor to get an antibiotic prescription. Woof. Hopefully it can only go up from here?

Jen said...

Oh man! I am so sorry that your year has gotten off to a rough start! Here is hoping it gets better. Hugs!

Rachel said...

I'm really sorry about your chipped tooth! I think pain with teeth is some of the worst pain--it's right there in your head so you can't escape from it, and I also get that pain in the roots of my teeth when I have sinus pressure from a cold. My dentist said it happens to some people depending basically on the positioning of their teeth and sinus cavities.
This probably won't make you feel better...but Cyrus chipped his front tooth, too, recently. And he's only had front teeth for about a month and a half. Walking + baby teeth + tile floors = danger.

Sarah said...

oh my goodness, i am so sorry for the rough start to your year!!! at least it can only go up from here, right? tooth issues are so tough. i literally have had nightmares recently about my teeth because i went to the dentist last week and apparently have several cavities. (i've only had one in my 33 years of life, so this is traumatizing--and this dentist is v high tech soooo i'm debating getting a second opinion or just accepting what they say. anywhoooo...) yay for ice cream though! that's always something to celebrate. :)

Sarah @ Sweet Miles said...

But it's REAL LIFE! And it's authentic and honest and genuine. I'm sorry it's gotten off to a rough start, but maybe that just means you're going to coast smoothly throughout the rest of the year once you're over these bumps! Your poor tooth!!! Ahhh dental issues are the worst!

StephTheBookworm said...

Aw, I'm sorry that's how your year started off! I hope things are looking up now.