Stitch Fix Reveal + Hello


I always have grand ideas of blogging, but getting R to stay in bed and go to sleep sucks the life out of my soul, and after it's finally over I have no energy for anything else. I'm actually not being dramatic. She was really bad, and then she was better, and this week has been terrible. We've tried sticker charts and ok to wake clocks and all sorts of other things, and basically I just need someone to SEND HELP. But I don't really want to talk about it, so moving on!

I got a my quarterly Stitch Fix box earlier this week. I've been getting them for over a year now, which sounds like a lot, but I only get 4 a year, so this was just my 5th box. I think I've had the same stylist every time, and I haven't gotten a bad box yet. Maybe I'm just not picky, but everything has been more or less my style, and it's been fun to try on. The most items I've ever kept from one box was two; usually I just keep one thing. (Here's my referral code if you want to try out Stitch Fix and get the styling fee waived for your first box. I got my mom signed up, and she loved her first box! She showed me everything over FaceTime and it was fun!)

In my box for this month I received a pair of work pants, a jean skirt, a dress, and two tops. Neither of the bottoms worked... the pants were a nice thick fabric that had a good stretch to it, but the fit was a little off, and for the price ($58) it wasn't 100% love. The jean skirt was the first thing I've gotten from Stitch Fix that was a hard no. It had the jagged, unfinished edge that I know is "in" right now, but I'm still not on board, and it hit my legs at an awkward length that wasn't good for my large calves.

Here are the rest of the items! Can you guess which one I kept? Please step into my dressing room, aka my office bathroom on my lunch hour ;) 
This top was sooooo soft. Like, IT'S SO FLUFFY soft. Loved the sleeve length, and I liked the gray color and the uneven hem. But two things: 1) it was too short. I wanted it to be more of a tunic-style than a top, and it just felt weird. 2) it honestly looked so blah when I had it on. It just did nothing for me. Return.

Ah, I loved this. It was super duper soft, and I liked the design, the color, and the 1/2 sleeves. It also had buttons halfway down the back, which was really cute. BUT. It felt too short, and I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it without leggings or something underneath. The second thing was the waist. I'm not a large person, but I swear to you that from the side I looked 4 months pregnant. (I'm not pregnant, but I looked like it.) The elastic waist wasn't very comfortable, and I just didn't love how it fell around my stomach. Return.

Okay, so obviously I kept this one! It actually doesn't look this way in the picture, but it's a bright green color. I don't know why it looks teal here. And I'm not sure it looks as cute in the photo as it did in person. Anyway. I think this will add a pop of color to my work attire and be a nice top for the spring or even possibly a layering blouse under something in the fall. Keep!

Lastly, I will leave you with this recipe for chicken tacos from Pinch of Yum, which is one of my favorite food blogs. Ours came out looking pretty close to the picture! This can also be a freezer meal. It was simple to make and a fun twist on regular chicken tacos. I like trying out new recipes, and I'd had this printed out for a while, so I'm glad to finally have tried it! We recently bought an Instapot and have used it a few times, so I'm looking into some good recipes for that too. Let me know if you have any!

Hope you have a great Friday and weekend, friends. I've had a rough week for no specific reason but just general life getting me down. Last weekend I was in Kansas City for work, so I'm excited to (hopefully) have some downtime and get some quality time in with the kids and Jordan. Next week I'll be back to share about a fun product that a company sent me to review!
Kaity B. said...

I agree with you about the raw hems. I think they are so stupid and I dislike them almost as much as I hate the cold shoulder trend. This is how I know I'm getting older lol

Rachel said...

The green shirt looks really cute! Dresses like that one with the elastic at that point in the middle also make me look pregnant and I'm about as scrawny as humans get so...I don't know when that elastic around the waist style is flattering on anybody...

Rach said...

I tried on a shirt so similar to the gray one and I totally understand what you mean. It was SO soft that I nearly bought it, but decided against it in the end because it was just too short. Bummer! But I do like the green shirt you decided to keep! :)

Also, I'm sorry to hear things have been rough lately. I hope this week is much better with R's bedtime and just all around!

AnneMarie said...

That gray top looks so comfy! I think it looks like it would be much better as a tunic. Too bad it was on the shorter side! Thanks for sharing that chicken taco recipe! I'm saving that and will hopefully make it soon. To make my meal-planning life easier, I want to start doing tacos (or a related dish) on Tuesdays as much as possible, but the tacos we make are usually pretty boring-that one looks fantastic, and I'm excited to try it!

I'm so sorry to hear that things are being so difficult with R's bedtime! (if you are interested in a pediatric sleep consultant and need a recommendation, I have a friend who is a certified consultant) I hope things improve soon so you can get some good rest and have some time to yourself in the evenings!

Jen said...

That dress is really cute on you!!!! I love the pattern.

Terra Heck said...

That dress is cute but I agree with you. I hate clothes that made my midsection look pregnant. I like the shirt you kept.

Audrey said...

Those shirts look great on you! Glad you found one you loved! So weird it's a different color in the pics! (My bridesmaid dresses were like that when I get married. The cell camera made them look blue, not purple.)

Carolann @ Finding Ithaka said...

Ohhhh I love the top you kept!! I want to love Stitch Fix, but I have such bad luck with it. I think that maybe I don't communicate well enough my style, but I asked for tops and dresses in my last box and they sent me a pair of jeans. I ended up sending it all back because they didn't send me what I wanted. But everyone else gets such cute stuff from them!!! I want to try it again.