10 Things You May Not Know about Me


I'm not putting a ton of time into thinking of these 10, so just know they haven't been carefully curated or anything. And it's entirely possible you know some of these things about me, either because I've mentioned them before or because you've just picked up on it from reading the blog or from knowing me in real life. But! Anyway, here we go: 

1. I have never taken an enneagram test, nor have I ever fully paid attention when anyone was explaining what the types are, so I have no idea what I might be. I'm not against it, but I've just never taken the time to learn about it. Is that resistance part of my enneagram's personality type???? We might never know ;)

2. I don't wear makeup except sometimes for date nights or for getting professional family photos taken or for an event like attending a wedding. Otherwise I literally put nothing on my face 97% of the time except some Cerave lotion when I get out of the shower. No foundation. No mascara. No blush. Nothing.

3. I have an intense emotional reaction whenever I heard anyone say they've either never read or read and didn't like the following books: Anne of Green Gables series, Little Women, Little House on the Prairie series. These books are my actual childhood and have been read so many times the covers are literally (!) falling off. This doesn't make sense, but if you tell me that you don't like these books or haven't ever read them, I take it a little bit personally.

4. Breyer's mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream. I have never tasted a mint chocolate chip ice cream as good as the Breyer's brand. 

5. Speaking of dessert, my cake of choice is white cake with white icing. I would choose it every time over chocolate anything.

6. I've had glasses since I was in the 4th grade and wear contacts every day. I'm a -5.5 nearsighted, which means that everything farther way from my face than my elbow is a huge blurry shape. I have never slept in my contacts all night on purpose, though I have accidentally fallen asleep in them. But I have never been that person who wears their contacts continuously for days. I can't do it. Plus it's bad for you, and I like to follow rules. I have an irrational fear about going blind at any moment so no need to add to the crazy.

7. I very rarely drink any type of pop, and if I do, it's usually Sprite. Jordan and I sometimes will buy a 12-pack of Cherry Coke Zero, and it can sit in our fridge for a month before we finish all 12 cans. That actually happened once, which is how I know. My parents were visiting, and we bought some pop; my parents left and didn't come back for a month, and my dad was shocked to find a few cans from the original case we'd gotten when they were in town the previous time. An occasional Sprite or Cherry Coke sounds really good with a pizza or a burger, but most of the time I drink water or milk with every meal. 

8. I wear a toe ring on my right foot, on the long toe that's next to my big toe (does that toe have a name?). I have worn it for years and never take it off, even all through the winter, even while swimming or in the shower, even while running marathons. I do think I took it off during my pregnancy with R when my feet started swelling. Before you wonder if it's fused to my toe, I do move it around, and it's not crusty or anything, pinky promise! I started wearing one when I was in high school, and after I lost that one I got another and haven't taken it off since.

9. When I was at camp one summer in high school, a friend pierced a second hole in my ears with a safety pin and a potato. Right after, we got called for dinner, so I closed the safety pin and didn't get to put the actual earrings in until later in the evenings. There were about 5 others who got their ears pierced too, and I think mine was one of the only ones not to get infected. I'm pretty sure we all got in trouble and maybe they even called our parents, though I honestly don't remember. I'll have to ask my mom if she remembers anything. I have 5 ear piercings: 2 on each ear plus one on the cartilage of my left ear, which I did at Claire's at the mall back when cartilage piercings were all the rage.

10. I've never broken a bone, gotten a traffic ticket, or had a cavity. Though I did chip my tooth on New Year's Eve this year, so I don't know if that's actually a worse kind of dental work.

Did you learn anything about me?
What's something I may not know about you? :)


  1. Breyer's Mint Chocolate is legit good. I am also the sort of person who just normally drinks water all the time--growing up, my family always drank water at meals and ordered water at restaurants and it seemed normal. Pop was special on pizza night. haha! Angel tries to cut back on sugared drinks (and lately, what he drinks most of is "cinnamon tea" which is just water boiled with cinnamon sticks, no sugar) but he has pretty much never had a habit of drinking plain water--which makes me all the more determined to create a family culture of drinking water for my kids, because I think being perfectly content to drink water is just a good idea.

  2. Woohoo blind girls unite!! I'm like -6.00 and -7.00...so I feel ya there! It would be so nice not wear make-up every day. Do you like Baskin Robbin's mint chocolate chip? It's pretty good.

  3. This was fun to read! Solidarity on the fear of going blind. I am a -6 or -7 something, and every time I go in to the eye doctor my eyesight is worse. 😬 I think technically I’d be legally blind 100 years ago - thank goodness for vision correction!

  4. i am the same with the enneagram things - i keep hearing about them but eh. not fussed enough to look into it. oh hi, i've never read anne of green gables! don't worry, i literally started it today. here's hoping i like it :) i have read one of the other ones you mentioned and have no desire to read the other but don't want to tell you which is which. i take certain weird things personally as well. it's fine. i have never broken a bone either - well, i broke a pinkie finger when i was little but my mum just taped it up and didn't take me to the doctor so i feel like it somehow doesn't count.

  5. I cannot remember the last time I wore my makeup (I actually threw it all out a few months ago because the little makeup I had was so old), so it's exciting to hear from someone who also doesn't wear makeup most of the time. And oh man, #3!!! Those books were my childhood too! My 8 year old birthday party was Little House on the Prairie themed, and I still fondly think of it from time to time!

    Your memory of getting a piercing at summer camp totally makes me think of The Parent Trap. And I think it is so random and awesome that you wear a toe ring.

  6. i looove little house on the prairie! i have my mom's set of books, and i'm fiercely sentimental (to the chagrin of my husband - my current sentimentality is for my old kindle that he wants to replace for my birthday. who is sentimental for technology? me, apparently.) so those books have SO MUCH MEANING. i also love little women, but i've only read like two of the anne of green gables books. as an adult. ahhh.

  7. In reference to #4 and #5, ARE WE THE SAME PERSON?!

  8. We have the same five piercings. :) And the way you are with your toe ring is how I am with my cartilage piercing. I honestly forget I even have an earring in that hole until I have a medical procedure of some sort and they require me to remove all jewelry. One of these days I'm sure I will take it out and just never put it back in.

    Also, all three of your points on #10 are true for me as well. Here's to hoping those stay true!

  9. So much to learn about you! I feel you on the eye thing - I'm a -7.5. I'm basically blind as a bat, NBD! And never gotten a ticket or a cavity?! Kudos to YOU!! Mint Chocolate Chip is my fave as well, that and Moose Tracks. So good!

  10. I was -6.75 before I got my Lasik. When I was in college, I would wear my contacts for WEEKS at a time. I am amazed I never got an infection. For the couple of years leading up to my Lasik, I could only wear them for a few hours at a time before my eyes would feel tired and dry.

    #2 is me. I can't function without moisturizer but I can't be bothered with makeup. I also feel like I am not good at applying it, which makes me want to wear it less. I don't really care enough to experiment or try to be better at it!

  11. #3 is exactly how I feel, though I take it a step further. If someone doesn’t like a book I love, I feel personally attacked and rejected. I KNOW that is insane and irrational but I can’t fix it.

    Also—same about the enneagram. Except I hate it, but only because everyone else loves it 😂

  12. That skydiving pic is AWESOME. Also, I'd never gotten a cavity on my permanent teeth either until this last year (sob sob sob). The dentist said it almost surely was because I was so sick this last pregnancy. Here's hoping your streak continues to last!

  13. Interesting! I enjoy reading about other bloggers. I think toe rings are cool. I wear one once in a great while. I drink soda more often than I should. I took an enneagram test once because my co-worker kept nagging me. I don't remember the results because it didn't interest me.

  14. Me too on this one day to day. "No foundation. No mascara. No blush. Nothing." Except vaseline on my lips, which doesn't really count? I've also had glasses since 4th grade!

  15. I had no idea you didn't wear makeup, you always look so pretty! I don't wear a lot but I feel like I have to put some concealer under my eyes or I will scare small children with the dark circles underneath...


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