Weekend: Strawberry Picking + 1/2 Marathon


We had such a full and fun weekend! 

Saturday morning we got the kids up and headed to a local farm for a ladybug release in the strawberry patch, and then we picked some strawberries! The kids had a great time and were actually pretty well behaved. The only meltdowns happened when we were trying to get them in the car to leave. We were there for about an hour and a half, and honestly it went entirely too fast. It was a gorgeous day, and I enjoyed myself so much. It gave me just a taste of what family outings might be like in the future as the kids get older.
My parents drove up from Texas on Saturday afternoon, and we enjoyed having some time with them. They of course wanted to see the kids, and we also went downtown to the OKC arts festival. But the real reason they came was to cheer me on for my 12th half marathon Sunday morning!
The OKC Memorial Marathon is one of my favorite races. The whole city gets into it, and I know a bunch of people who run it. It's extremely well organized, and there is a ton of crowd support along the course since it winds through a bunch of neighborhoods. This was my 4th time to run the half, and I've also done the full marathon and the 5k! One of these years I'll get a relay team together. 
I set a few goals for the race, and my biggest goal was to run it under 2 hours. I didn't think it would be possible, just because I didn't think I'd trained to run it that fast, but somehow I ended up finishing in 1:57! I'm still a little bit in shock. That's not my fastest half marathon time, but it is the fastest I've run since getting pregnant with R over 4 years ago!

As I was running the last tenth of a mile toward the finish I heard my dad and Jordan yelling for me. I turned to try and look, but I was already past them and so close to the end that I didn't want to slow down or turn around. After I finished, I met up with my parents and Jordan and the kids. J honestly just looked confused, but R was so excited to see me and gave me the biggest hug. Jordan told me that she was actually the first person to see me and pointed me out to everyone else. I love that she can watch me run, and I'm excited for us to be able to run together one day!
Overall it was a great weekend filled with family and fresh strawberries and running. Not sure what else could have made it any better!


  1. Strawberry picking is such a great idea! I've always wanted to do that.

    Congrats again on the race. I'm in awe that anyone CAN run a 1/2, let alone do it that fast. My best mile time is probably around 8:50 and then I almost died. Let me guess...you immediately went home and signed up for another? :)

  2. I am blown away by the d├ęcor at the registration area of that race. I've never seen anything like it - that's got to be hundreds of dollars' worth of balloons right there! I can tell it's a big deal from that alone.

  3. aww i love that R was super excited to see you. congrats on the time, 1:57 is amazing!

  4. Congrats on the race time! That's so awesome that you ran that. It sounds like you had an awesome weekend! I've thought about how I'd love to take my kids to a u-pick place for fruit, but I'm a bit concerned that my toddler would keep trying to eat all the fruit straight off the plant before we buy it-did you experience that kind of challenge when you took your kids?

    1. I was really surprised, but neither of the kids ate the berries before we were done! J tried at first, but we told him that he had to wait, and he seemed okay with it. I let him hold the container for the strawberries, and he enjoyed walking up and down the rows to pick them and put them in the basket, and he wasn't that concerned with eating actually!

  5. Strawberry-picking is one of the things I really miss! We had a small family strawberry farm within biking distance of where we lived and we used to go several times a summer--those were the best. I made strawberry pies!

  6. So sweet!! I'm so proud of you for going sub-2 again!! And doing it after two babies! GO YOU! And I wish we had a strawberry farm near us, I wonder if there's one outside DFW??

  7. I haven't read your blog in MONTHS, so I'm catching up. If you ever do a relay team, let me know! I've done marathon relays before and had a really fun time, so it'd be a great reason to come visit :)


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