I talk about socks in this post, so that's happening


*pictures from playing outside after getting home from work/daycare last week. I try to be chill about them getting dirty, and it works only sometimes ;)

I got my race pictures from the Oklahoma City 1/2 marathon from two weekends ago, and there were only four of them, all at the finish line, and all of them had a girl about my age directly blocking my face. Now that I see the photos I remember her... there was basically no one else crossing the finish except the two of us, and she came sprinting right past me at an angle, and I remember feeling like she was kind of in my way. But the joke is on her, because I used my superior stalking skills and looked up her finishing time from her bib number. Don't judge me. She is beating me in the finisher photo, but I technically according to chip time beat her by 6 seconds to come in ahead of her in our age group. Obviously this is an important life event, thank you for asking.

I finally dragged myself to the gym on Wednesday. I love running, but after a race I always lose all motivation and don't do anything for at least a week if not more. I'm one of those runners who likes to have a goal I'm working toward or a race on a calendar to keep me going. Otherwise why not snooze that 4:40am alarm? Well, I'll tell you why. Because last week while I wasn't going to the gym I was at the grocery store buying a lot of ice cream. To be exact: two pints of that Halo Top stuff that pretends to be ice cream but is not and then one pint of Blue Bell mint chip and a 1/2 gallon of Moose Tracks. Moose Tracks is kind of an amazing ice cream flavor. Soon I'll have to roll myself to the gym, it's fine. 

I'm still so excited about finishing under 2 hours in my 1/2 marathon! Not only am I shocked by the time, I can't believe how great I felt during the race! This wasn't a PR, but it honestly might have been one of my best races ever. I kept looking at my pace on my watch and thinking, "Slow down a little; you're going to burn out." I swear I kept trying to slow down, but I just couldn't! I kept expecting to hit a wall, and while Miles 10 and 11 were the toughest mentally, I never felt like I couldn't keep going or needed to stop and walk. I never used the bathroom, I never walked, and I felt really great mostly the whole time! I don't know what happened. It's very confusing, but I'm not complaining.

After being on hold for months, Becoming finally came in at the library. I've heard really good things and am excited to read it. I don't agree with her politically, but I think the book will be interesting. I've heard from other working moms that they enjoyed hearing her talk about being a working mom and juggling career, marriage, and kids.

Very unrelated: let's talk about socks. Has anyone heard of Bombas? Someone mentioned it on the comments of a blog post I read recently, and a few other people commented and said how much they loved theirs, and then I posted about it on my blog Facebook page, and a few people over there commented that they have Bombas and love them! So that sold me and I bought a few pairs. Guys, their no-show socks are legit. I'm about to order a second pair because I keep taking mine directly out of the dryer to wear again. There are no-slip pads in the heel so they don't slip down! I wore them all day to work and didn't have to mess with them once! I bought Jordan a pair of work socks, and he loves his too. They aren't the cheapest socks, but they give a pair for each pair you buy, and the quality is noticeable. ALSO, this is not a reason to shop somewhere, but I was impressed with the packaging!   Anyway, all that to say, if you want to try them out, use my referral code and get 25% off! I wish I had a code when I bought mine.

Sorry this post is so random. I wanted to pop on and say something, and I had no plan at all, so I guess when I'm typing away I ramble on about race times and books and socks. Probably teenage me would be horrified at what I've become, but really I'm okay with it. Who doesn't love a new pair of socks??? I'm buying Jordan a few more Bombas for his Father's Day present. <-- Jordan, pretend you didn't see that if you're reading this! ;)

Last thing: Speaking of gifts, I told Jordan that for a combined Mother's Day and 8th anniversary gift I want two of these rings with each of the kids' names on it. I ordered them yesterday, and I'm really excited about it. I've wanted one of these for a couple of years but never wanted to spend the money, but I'm doing it this year! We are the worst about getting each other gifts and going on dates, so I figure all the years of not doing much has added up.

Did you ask for anything for Mother's Day? Or, buy yourself something? ;) 
Have you tried Bombas socks?

Happy Friday, friends!
Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

Those rings are cute! That will be a nice gift to have. Also, Halo Top should not be called ice cream. I don't think there is any cream in that overpriced crap. I'd rather eat Braums =)

The Lady Okie said...

The peanut butter flavor was okay, but I got the vanilla and don't like it at all!

Sarah said...

moose tracks ice cream is my fave! a few weeks ago, i had to stop into kroger and they had their premium ice cream on sale for 1.99 for half gallons so i bought 5 fun flavors. lol. i don't bother with halo top or the fake ice creams. i want to like them, but i just don't. give me the real stuff anyday!! oh, and on the sock front - do you have nice running socks? i am a recent convert to feetures and balegas and oh my gosh... they are SO nice!!

Maria said...

I love reading autobiographies of the First Ladies (no matter what their political affiliation) and Becoming is hands down my favorite. Great writing and I find her childhood so endearing. She's a great storyteller.

Socks! I got an ad in the mail yesterday all about the Bombas no-show socks and I was really curious to try them. Now I definitely am. I've bought their running socks before and wasn't a lifelong fan (I like Balega, but don't ask me how much I actually use them to run in). Which no show socks did you try? There are lightweight, low-cut, and cushioned. I'm overwhelmed.

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

I asked for a Sonnet James dress for Mother's Day! And yes to Bombas, they totally do rock!

Carolann @ Finding Ithaka said...

Congrats o na great race! Mint chip and Moose Tracks were a good choice!! You definitely deserve it.
I have a weird obsession with socks, I love them so much! When I lived in Hawaii I was the only person in my friend group who preferred to wear socks and sneakers all the time instead of sandals. I also love that you decided what you wanted for Mother's Day. I think that setting your own expectations can help a lot, plus you get something you actually want. My birthday was a few weeks ago and Nick gave me a few little things but I bought myself my own gift of a prenatal massage and I am really looking forward to it!!

AnneMarie said...

I really love these rambly old-timey blog posts about random things :) Good job on the recent race! It's so cool to hear that it went so well for you. Out of curiosity, do you prefer the original Moose Tracks or the other variations (ones that have a chocolate or peanut butter ice cream instead of the vanilla)? I'm actually going to buy a carton or two of ice cream tomorrow (eating ice cream is one of the main things I want to do for Mother's Day, in addition to swing and ceili dancing and board games), so ice cream has been on my mind today.

I've never heard of Bombas! Those look really cute and comfortable.

Rachel said...

Those rings are really pretty!
I think Bombas was on Shark Tank sometime maybe, seems like I heard of them from the show. Glad they've worked out well for you!
Angel's very similar with needing a race as motivation to run. He actually has a race coming up in July but has pretty much stopped running since the end of track season--I think that burned him out a little on running, haha!

K said...

For Mother's Day I received noise-cancelling headphones from my two small children, which felt oh so appropriate, haha. I adore my kids, but as an introvert who needs quiet/alone time to recharge, hearing their voices 24/7 can deplete me in a hurry. Looking forward to listening to some podcasts in (relative) peace during our upcoming move to the East coast! Love your rings idea, btw--those are lovely!

K said...

P.S. I'm oh so impressed with your half marathon! You're amazing!