A New Friend


Well I finnnnnnally told my boss about this (why do I always get so nervous?!), so I feel like I can announce on the blog. Yay! Baby Bum #3 is coming in February 2020! I'm 13.5 weeks along today and closing in on the end of the first trimester. We are so thankful for this sweet blessing and a healthy pregnancy so far. It's not something I take for granted.

I've been to two appointments so far--my first ultrasound around 8 weeks where I saw (didn't hear) the heartbeat. I had my second appointment last week at 12.5 weeks and got to hear the heartbeat that time! Praying for continued growth for this little life!

We dealt with some fertility concerns before getting pregnant with R, and I feel like the Lord has given me a really sensitive heart toward those struggling with infertility and miscarriage. I have some close friends who are currently and who have in the past walked through those things, and I know seeing these types of announcements can bring sorrow along with joy. I don't say that to lessen our personal excitement about this baby but only to say with all sensitivity that I recognize your pain and that I'm praying for you.

I'm not the type to post weekly blog updates. I haven't with either kid, though I do write in a personal journal. But I can't keep up with those types of posts on the blog. I'll probably hop in from time to time and share an update. If you have any questions at all for me, feel free to email or leave a comment! If you haven't gotten the vibe from me already, I'm basically an open book! ;)

Thanks for praying with us for Baby Bum 3. He/she is so loved already!


  1. So exciting!! I'm so happy for your family!

  2. Oh wow! Congratulations! I will be keeping all of you in my prayers. That is so exciting!

  3. Congratulations! I have been super anxious to share the news with my boss all three times so I get it (even though I don’t “get it,” ya know?)

    1. Totally! I’m always like, can I just email him? Is that weird? 😂

  4. So exciting for your family! Hope you're feeling as well as can be expected and the kids are starting to get excited! (Cyrus definitely has no idea...he will be very surprised come November. Does J get the idea or not yet? I don't know how old kids have to be to grasp the concept).

  5. Love this so, so much!! So happy for you guys. R and J are going to be the BEST big sibs ever. I can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy, when you do pop in!

  6. I am so excited for you!

    I'm not really one to believe that hard things like infertility or miscarriage happen "for a reason," but I think that one of the beautiful things God can make out of the mess is an empathetic heart that can help others through similar struggles later on.

    Bless you and your family!

  7. Congrats!! Even though we experienced miscarriage and infertility it makes me appreciate every pregnancy and little one even more!

  8. Congrats! Wish you and baby all the best. Love the pic of your littles announcing it.


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