Flashback Friday--A Christmas Memory


Sitting on the stairs, waiting for my parents to give us the okay to run downstairs and behold the pile of presents under our tree is one of my favorite Christmas memories. As the years went on and our family expanded from one child to four, we could no longer fit on just one step. But the excitement and anticipation was always the same. 

My dad always took forever to get the camera ready, and my mom needed her coffee.
There would be a TV tray with a plate of cookie crumbs and a note from Santa, which I figured out a few years later was what my dad's handwriting looked like when he wrote with his left hand.

We don't have stairs now in our Texas house, and my siblings and I are old enough that we don't want to wake up before the sun comes up. We're happier to get a few more hours of sleep. But the memory of sitting on those stairs is one I will treasure forever.

That, and this image of Daniel in full-body white long underwear.