My Grandma Lee


Today, my sweet grandma Lee went home to be with Jesus.

I'm so thankful that I got to see her just last week. She and my grandpa drove themselves from Illinois and spent the week in Texas and Oklahoma visiting my family. Grandma Lee's brother--my great uncle Bill--lives in OKC, and Jordan and I spent last Tuesday evening at their house. My dad was there too. 

We ate my great aunt Dorothy's delicious homemade banana cream pie and sat around the table telling stories and making fun of my dad because he and my grandpa have the same I-don't-want-you-to-take-my-picture-but-I'll-humor-you face. Or, knowing the two of them, it's an I-have-a-secret-joke-I'm-laughing-about-in-my-head smirk.

My grandma celebrated her 88th birthday earlier this month, and she and my grandpa celebrated 65 years of marriage this year as well. Can you even believe that? 

So many people lose a grandparent early in life. I am blessed to have known her for as long as I did. 

Love you always, Grandma. 
Heidi said...

Oh Amanda, I am so sorry. So glad you got to spend time with her. You all are in my prayers tonight.