5 Tips for a Well-Rounded Wedding Registry


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May is anniversary month!

First, it's my second blogversary (or blogiversary or something). I wrote my first post on May 24, 2010. That means this month it's been 2 years of blogging, and in that time I got engaged and married, went skydiving, ran three half marathons, bought a fancy DSLR (thus further encouraging my love of all things photography), and shared more than a few ridiculous stories (mostly about my family).

And...in just under two weeks it will be our first wedding anniversary!
I could go on about how crazy marriage is and how great it's been and how much it doesn't feel like it's been a year. But that's not going to be interesting for anyone but me--and maybe not even me. 

What I really want to share are some wedding registry tips for those who might be forging into the unfamiliar territory of weddings and engagements at some point in the future.

I've now had one year to reflect on what we acquired through the generosity of family and friends, and there are a few things I'd like to share about this integral part of wedding planning.

#1: DO...register for something you want even if you think it's a long shot

Case in point: my Kitchen Aid mixer. Hello, lover. 

(The very fact that I just used the word lover should tell you how much I fancy my mixer, because I hate that word. Top one of my most hated words.)

Did I think anyone would buy us a $250 mixer? Heck no.
But I put it on the registry with the thought that I might as well, and one day a shiny, red mixer showed up in the mail! The same happened with our Keurig coffee machine.

Seriously, don't be afraid to go big. What have you lost if you put an expensive item on your registry? Nothing except the possibility that you might actually get it.

#2: DO...register for fun items like games and movies and books

Remember, it doesn't all have to be kitchen and bath stuff. We got a few board games and even Wii Sports Resort. We also registered for a few books. People like options, and games and books are a fun alternative to dish towels (especially if it's a guy friend who's buying the gift). 

Sorry Sliders is a fabulous two-person game, by the way. Jordan and I play it all the time. Everyone who likes board games should buy this game immediately.

#3: DO...put a lot of items on your registry

I mean a lot a lot. Seriously, just put anything you think you might even sort of like on there. Why? Well, first because people like options. It's annoying to search a wedding registry and have five items to choose from, and there's absolutely no harm in packing it on. 

And chances are you'll be able to return the item if you don't like it, and then you might even find something you weren't expecting to like that you wouldn't have bought for yourself in the first place.

I also personally believe having a large number of registry items lowers the chances of you receiving something not on the registry (but keep in mind we all know there's no way around ugly, fancy towels).

#4: Did you know Pampered Chef has a wedding registry?

Okay, that's not really a "tip" as much as it is a question, but really. I didn't do this, but I wish I had. I love PC stuff, and registering for specific items would have been fun.

#5: Do...bribe your fiance with the promise of full scanning ability while registering

(This might be the only way you can convince him to come with you. I'm not kidding.)

So those are my tips for completing a well-rounded wedding registry. I've been married almost a year now, so I know what I'm talking about. Trust me.

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[Oh, and stay tuned for a new weekly photography linkup I'm starting next week!]

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Melissa said...

haha thanks for the tips! i cant wait to register places! (too bad my wedding is over a year away...haha) we've lived together for almost 3.5 years so itll be nice to get some new things! i might struggle giving up the scanner though.

Anonymous said...

wait. you didn't tell me what NOT to do!!

the sorry game looks fun!