baby angles (not angels)


This week Ashley and Sarah's tutorial Tuesday is about angles. Shooting from different angles, that is. It's something I've been trying to practice more, because it's not something that comes naturally to me. I've found that shooting at angles takes more creativity and work than just taking a picture straight on. 

On Sunday I got the chance to hang out with a friend of mine and her two beautiful children. I'm glad I brought my camera with me so I could get more practice with moving subjects and different angles. 

Tutorial Tuesday
JackieShoemaker said...

Great tip! I need to work on this more. I usually take the picture straight-on, and don't take the time to find a different perspective. Oh, and I'm glad you clarified the angles/angels in the title..I almost wasn't sure if I should read it!!

Ashley Sisk said...

The nice thing about these is that they tell different sides of a story. Especially as bloggers, I think it's important to get creative with our photos - otherwise, we're nothing more than a virtual scrapbook. :)

JipetSun said...

Hi ! Thank you for passing by :) I really apreciate your photos,it must have been difficult to take such beautiful photos from this cute (but moving ;P) baby ! Have a nice day !

Anonymous said...

pretty blue eyes and cute fat cheeks just like her big sis!


Jill Wellington said...

Such a sweet baby! I'm loving the new angles!