The Oklahoma Aquarium (where I show you cool fish photos)


As I mentioned in this post, this past weekend, Jordan and I went on a trip to celebrate our one-year anniversary. We're flying to Chicago next month for a wedding, so we decided just to take a short drive north to Jenks, Oklahoma, and visit the Oklahoma aquarium. 

All the little kids were freaking out about Nemo. And why not? He's so cute! 
(Plus, umm, how good am I at taking pictures of fish? Very good, you say? Indeed.)

The Oklahoma aquarium has the largest collection of bull sharks in the country.

We got to touch some baby sharks and stingrays. To be honest, I was uncharacteristically afraid to stick my hand in the pool. But I was surrounded by five-year-olds who seemed to have no trouble with it, and I didn't want to be lame and show fear.

So I did (and made Jordan do it too), and for the record, stingrays are extremely slimy.
And the sharks were rubbery, not prickly like I had previously thought.
There was this one stingray who liked all the attention and kept rising up out of the water and slashing everyone. 

When we left, I made Jordan take a picture outside the sign. 
He's always (read: most of the time) such a trooper.

[This is a repeat picture from THIS post. Read it. I've heard it's pretty funny.]
Later we had ice cream and walked along the riverfront.

Then we went back to our hotel and stayed up late to watch the Thunder kick some LA butt. We also talked and decided that we are definitely getting better at traveling together. One thing I learned the hard way on our honeymoon was that I need to make sure he eats before we start driving or else he gets really cranky. 

All in all, it was a fun anniversary weekend. 
And so begins year two. 
Anonymous said...

Holy crap, these are amazing aquarium pictures!! You have helped me remember why I hate everyone else's aquarium pictures (glass, flash, strangers' shoulders in the pics, etc.) and also why I stopped taking my own aquarium (and zoo) pics. But geez louise, lady, have you looked for a job with National Geographic? Because maybe you should...


Lauren said...

Oh you had to go & bring up NBA. :) I'd like to remind you I'm a diehard Spurs fan, so let me just say... Buckle up. haha

TheUnlostWanderer said...

Congrats on your anniversary! Your trip looks like fun!

Holly said...

Wow!!! These picture are AMAZING! Love that shark cool!

Anonymous said...

PS I like the beaver. and the jellyfish!