A Saint Louis Bridal Shower


Last weekend I was in Saint Louis because one of my best friends had her bridal shower. I love the cute decorations her sister and sister-in-law put together. The shower was outside at a winery, so it was sunny!

I was in charge of putting two games together.

We played "Who Knows the Bride Best," because that's a game you kind of have to play at a bridal shower. I printed it out on some fun scrapbook paper and tried to find questions that I hadn't seen before.
{Font from Font for Peas}
My favorite was the BONUS question: 
Answer: 68 months
Good grief! It's about time. 

 The second game we played was one I hadn't seen before called "And the Bride Wore." It's a fun way to put the focus on the bride-to-be and see if people are paying attention! 

I had Lauren go inside for five minutes while everyone filled out these questions based on what she was wearing that day. I glued the paper to colored card stock and then added a heart stamp in the middle.

Then she came back in, and we got to see if we were right! I was initially worried that it would be too easy. But it wasn't, and I think everyone had fun with it. Definitely a fun game to play at a bridal shower that probably not many people will have played before.

It was a lot of fun and a great way to celebrate Lauren and Nathan's upcoming wedding, which is officially a month from today!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Cool games. We played that second one at my sister-in-law's shower a couple years ago. It was definitely much harder than I thought it would be! Fun too, though. Looks like a great weekend overall!


JackieShoemaker said...

The decorations are beautiful, and I really like how you printed out the games.. I might have to steal the "and the bride wore" game for an upcoming shower I'm planning! ;)

Lauren said...

I'm loving your graphics lately. Way to kick it up a notch, it really adds to the blog. Just wanted you to know it's not going unnoticed.

LeAnna said...

Beautiful shots! You did GREAT for being in full sun. It is my nemesis. The lemony mason jar flower vases are perfection for a summer wedding shower, and those games looked like a blast. I need to pin this post so I can refer back to the games if need be.