currently (or, how you know you're losing it)


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  • reading: i'm seriously slowing down on my goodreads list--just haven't had time to read lately. i blame my day job. i'm a third of the way through A Storm of Swords and don't know if i'll make it. like, ever. motivation = 0.
  • my car hit 50,000 miles. i may or may not have taken this picture while driving 60 down the highway. highly unsafe (sorry, mom), but i'm a girl who lives on the edge. what i'm not going to show you are the ten blurry pictures i took starting at 49,992 and every mile thereafter until the big 5-o. again, highly unsafe. 
oh hello there, awesome gas mileage. 
  • i've been going to exercises classes 3x a week. last night after dinner i walked around in my sports bra asking jordan how my abs looked for like an hour. so...yeah, i don't know what that was about. he just kept saying he couldn't see them, which made me mad. again, really not sure what was going on. {currently drinking lots of water.}
  • okc thunder to the nba finals! i haven't had a professional sports team be this awesome since...yes that's right: never. because i obviously can't count on the cubs to be good this year. maybe next year? yes, definitely next year. 
  • looking forward to: off to a bachelorette party for my bff lauren on saturday. hello, saint louis! can i please just stay in illinois forever?
  • i finished two wedding scrapbook spreads. i'm on the last few pages now. the completion of this particular scrapbook will be bittersweet. i feel like our newlywed days will officially be over.

  • the stress is getting to me. yesterday i sat in my car and cried for 10 minutes after a failed attempt to copy something at staples for the bach party. that's when you know you're losing it. staples shouldn't have that much effect on anyone, be it positive or negative. i have a coworker who has an "easy" button on his desk. while i was in the middle of crying in the staples parking lot, i had the sudden urge to throw his "easy" button at his head. 
  • oh, and you also know you're losing it when you dream about having a child and when you name said child Judith Hillenbrand Bumgarner. um, what? (note: i am NOT pregnant. this was not a sign.) this happened last night, and later on in the dream (you know, after i named my child Judith Hillenbrand) jordan started weeping after accusing me of trying to steal a baby from the hospital nursery.
  • loving: on a more positive note (aside from the crying and the baby stealing) i'm loving the color of my nail polish. and by my nail polish, i mean the nail polish i stole from my little sister when i was home last weekend. yet another reason why she's way cooler than me. 
  • eating: still frantically checking all grocery stores in a 15-mile radius for Breyers mint choc chip ice cream. i finally broke down yesterday and bought Edy's. i may or may not have already eaten a third of the half gallon. but seriously, did they just stop making it?! can you run out of mint? i'm worried freaking out.
  • thunderstorms in okc lately. fitting for my current mood. plus, the clouds look awesome. 

  • oh, and one more reason i know i'm losing it. so last weekend i was in texas hanging out at my aunt's pool, and i may or may not have forgotten to actually put swimsuit bottoms on. i pulled off my cotton dress and was about to jump in, and then my sister was like, "amanda, is that your underwear?" and then i looked down and was like, "oh, ummm, yeah. oops." and then i was embarrassed, even though my underwear is more coverage than my swimsuit anyway. what's that about?
and now i'm off for a weekend o' fun in stl. 
i hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
here's to no stress and no dreams about children named Judith. or any children, for that matter. 

Harvesting Kale
Randalin @ Harvesting Kale said...

Don't feel bad about losing it after a visit to Staples - I'm pretty sure that's common. My brother just told me he had a minor meltdown after trying to get something photocopied there the other day - and he's totally not the meltdown type!!

Thanks so much for linking up :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for linking up with us!

I seriously giggled reading that last bit about forgetting your swimsuit bottoms. Hilarious! And something I would totally do. :)

Allison said...

I love your scrapbook pages. I'm a huge scrapbooker and love looking at other people's ideas. So cute how you have black and white pictures with a few colored ones. So cute! Have fun in St. Louis!