Everything I Needed to Know about Life, I Learned From Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe


I read this post last week and was inspired to write a similar post of my own because 1) I love stealing other people's blog post ideas and 2) I love Friends. (See also: My Top 5 Favorite Ross Moments.) It is the greatest show ever and makes me laugh every time. 

Sometimes I like to think about who I would recast in the 6 Friends roles, but I cannot think of anyone better. Did you know that Jennifer Aniston originally read for Monica? I can't even picture that.

Here are a few life lessons learned from my favorite show:

1. When you ask someone how they're doing, and they say, "Fine," that means they are not, in fact, fine. Especially if their voice is loud and squeaky. 

2. Don't tell a kid he's adopted if you aren't already sure he knows.
(sorry about the Spanish? subtitles on this video)

3. Don't wear a see-through blouse to sing karaoke.
And also, maybe don't go to a karaoke bar that involves a spotlight in the first place.

4. When getting a spray tan, make sure to count "Mississippilessly." I might also suggest not attempting a spray tan if you're a dude. Come on now.

5. When you walk around naked in your apartment, make sure you close the blinds first. 

(And if you tell me you don't walk around naked in your house/apartment, I am going to assume you're lying. Everyone does this. You cannot convince me otherwise.)

I really don't know what I'd do if I didn't have Friends to teach me these important life lessons.


  1. Omg I LOVE this!!! Friends was the best and seriously so many life lessons.

  2. I still watch this show and I still laugh even though I've seen every episode time and time again!

  3. Hahaha LOVE this!! I am 100% in love with 'Friends', favorite show forever. Hands down. I might have to do a post like this!!

    Thanks for commenting on my fitness blog, I'm a new follower of yours now :)

  4. I'd never seen an episode until I went to college... then my roommie owned all ten seasons. I can now quote it religiously. Love this and love the show! :)

  5. These clips are hilarious.
    I'll be man enough to admit, I've never actually watched this show before.

    I think its time to start.
    right now.

  6. hahaha,,
    oh i LOVE Friends. it always makes me laugh no matter how many times i re-watch it. you're SO right. i can't imagine anyone better to play the roles

  7. I have for the past year lived with three dudes, one of whom I'm dating. So no naked walking for me. It's a maybe someday kind of wistful dream right now... :)

  8. I learned a lot about moving from Friends. "PIVOT!!!!"

  9. I love Hello Giggles. Why oh why have I forgotten about it though?

    This post? Its my favorite thing. I love friends. I'll never stop missing Thursday nights. My favorite all time favorite moment is Phoebe singing along to Ross "playing" the bagpipes. I die every. single. time.

  10. ah love this! friends is one that never gets old. ever!

  11. Love this! People make fun of me because I pretty much always use a Friends reference when discussing any life event. I mean, they cover everything in that show!!

  12. I don't get ppl who don't like Friends..what's there not to like?! It's HILARIOUS.

    Thanks for this great Fri afternoon post!!


  13. Hahaha, I have to be honest, but I've never really watched Friends all the way through! All these posts I've seen recently have made me want to!

    Also, tagged you in today's Sunshine Award post :)

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  14. Seriously, hilarious!! My husband and I have watched every season of friends multiple times but I have never thought about what those friends might have taught me!!

  15. Friends is my favorite show ever. I reference it waayyy too often. It is always relevant and I will never get bored of watching it! Hilarious post. "the one where Ross is fine" is definitely one of my favorites!

  16. Haha! I love Friends! I own every episode, although they're all on video. :( Must watch some again soon. Friends is one of the few shows where I genuinely laugh out loud all the time!

  17. This is great! I LOVE Friends--also, weirdly enough, I wrote a post called 'Why the tv show Friends makes me feel better about my life' on Thursday! Weeeeeeird.

  18. Oh this made me smile. Friends taught us all so much! :)

  19. YES!!!!
    Friends is one of my all-time favorite shows! I have boxed seasons that i will just sit and watch while cleaning/etc

  20. I love Friends more than life itself! You inspired me to write my own Friends post!



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