I Am Not Going to Procrastinate


Today I'm linking up with Melyssa for my weekly wishes.

1. Take a picture every day

I've gotten out of the habit of taking pictures. I love it, but I don't practice enough. This week I want to take at least one picture every day.

2. Make contact with a close friend every day via phone call or mailing a letter.

This week I want to be more intentional about taking time to get in touch with my friends who live far away. This can be through either a phone call or a letter, but no social media outlets count as personal contact.

3. Memorize James 3:16

"For where you have envy and selfish ambition, 
there you find disorder and every evil practice."

This verse spoke to me during one of my quiet times last week. Envy is something I struggle with a lot, and I want to take time to memorize this verse so I can recall it when I start to get envious.

4. Call the eye doctor and make an appointment. I think that's really all that needs to be said about that. For some reason I procrastinate scheduling doctor appointments. I think it's because I'm afraid she'll tell me I'm going blind. I'm a hypochondriac and also extremely irrational.

Write some wishes for this week and link up!

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  1. I'm also a big doctor appointment procrastinator. If I didn't wear contacts and need my prescription renewed every year, I'd never ever go.

    Thanks for sharing that verse! Such a great reminder, and something I should definitely spend some time reflecting on.

  2. It takes courage to tell the (blog) world what you struggle with. Whenever I feel envious, I remember that with success comes a storm of trials, tribulations, and heartache that you have to bear. I surely don't want to add their storm and my own mess! Ha-ha! However, it's totally cool to let a little envy to motivate you to do better, be better, and think better. I pray that you continue to meditate on James 3:16 and let God speak to your soul.

    SN: I wait until the last minute to make appointments too. Who really wants to go to the doctor?!?

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  3. I love your idea about catching up with friends, I struggle with this so much, I have a whole pile of unused postcards I think it is time to send out!

  4. I love these! You may have inspired me to type up some of my own. I've also been majorly slacking in the picture-taking department lately! I'm a bad little blogger.

  5. I am trying to take more pictures too!
    This week, my wish is to get my new old dining room set in the dining room. That will take several steps, so will take all week. Hope to blog about it soon.
    What caught my eye with your post today was those cake pops. I tried ice cream cone cakes....see the result here....

    I will not be trying those again. lol.

  6. Amanda, I love your first goal! I have been thinking about doing something like that, too. Especially since I finally got my butt on Instagram :) I used to carry a camera around with me everywhere but got out of the habit once I got back into a 9-5 job. Can't wait to see what lovely things you spy this week!

  7. great post indeed! got inspired - need to keep a contact with close people! :)
    and yeah - same feeling with doctors. Always have to force myself to make an appointment.. very scared of them all the time! :)

  8. Have you heard of Brian Regan, the comedian? He does a really funny bit about going to the eye doctor. You should YouTube it for sure - Brian Regan eye doctor should pull it up.

    I love that Bible verse. I'm going to memorize that this week too.


  9. Great goals! I do the same thing with doctor's appointments! Then I can never get in at a good time! Argggg! Love the verse!

  10. I'm really disappointed that "make cake pops" was NO WHERE on this list. WHAT THE HECK!? You reel me in with that delicious picture and then don't promise any cake pops!? C'mon!!!

  11. i don't know what's wrong with my self system, but when i set goals for my personal life, it seems that i always fail it - duh.

    i'm also a big doctor appointment procrastinator. and usually i end up not going.

  12. Love that verse! I think I'll memorize it this week too!

  13. Great goals ;)
    Have you heard of Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge? You have a theme photo for each day.
    I made my eye doctor appointment last week, that was one of my weekly wishes!
    Good luck on this week's goals :)

  14. Thank you for the reminder! I need to make an eye appointment too! :)

  15. I love taking pics too, mostly on instagram though!

  16. I want to do this too! This is genius!

  17. I totally put off making appointments too and when I go I am always terrified she's going to tell me I'm going blind too ha - which makes ZERO sense because I got laser eye surgery!

  18. Love that you are doing weekly wishes. Good job on memorizing James 3! I still smile because sometimes when I'm agitated or struggle God will whisper verses from James to my heart. I love it but my flesh doesn't always love it.

  19. Ya know girl, I'm gonna memorize that verse this week, too. :) You encourage my heart and that's why I love you! XO!

  20. I had the same wish as you two weeks ago where I wanted to take a picture every day. What's better than a memory in a picture?
    I like your goal to talk to a friend or mail them. It's so important to connect!
    Good luck with your goals this week.

  21. Haha. I am so bad about making Dr. Appts too. I broke my glasses a year ago and I still haven't gone in for new ones! Thanks for reminding me. Good luck with your goals!

  22. You've got some great goals for the week! The verse is beautiful and eyeopening - it's so easy to be envious and forget about one's own luck and it really can create a lot of trouble that's just unnecessary. We all ought to keep this in mind! :)

  23. Love the weekly goals! And just so you know...I'm the same way with any sort of medical appt-even the dentist (because of course they are going to tell me I need a root canal at my normal cleaning).

  24. I've been saying "I need to call the eye doctor" for about 3 months now. I'm so terrible about that too!!! I should make it a goal with you! :)

  25. I like your goal of making contact with someone important to you every day! Right now, Angel and I are really trying to prioritize relationships and that's a good way to do it!


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