October Post Preview + Announcing a One-Day Linkup!


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For a few months now I've seen Emily do a preview of next month's upcoming blog posts. I liked the idea, but since my blog ideas pop up without notice, I didn't think it would work for me.

Next month, however, I actually have a few fun things planned for the blog and wanted to share so you could start getting excited now! (Or, ahem, know which days to skip. Not that any of you would do that.)

Here's what's coming up in October on The Lady Okie:

More from my "How to Start Running" series, which will include posts on gear, setting a schedule, and staying injury free. I will also be adding a fun feature section to each running post, so you can meet some running blogger friends of mine and get inspired from their stories! (Don't miss Part 1: Setting Realistic Expectations.)

A marriage update, because I haven't written one of those since I wrote that letter to my newlywed self on our two-year anniversary back in May.

I'll be linking up with Mallory on the third Thursday of the month (October 17) for a Boy Behind the Blog post. I enjoyed writing 5 Funny Things I've Heard Jordan Say and would like to include a few fun posts about Jordan every now and again so you don't forget about him!

I have a post on tithing that I'm working on. I've wanted to post on this for over a year now and keep putting it off. It's happening this month!

For the past two months I've been keeping a dinner journal, where I document what we ate every night. This isn't part of a diet plan. It's just a fun, albeit nerdy, experiment. This month I'm going to tally up the dinners show you some favorite meals in the Bumgarner household as well as some pantry staples I try to keep on hand to whip up a quick dinner on the fly.

I also have 3 races this month! I'm so excited. I haven't run a race since my marathon in April, and I've been jealous of all the summer race recaps I've been reading. Here's what I have lined up:
  • Color Run on October 5 (go here to get a discount code for $5 off!)
  • My 6th half marathon on October 19
  • The Tomato Dodge on October 26, which will either be freaking awesome or a total bust. I'm hoping for the former. (email me for a discount code for $7 off)

Now, for a...
***One-Day Linkup Announcement!***

This month I'm also going to be hosting a one-day linkup that I hope will be a lot of fun. I was brainstorming some post ideas and thought it would be fun to write one that copied the game my friends and I used to play in middle school (okay college, who am I kidding): Never Have I Ever. I lost pretty much every time because my friends were much more adventurous than I, but I like to think I've branched out a bit since my younger days.

So link up next Thursday, October 10, with your "Never Have I Ever" post, and we'll have some fun! You can make a list of things you've never done or write about one or two things. You can write about things you haven't done but want to do or things you've never done and don't ever want to do. It's whatever you want!

Just seriously, someone please link up. It would be embarrassing to have no one do it with me. You can grab this button if you're so inclined. I spent approximately 1.2 minutes on this. Never have I ever been to graphic design school. (See what I did there?)

Finally, I wanted to share the 5 most popular posts from September in case you missed them. 
Here they are in order of popularity.

10 Reasons Why Running a Marathon is Like Having a Baby
My Recipe for Super Easy Crock-Pot BBQ Chicken
How to Start Running Part 1
5 Blog Posts I Usually Skip
Runner Problems: My Calves Are Too Big for My Skinny Jeans
I keep waiting for blog inspiration to leave, but I'm just having too much fun! I appreciate you coming here to read and comment, and I hope I can continue to bring you quality posts on a semi-regular basis.

Here's to October!
Betsy said...

I'll do it with you! I love this sort of thing :)

p.s. your running posts make me feel good about myself. do you know how rare that is for me and running posts? thank you.

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

Um, that sounds like so much fun. Count me in for the link-up! (Although you might want to do reminders! I might forget, with how my brain's been lately.) What a great idea!

Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife said...

I have been logging all of our dinners for about three years! I love looking back on them and also when you are stuck on what to make it is good to see some old meals that you have taken out of rotation!

Betty said...

I love that you are going to post what dinners you are eating! I've thought about posting what lunches I eat...or just documenting a day of eating...I'm not sure why I find it to interesting to see what people eat on a regular day.

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

How exciting! I like the preview and I'll join in on the 'never have I ever'!

Tara said...

So excited for the running posts and the link-up! Count me in :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't doing a preview awesome? So looking forward to all of your posts. Already thinking of the "never have I ever.." post.

Looking forward to your October posts!

(Thanks so much for the shout out!) :D


Becky said...

I always lost in that game too haha but I'll definitely join the link up friend!! :)

Looking forward to hearing about recipes - I need some more ideas!

Unknown said...

Hello October! Looking forward to our "word smithing." Is that a word?

Jen [wonderfully unkempt] said...

Yay for a link up! Sounds like fun!

TheLane said...

you go girl- you are so ahead of the game!
blog planning?! way to be on top of things this coming month - you know ill be back for more:)

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Love the preview of what's to come, the link up sounds like fun! Love the new side bar pic too!

Claire@MyDevising said...

So impressed with your organization and already knowing some of your blog posts this month. You're fancy!

Also - cute picture.

Also - If you ever get famous because of your beef/barley crockpot recipe, know it's because of me. I pinned that thing way back when you posted it and literally EVERY day that pin gets repinned. So, I'm just saying. Remember me when you're famous.

Lauren @ Love is the Point said...

Can't wait to link up with you! I'm also looking forward to reading your tithing post! So much good stuff coming in October! Great post idea - it has officially done its job & gotten me excited for the month ahead!

Erin LFF said...

Yay! I like the idea of looking ahead at what's to come. Maybe one day if I'm super organized that will happen ;) Definitely looking forward to your running posts the most! PS- love the new look/updates to your blog!

Anonymous said...

i'll definitely link up! I loved playing that game in college! (usually associated with several adult beverages)

Allison said...

Haha, I never won that game either. :) Great idea though, I'd love to link up! Looking forward to all of your posts, as usual.

Love the new profile picture!

Curious Runner said...

These are all such great ideas and I wish I had come up with them myself... Maybe i will just have to copy you 8with reference of course) :)

From Foothills to Fog said...

I love this! Brainstorming ideas for the link up! And I like that Man Behind the Blog feature, I've been wanting to do a post like that, so I'll participate in that link up, too! Thanks for the heads up. Can't wait to continue reading through October!

Sarah said...

Woohoo, I can't wait to link up!

eileen ragan | leaner by the lake said...

ohhh! how exciting - 3 races! I've always wanted to do the color run and will be looking to sign up next time it comes back to Chicago.

Excited to read about your half marathon, too!

Good stuff coming :)

eileen ragan | leaner by the lake

Megan said...

What a fun post idea! I don't plan on skipping any of these posts - they all sound awesome! And the link-up sounds great; I need to start brainstorming!

Z said...

Wow, I love the idea of a month preview - a lot of bloggers do a month recap but I don't always see the importance of them. I love seeing what's coming in the month ahead! So stoked to read your blog!