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This month's topic is: your favorite or proudest running moment

I definitely think favorite and proudest can be two different things, so I'm interested to see what direction you all take this. I really had a hard time narrowing down my favorite running moment, but it was easy to come up with my proudest: when I finally ran a half marathon under 2 hours.

You can read my full race recap here of when I ran the Cowtown Half Marathon in Fort Worth, Texas, in 2013. When I ran my first half marathon in 2010, my goal was to finish under 2 hours, 10 minutes. I finished in 2:08 and was ecstatic. From there I set my sights on a sub 2-hour half, because I knew it was definitely possible. For about a year and a half I trained to get faster, and I ran a 2:07 and then a 2:03, both in 2012.

I ran the 2013 Cowtown Half with my brother Austin, who had run it the year before in 1:57. I figured he could pace me. {Side note: I'm in Texas RIGHT NOW with Austin, who is getting married this weekend! It's weird when your little brother gets married.}

I caught up to and passed the 2-hour pace group around mile 10, and from that point on I knew I was going to be under 2 hours. As soon as I crossed the finish line, I burst into tears. Like, sobbing tears. So hard that a volunteer who was handing out medals asked me if I was okay. 

"I'm just so happy," I sobbed.

That is the one and only time I have cried at the finish line. I've teared up during races, but only once have I legit ugly cried at the finish, sweat dripping down my face and my hair a knotted mess.

You might be surprised that running a marathon doesn't rank at #1 on my list. There's no doubt that crossing both of those finish lines changed my life, but when I think back on all my races, half marathon #5 always comes to mind first.

Truthfully, I realize the competitor in me will always want to try to go faster. Last year I ran 1:53, and I would love to go under 1:50 at some point. But I can honestly say that even if I never get faster than I am right now, I'm still so dang proud of myself for that 1:56. I totally earned it.

(p.s. For all my race recaps and a list of all the running posts I've done on this blog, check out my running page.)

Now it's your turn! Link up below with your favorite or proudest running moment, and if you don't have a blog but just want to share, leave a comment or shoot me an email! I would love to read about it.
(Monday, July 21)

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Rachel said...

I would guess that proudest moments for a lot of runners would relate to times--at least for those with a streak of competitiveness in them! Angel has not been too proud of his times recently but I know he's pretty proud that 12 years later no one has broken the record he set in high school of running the mile in 4:25.

Anonymous said...

I agree that favorite and proudest can be two different things! For some reason I interpreted the prompt as proudest.

At any rate, love your story. Congrats on achieving your goal! While I have no doubt you'll reach your next goal of breaking 1:50, your 1:56 is inspiring. No wonder you were emotional at the finish line! It's an awesome finish time, and you worked hard for it!

Andrea H. said...

I have recently gotten into the trying to beat my previous time phase. Prior to the last year or so, I was usually just hoping I made it to the finish line :) It is such a great feeling to meet a goal though! Congrats to you on this awesome accomplishment and good luck as you press on to new PRs going forward!!

Meagan said...

That's definitely a proud moment and congrats on breaking that sub-2 barrier! I have yet to run sub-2, but it's certainly a goal of mine. I was gunning for a sub-2 at a half in November 2012 and ended up running 2:01:00. Ouch. But it was still a 6 minute PR and I was still really happy. I have yet to ugly cry at a finish line :) Maybe it will happen this October at Marine Corps Marathon (which will be my second).

Tracy said...

Ha, I just posted mine and it wasn't one of my marathons either ;) Huge congrats on sub-2! I haven't trained specifically for a half PR in a year and a half (i.e. since training for marathons took over my life) but the next time I do, I have my sights set on breaking 2 hours.

Kate said...

The day I run a sub-2 hour half, I plan to contact the local news station because I will insist on letting everyone know.

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

Yeeehaw!!! That is awesome!!!! Love that it was in Texas too :) You are a STUD!

Miss Nutralicious said...

This is awesome! I love trying to beat my times from previous races, it's sort of addicting. Congrats to your brother!

Betsy said...

I almost passed out when I went into hysterics after finishing my half - my lungs were like WE CAN'T DO ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE MAKING US DO RIGHT NOW. bodies, eh?

Ali said...

That is the greatest feeling! I'm all about besting myself - I'm way to dang competitive! I'm linking up tomorrow and writing my story, just had to comment and say congrats, even if it's been awhile! Also, the proudest moment I will be writing about is my first sub-2 half that just happened yesterday :o) Didn't want you to think I was stealing your idea! I'm still kind of on a runner's high about it. Sore legs and all.

Jenny Fish said...

We have such similar stories! The goal for my first half was to run under 2:10 and I ran it in 2:09. My goal for my next marathon was not to walk and run it under 2:00. I ran it in 1:56 - probably my most favorite/proudest moment. I'm hoping that my new favorite/proudest moment will be when I finish my first marathon in December!

Robyn B said...

wow! a half in 1:56 - you should be proud!! :)

Tamara said...

The only thing that would have made the Cowtown marathon better - MORE COWBELL.

Also, I love that it wasn't your first that you thought of (mine neither)!

Rebecca Jo said...

That's so awesome!!!! You are incredible!!!
... its weird when your big brother gets married too. I think its because you can't imagine your brother as a 'husband' when they're just irritating beings as brothers ;)

Erin LFF said...

Coming in under 2 is seriously INCREDIBLE!! You are so motivating :) I look forward to the day I start shaving time off my runs and can really SEE the improvements.

Anonymous said...

That is most definitely a moment to be proud of!! You did awesome.
My proudest running moment was crossing the finish line at Bay to Breakers in San Francisco after running the entire 12K - my longest distance to date. :)


Debbie said...

Congrats on your sub two-hour half; that's definitely something to be proud of. Even though I'm very proud of my running achievements, I took my post in a different direction. As a trainer, my proudest moments are helping others reach their fitness goals through running!

17 Perth said...

I haven't hit under the 2 hour mark--I have been SO DANG CLOSE. lol. So, I would definitely ugly cry too!! haha. And congrats! Definitely understand why that would be your favorite!! Hope y'all had a great weekend with the wedding!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE your brothers running shorts. Cowtown is my all time favorite race.

Allison said...

Great story! Going sub-2:00 is one of those barriers that make so many other goals seem possible.

Jennifer Prod said...

i'm an absolutely terrible runner, but your stories always inspire me to try harder and run faster and really do it. think it would actually happen if we lived in the same city? maybe i'd see you run past my window and then i'd grab my shoes and trail behind you? i'm pretty sure that's how forest gump gained a following...

Anonymous said...

That must have been a pretty exciting moment for you! Congrats!

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

1:53 is fast girl! I guarantee with some strength training and speed drills you'd be under 1:50 easily!

Allison said...

Wow, that's really fast! I agree with Beka. You could definitely make 1:50. But congratulations on that time! That's awesome!