Blog Talk #6: Quality vs. Quantity


Welcome to blog talk! 

This is the sixth installment of "Blog Talk," in which I will give my opinion on different aspects of blogging and then continue the discussion in the comments. Because I want to hear what you have to say! Yes, you're even allowed to disagree. Just be nice about it.

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When we consider the concept of quality vs. quantity blogging, I'm sure everyone would agree that we want to have a quality blog. But I saw the following statement once from a "big" blogger (big as in 3,000+ followers, which I consider quite large), and I want to know what you think about this:

"When it comes to my blog, I believe in quantity over quality." 

She went on to say that while you shouldn't write complete crap just to have something to post, you really should be able to come up with something to say five days a week, because readers expect it.

The thought is that if someone comes to your blog expecting a new post and there isn't one, they will think twice about coming back the next day. This cycle continues, leading to fewer readers over time. So, basically if you want to be a big blogger, go for quantity, even if you can't always post something quality.

I'm not trying to be mean here. The point is not who wrote that statement (I'm not going to tell you). The point is not that big bloggers are terrible people (they aren't, obviously).

But I'm just going to be honest: as a reader of blogs, this concept irritates me and even offends me a little bit.

On one hand, I understand the importance of consistency. I can think of 3-4 blogs right now that I love to read but that only post a few times a month, if that. I wish they posted more because I really enjoy reading their blog! It also does get frustrating to continue to return to a blog time and again and never find a new post.

I also understand the importance of regular blogging if you have sponsors who are paying you to create weekly content that will drive traffic to your site, which drives traffic to the sponsor's site. But as someone who only has so many hours in the day to read blogs anyway, I find the concept of "just post something even if you really have nothing to say" insulting. I can tell when you've posted something just to post something. I'm not an idiot.

The best part is when a blogger announces that he or she had nothing to say. 

"So I was sitting at my computer at 2:30 this morning, wide-awake, and I really wanted to have a post up for today, but I couldn't think of anything to write. So I Googled 'linkups,' and I found this Thoughtful Thursday* linkup! So here are Three Things I'm Thinking on Thursday."

And I'm all, "Yes! I totally want to read this post that you obviously wrote in twenty minutes on a topic you had given zero thought to before five hours ago."

So now you're saying, "Amanda, stop being cranky. You don't have to read the post if you don't want to." True. But if it's a blog I like, I'm going to click on the new post. And I'm going to have to read at least the first few lines before I realize this is a post you threw together because you felt like you had to write something.

Then I'm going to feel used for my page view.

Then again, what do I know? Obviously big bloggers who adhere to this quantity rule know something I don't. Hence the fact that they have thousands of followers and I, clearly, do not.

But here's another thing: there is not a single blog that I read every single day. Not even my favorites of favorites. Some days I have time to read lots of blogs. Other days I don't have time to read any blogs because I go running and then I have work, then I go volunteer or I go to Bible study or have dinner with friends. By the time I get home, I just fall right into bed and skip reading altogether.

I like it when a blogger doesn't post every day, because then I actually have time to read every post! Otherwise, the posts pile up on me. Then I get overwhelmed and hit "mark all as read." Because what else are you supposed to do?

Big bloggers who post daily have thousands of followers, so there are plenty of people who seem to not mind quantity. And listen: if you are able to post 9 days a week and write posts you're proud of, more power to you! I really mean that. I don't know how some people do it.

I'm not saying posting every day is a bad thing. And I'm not saying having thousands of followers must mean you don't have quality content. I AM NOT SAYING EITHER OF THOSE THINGS.

I'm just saying that for me personally, quality will always win over quantity. If that means posting less, I say so be it. This is why I don't post every day. This is why sometimes I don't post for a week.

I'm not consistent, I know. 
I don't have a schedule. I'm sorry about that.
I don't like the thought of you coming here and not having anything new to read. But it's because I feel strongly about only posting my best, and if I don't have anything to say or I don't have time to get the post the way I want it, I'm not going to publish anything.

Want to weigh in? I would love to hear what you have to say about this topic! I'm sure some of you are going to disagree with me, and that's fine. Even encouraged! Please just be kind to others, or I will delete your comment. We're sharing opinions and learning from each other, and we're being nice about it.


1. How important is quantity vs. quality to you for your own blog?
2. As a reader of blogs, how important is consistent posting? Would you rather have a blogger not post anything at all or post something he or she wrote at the last minute just to have something to say?
3. What is your ideal posting frequency for either your own blog and/or the blogs you read?
4. For those of you with sponsors, do you ever feel pressure to post even if you don't have anything to write about just because people are paying you to have new content? How do you handle that?

*Re: Thoughtful Thursdays. Not a real linkup as far as I know. I completely made it up for illustrative purposes.
Renee said...

Great topic, friend, and great post! I completely agree that quantity should trump quality. I never post unless I have something to say, and the time to actually write what it is that I want to say. But that obviously leads to a problem; ending up with only a few posts a month. I definitely wish that I fell somewhere more in the middle of the spectrum. Still gotta work on it though! ;)

Tracy said...

This was a great read! I'll be the first to admit that I have been in a bit of a slump lately and have been struggling with this a lot. While I'm not writing just for the sake of writing, I'm also not writing the posts I want to write (which are buried somewhere in my brain but can't seem to find their way out).
I definitely agree about the every day posts. While it's great to have a lot of new content, I'm also someone with limited reading time and I just can't read every single post every single day (or even close to it, haha).

Unknown said...

"I like it when a blogger doesn't post every day, because then I actually have time to read every post! Otherwise, the posts pile up on me. Then I get overwhelmed and hit "mark all as read." Because what else are you supposed to do?". EXACTLY. I feel exactly the same.

1. How important is quantity vs. quality to you for your own blog?
I do not believe in quantity over quality (in blogging, but also in life!). I'd rather post twice a month with something to say/show than having to force myself to post five times a week when I have nothing to say.

2. As a reader of blogs, how important is consistent posting? Would you rather have a blogger not post anything at all or post something he or she wrote at the last minute just to have something to say?
I would rather have a blogger not post at all. Like you, I know forced content when I see it.

3. What is your ideal posting frequency for either your own blog and/or the blogs you read?
I usually publish two posts a week. It used to be three, but I downgraded for all the reasons previously mentionned: not enough time, and not wanting to post something only for the sake of posting something. But it can be more, or less at times. I don't really put pressure on myself anymore when it comes to blogging. As for the blogs I read, I am easily overwhelmed by bloggers who post too frequently (as in between four to six times a week). I feel it's too much for me as a reader and a commenter. I don't read blogs everyday, and I hate seeing such a huge amount of posts awaiting. Big blog or small blog, I'd rather read a few quality posts than an avalanche of short and/or repetitive ones.

Once again, I LOVE this series and the subjects you choose!

Unknown said...

This is something I've been thinking a lot about lately! I currently write 6 posts per week but I was thinking about cutting back... thanks for your thoughts!

Haley said...

Yes, yes, and yes. With you 100%!!

I would always choose quality over quantity, although I usually have a percentage of posts per month that are till easier to write - Stitch Fix Reviws or "He Cooks, She Cooks" posts. Whether I spend thirty minutes or three hours on a post, though, I always try to make it something that I would want to take the time to read. That's hugely important!

For me and for other blogs, I think an ideal schedule is 2-3 times weekly. I'm trying to hit MWF right now, and I like when my favorite blogs post at least every week. Even though 5 posts a week is nice, I'm with you - it adds up, and I usually end up skimming a few of them!

julie Wunder said...

I'm hardly an expert on blogging, but everything I have read/heard says it is best to decide when you want to post and be consistent about it. I guess it depends on your blog goals though!
I post five days a week right now, but I have to time to do it and produce hopefully quality posts. I would never post junk to post though. I'd rather be silent.
Great discussion to start!

Anonymous said...

1. N/A - clearly :)

2. Consistent posting isn't nearly as important as predictable. Like you, I have blog reads that only post a few times a month. I expect it so I don't bother visiting them very often. I've never thought about this before but I consider you a Monday Plus blogger - there is generally something new on Mondays and at least one other post throughout the week. I lose interest when a blog suddenly decreases its posting frequency without explanation because I default to assuming the blogger is "over it". On that note your Out of Office post dealt with that scenario perfectly.

3. I don't have one. If it's a blog with an active comment section (hi!) I think posting should be at least weekly to keep the conversation going. If you post less than monthly (or go a full month without posting) I'm more likely to forget about your blog though because I don't use a feed reader anymore. RIP Google Reader.

Also, I do have time to read blogs daily because I commute via public transit. I generally read news on the way in and blogs on the way home. Blogs that are nothing but posts thrown together at the last minute don't stay on my radar for very long. But I don't think that every post on a blog needs to be a polished piece. Blogs that are nothing but polished come off as inauthentic and stuffy to me because they are often the blogs that only post instagram-worthy pics and saccharine summaries of their perfect lives.

Food, Booze, & Baggage said...

I have to go with quality over quantity (for pretty much everything in life) :) I do get annoyed with fluff post after fluff post and will unfollow if this seems to be all there is. On the other hand I like some of the more quirky posts that are maybe not regular for the blogger and maybe from a link-up or other inspiration. I have no reading schedule, I try to get some done but also try not to get too sucked into spending too much time in one day reading. Basically, that is the story of my whole blog is doing nothing on a schedule. I also think there is a difference between fluff pieces versus pieces that didn't get polished. Sometimes the less polished pieces are the ones that have a lot of feeling behind them.

Niken said...

as you might already know, i'm not consistent as well regarding writing on blog. i write when i write. i don't have a time pattern. sometimes i'm so stumped with work that at the end of the day i just don't want to open my computer again. but there are also times when i feel so inspired and write more often (like 3 to 4 times in a week). for me personally, i prefer quality over quantity. but i guess when you have sponsors on your blog you must have a responsibility to give your readers reading materials each day.

Charlotte's Frame said...

Great topic!

As for me, as a reader, I see the updates pop up on my blogger dashboard, so it's no effort at all to go and check every blog for a new post, I just see it in the list, and if they didn't update, I don't. So that's fine with me.
I personally think for the sake of just posting is a bad thing. But then again, I sometimes have a small post as well, just to keep Google and such happy.

I follow around I think 15 blogs, which I like because of the way they write, or the pictures or the topic etc. I prefer good quality blogs instead of just post post and 100x selfies of someone (wouldn't read such a blog in the first place anyway). I do sometimes feel that if I have been away or not online for a couple of days, I have a lot of posts to catch up too. So, 15-ish blogs who I follow is more than enough.

I personally try to post every 3 days, but I am not a very good writer, nor do I have topics all the time, nor have I been busy doing things. I mean, I could tell you that I spent a lot of time playing videogames now due to only a few classes and only a job in the weekend, but that won't be interesting to anyone!

I think we both share the shame view on this :]

Ali said...

I don't follow too many "big" blogs, but there is one that comes to mind when I can tell that she is totally dialing it in. That annoys me because I do not care what you had for lunch or you went on a non-descript 8 mile run. I follow for quality running and nutrition info, and for the most part she delivers. But there are those days. My favorite blog has sponsors and is "big", but she only posts a few times a week and finds quality things to discuss. I like that.

I have those days myself. I try to post 2-3 times a week, but some days...I got nothin'. Then I feel like I should be posting something, but it is usually nothing important. Then I feel guilty for putting that post out. I typically do read the blogs I follow every day, just because I have time at work to do so. Otherwise I would fall behind. But I understand that people don't have time to read everyday, so I don't want to clog things up!

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

I totally know which big blogger posted that and I totally don't agree with it either. I also totally don't have thousands of followers so there's that. I started blogging because I love to write not because I wanted to be an online magazine or entertain people every day. I also don't have time to read 5 blog posts per week from every blogger I like. It's not like I'm sitting all day waiting for a blogger to post something. Also, I follow most blogs on a reader so it's not like I'd be checking it every day. If something pops up in my feed I read it. If you are interested in traffic and numbers it makes sense but sometimes at the expense of quality which is not for me. I don't even think it matters to post on the same days. What I think is most important is that you keep coming back. It does annoy me when people don't blog for a month, come back, don't blog for two months and come back etc. It just makes me feel like their not into it and so then I'm not either. I'm not going to drop off the face of the earth for more then 7-10 days and readers can count on that.

Jenn @ Optimization Actually said...

I actually don't mind the occasional "I'm just writing to write" post, usually because the author ends up spilling something personal or chatting about what's currently going on in her/his life. I don't read blogs that do that every day and I really don't do it, mostly because I don't feel any pressure to post every day.

Currently I've got a goal of 2 or 3 times a week, because I think consistency is important (more so than quantity), but if I go over or under, I'm not going to get upset about it. I've also made a sort of schedule, where each day is supposed to follow a very general type of topic. But that doesn't mean I have to post that day; it means that if I have a post that fits in that topic, it'll be posted that day. It's more about content variation than regularity.

I've also been cutting back my blog time ('cause, you know, working at work is preferred), so I don't really read blogs EVERY day. The ones that post every day - great! I'll pick the best looking posts to read. The ones that post a couple times a week, I don't have to filter - I'll go back and read whatever they've got because it will probably be worth it.

One thing I will say, in defense of quantity: there are some limits. For me it's if a blog only posts once or twice a month. That makes it harder to get a sense for who that blogger is, and they kind of get lost in the chaos. It's also harder to grab my attention with just 1 or 2 posts, so if you have 3 or 4 in a row that I happen to not be interested in, a couple months has gone by and I've forgotten about you. It's not necessarily intentional - I've accidentally unfollowed people before because I forgot who they were. That's just what my attention span happens to be. And I'd imagine everyone has a different length of time they'll maintain interest.

Rebecca Jo said...

I feel like I need to post every day ... or my dad gets on me :)
But I feel like quality is so more important then quanitity

The Lady Okie said...

There is a balance between posting all the time and posting hardly anything. Once you find a groove that works, it does get easier, though. My ideal is 2-3 times a week. It seems to work out well for my schedule and ability to still live my life and not feel like blogging is taking over. Editing pictures honestly seems to take the most time these days. I love playing around with Photoshop too much :)

Anonymous said...

As a reader, I enjoy when a blog I follow posts maybe 2-3 times per week. In a perfect world it should be a combination of quality and quantity, but I think quality wins overall. I get frustrated when a blog I like doesn't post for weeks at a time. But then they'll throw in the obligatory "I'm sorry, I've been so busy with life and blah blah blah.." post and I get frustrated with that too because they are only doing it to get a post up.

I think if you really enjoy reading a certain blog you should just subscribe to it. That way you will be notified when they do post, and you can decide whether you want to read it or not. As a blogger, I try to post a few times a week, with quality over quantity in mind. You have to know that not everyone is going to like what you have to say, and that's fine. It ultimately comes down to you writing about something you enjoy and the quality will shine through naturally.

The Lady Okie said...

You bring up a good point that sometimes it's good just to write something to get back in the groove if you're in a slump. Hopefully you can get back to writing posts you want to write soon. What do you think is holding you back? Is it that those types of posts take longer to write and so you don't have the time/energy?

The Lady Okie said...

I actually just unfollowed someone who did that whole "I don't blog for 3 months, wait I'm back! no, wait I'm gone again" thing. It's just too much.

The Lady Okie said...

Ha! So true :) My mom would love it if I posted every day. Sorry, Mom!

The Lady Okie said...

That's it exactly! There is a difference between fluff and less polished. I'm more talking about fluff stuff that tends to annoy me. But a post doesn't have to be polished as far as what it's about. The "straight from the heart" stuff does have more feeling, and I like that.

Sarah @ Sometimes Photojenik said...

So your blog was one of the first I stumbled upon in my entry into "blog land". Prior to finding your blog and a couple others, I had a handful of blogs I read but they were mostly just personal ones from people in my church talking about their kids. I mention all this to say that because since I found your blog first, a lot of your opinions have shaped my own thinking for blogging (an awesome thing!), and one of those beliefs is exactly this post- quantity over quality. I'm trying to work up to a 2-3 times per week schedule and even that is daunting; having something every day? ain't nobody got time for that! But really. And I have noticed that, with few exceptions, the blogs that are constantly posting don't seem to grab my attention as well as a blog that only posts a couple times a week but has really good stuff each time.

I can't speak from the sponsorship side and I'd imagine that could add a lot of pressure, so in that sense I could probably see where people are coming from.

And maybe one day I'll feel like I have enough ideas (and time!) to write everyday, but for now there's no way that's going to happen and I'm okay with it :-)

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

I totally believe in quality of quantity. I tend to post 3-4 times a week and thankfully have never reverted to the word vomit of I have nothing to write about so here you go. No, thank you. I feel like that is wasting my time and theirs. I use bloglovin so it tells me when they have something new, rather then going to their site everyday and checking so missing a few days doesn't bother me. I tend to not follow anyone who posts multiple times a day or consistently 7 days a week. It is too much and I don't have the time to read that much.

Anonymous said...

1. I'm all about quality. Personally, I love reading longer, cohesive posts, and that's what I try to write for my own blog. I kind of feel cheated when blog posts are like a paragraph with a question, but I get that some people like that tactic for building a community/conversation with the general audience.

2. I have to admit, I hate when a blogger has a post that's all "oh I have nothing to say but I wanted to write and blah blah blah I hope this is ok with you." Because 1) write when you want to and 2) it's your blog, so say WHAT you want, no apologies. I also never notice if blogs don't post regularly, since I just follow in Bloglovin and only read a post if the title/excerpt looks interesting. If a blog I REALLY like hasn't been updated in a few months, I might notice. I can't say I wait on tenterhooks for updates, just enjoy them when they come. Haha, going back to your other post on the Internet changing how our minds work - I don't think I could list more than a few blogs I read, since I just follow in Bloglovin. It's like phone numbers.

3. I think a few times a week at least is optimal. I post 2-5 times a week, but only M-F. Like you, I'm not consistent and I don't have a schedule - and I wouldn't be able to stand it any other way. The only reason I end up posting something every week is because I have blogger sponsors and a weekly guest post series going on.

Unknown said...

Amanda, I love when you do these posts! For real! Whenever I comment I always feel like I'm coming from left field.

1. / 2. ) I too, agree in quality over quantity. I also think that everyone's blog goals will dictate how often and what kind of posts they publish. I do think there should be consistency. Do I read blogs that aren't consistent, absolutely. However, when I visit new blogs I do check to see how consistent they are in their posts and I skim to see what kind of posts they general publish. I think I like consistency because I'm very loyal to the blogs I do follow and it's usually because I like reading their stuff. Although I don't want last minute. There is one big blogger who I think does this all the time and it kind of drives me crazy.

3.) I try to post 4 to 5 times a week and I love being able to do that. It's my full time gig right now so it's important to me that I'm creating quality posts 5 times a week. Which I think goes back to blog goals. It's my goal to be able to turn my blog into a career so it's important to me to be consistent with quality and quantity.

4.) I think the pressure comes from myself more so then from my sponsors. I work really hard at coming up with quality ideas and content and I want that to be consistent through out. Although if I only have 4 post and not 5 I'm okay with that too.

I think everyone's blogging experience and goals are very unique, that's what makes the community so great. Each of us may strive to achieve different goals, but as long as we're encouraging each in those goals then our communities will continue to thrive.

P.S. longest comment I've ever written. Your welcome. :)

Unknown said...

P.S.S. I forgot to proof read. :) Classy, right?

Amy @ Long Drive Journey said...

When I wrote every day, I would have said that I believed in quantity over quality, too. Now I just don't really believe in quantity at all, and my blogging has become MUCH more sparse. That being said, back when I read blogs every day, I really missed getting to read a post from my favorites. I noticed if they deviated from their schedules, and I DID read every posts. Based on the sponsorships and other opportunities that those blogs are getting, I'm thinking other people read every day (or every post however often they come up) as well. So all power to them. That being said, now that life is busy and I DON'T have time to read every day, I am thankful for the blogs that don't post as often. It's all about the season.

Anonymous said...

I'm Team Quality. In general, I find it exhausting when bloggers I follow post something every. single. day. I personally post anywhere from once to three times a week, and that's kind of what I like in the blogs I follow. That frequency feels more real to me - genuine, not forced. And that in turn makes me feel like I get a better glimpse into that person's world.


Natalie said...

I am not a blogger but I prefer to read blogs that thought out. I don't usually have time to read blogs daily. One to two times per week is more than enough.

Oh....and I finished Stiff. Loved it!!

Allie @ Everyday Adventures said...

Oooh good topic. I can't STAND when people post something just to post something, big or small blogger. I kind of feel like those "currently eating/smelling/listening to" list posts are just cop-outs, and I always mark those as read without reading them; those are like the posting-every-day staple for small blogs, but it's just as annoying for small blogs to post crap content as it is for big ones. I'd rather have a blogger post nothing than post something just to get pageviews.

Not to say that every post needs to be BIG and IMPORTANT and MEANINGFUL. But if people are going to post, I don't care about filler things like what you ate for breakfast. I get enough of that on Facebook, and I don't even read those from people I'm friends with in real life! (Unless you can turn it into a really awesome story. In which case I'm on board. And some bloggers can do that really well! But they're the exception, not the rule.)

Whenever I think of the quantity vs. quality thing, I always think of Allie Brosh from Hyperbole and a Half. Girl only posts once every six months or whatever, but damn, when she posts it's awesome, and she still has millions of followers. She doesn't need to churn out more than that just for consistency's sake.

Needless to say, for my own blog I am super picky and won't post just to post. I'd like to have interesting things to say three times a week, but sometimes I just don't, and I'm not going to force it.

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

I still haven't quite figured out sponsoring. I will say that I can.not.imagine posting every day. Who has time for that? No, really? haha!!! I usually stick to max of 3 posts a week - which works for me! I do wish I was more organized and could plan ahead, but I don't work that way ;)

The Lady Okie said...

Monday plus.... interesting! I guess I'd say that :)

You bring up a good point about a polished post, as you say, and just fluff. Fluff is what I don't find interesting, but I don't think every single post needs to be perfect. Sometimes the ones where someone just sits down and shares what's going on currently are the best. It's when a post feels rushed and thrown together with no real purpose that I'm like, really? Also, +5 points for an awesome use of the word saccharine. Well done.

The Lady Okie said...

Oh gosh. I hope I haven't steered you too wrong :)

I completely agree with you about quality. My favorite blogs have always been those that don't post every single day. Maybe ever other day or just once or twice a week. Then I know they really have something to say. I do also get that there are people who want to make (or are making) their blogs part of their full-time job, so I get that posting consistently every day is a big deal for them. You can't have a genius, amazing post every single time. But I can definitely tell when someone is phoning it in, and that's just kind of annoying to me.

I've thought about adding sponsors, but I know it would stress me out, so for right now it's not something I am interested in pursuing.

The Lady Okie said...

haha. Supa classy :)

I definitely think you have a different mind-set about blogging than me when it comes to making it your job. In that case, I think you should post consistently, and you have more time in your day to write and schedule posts too. I do not blog at work. Nope.

But of course I LOVE what you said about unique goals. I think that's something I still need to keep telling myself, because it's easy to compare with someone else, but it's completely ridiculous to compare yourself to someone who has different goals than you! Yes, as long as we're encouraging, it's a good thing :)

The Lady Okie said...

Awesome! I'm glad you liked it :) A friend of mine read Stiff based on my rec too and loved it. She's now reading the same author's book on ghosts and said it's really good too.

Kiki said...

YES. So excited for yet another brilliant Blog Talk post. :) I feel like your posts are so truthful and I love how you're not afraid to post your opinions on a potentially controversial blogging topic!

1 and 2) For me, quality is wayyy better than quantity. I tried blogging 5x's a week and it was exhausting for me and it was definitely NOT my best content. I guess I want to publish stuff that I (as a reader) would want to read as well as I (as a writer) would be proud to call mine. I DO think, however, that consistency is a good thing because I like to be predictable. But I don't think it's necessary, just a personal preference.

3) I can't say that there's an ideal posting frequency. I love the M/W/F schedule (that's what I strive for) because it makes it easy for the blogger to write (as opposed to every day) and is yet enough content for a reader to feel satisfied. But I think that more or less is fine, too!

4) I don't have sponsors now, but I did experiment with swaps and did it in a very sponsor-like fashion (with swap feature posts and month-long swaps). It was super exhausting just dealing with that on top of feeling like I owed the swaps fresh content. That said, I have no idea how much pressure there is for the bloggers out there who do paid sponsorships. I'm excited to see what people have to say!

Sarah @ Sweet Miles said...

YES YES YES YES YES times a million. If I wake up and can't think of something to blog about, or have run out of drafts in my queue, I just don't post. I suck it up, and don't post that day. I hate crappy posts, that are either irrelevant or thrown together in two seconds. I've done quick ones just to let people know I'm not around, or yada yada, but 2 or 3 posts a day about what you ate for breakfast, then what you ate for lunch, then what outfit you're wearing that day is exhausting to me. I just love to post when I really feel like I WANT to say something, and have taken the time to sit down and think about it.

I'm with you though and do get frustrated going back to a blog I love and there never being a new post. They are definitely more likely to lose my readership over time. But, miscellaneous posts will lose me too.

I do think there's a grey line between quantity and quality though, and as bloggers, if you truly want to get bigger, sometimes you really do have to literally GROW your numbers. Unfortunately. But hopefully you can do this organically and with good character.

There's also the topic of controversial topics just to get big hits of traffic. I.e. the Matt Walsh Blog. Not saying I agree or disagree with things he says, but holy cow, his traffic has to be in the MILLIONS, and only because he knows what's going to push people's buttons. Same with this post, (I say this nicely, not in a snarky way :) ) I'm sure your traffic spikes on posts like these because they are so RELATABLE to people, and it causes an emotional reaction in people and readers have TRUE opinions about the topic and are excited to openly share them just like you invited them to! Controversial topics really help show who your readers are, and bring out an amazing platform for discussion, which I love to see! So long as the comments don't get out of hand ;) Ever read comments on like mainsteam blogs? People get their panties in a wad SO EASY!!! Calm it down, peeps!

Anyways, loved this post, love you, love love love. That is all, k bye!!

Miss Nutralicious said...

1. For my own blog, I choose quality over quantity, mainly because I'm an extremely slow person. Writing, formatting, deciding what is suitable for my blog---all time consuming. I still feel like a semi-new blogger and I'm still deciding which direction I want to take my blog, so my thinking process really slows me down.
2. As a reader of blogs, consistent posting is not that important to me. I'm honestly ok with 2-3 posts per month, as long as the blogger doesn't completely disappear. One thing that does bother me though is when someone writes 1 post per month that is really a string of 10 posts. That stuff needs to be spread out.
3. Currently, I post about once per week. I'm working on increasing this to 2 times per week, then maybe I'll reach for 3. It's a work in progress. Like everyone else says, 2-3 posts per week seems ideal.
4. I don't have sponsors, but sometimes I feel pressure to write so that my 5 readers know that I am alive. This kind of attitude is probably what keeps me in the "small blogger" category.

Unknown said...

There is NO way I could write a blog post 5 days a week! Nor do I want to! I totally believe in quality over quantity- your posts should be the best thing you can put out, each and every time. Your readers are worth it.

The Lady Okie said...

I totally have read some of the comments on those controversial posts. People are MEAN. And rude. And just need to calm down. It's honestly not even worth it to me to comment on those, because usually it's such a loaded topic that you can't actually say what you want to say in a small comment on a blog, you know?

I like doing these Blog Talk posts occasionally, and yes they did tend to get more traffic than my usual ones. That's I guess how people build their blog, because they're always posting really relateable "how to" stuff or whatever that people want to read. But that's also how you end up only posting stuff other people want to read and nothing YOU want to post about. It's definitely a gray line, and you just have to figure out what works best for you and your blog!

Allison said...

If I have nothing to say I generally don't force a post so I agree 100% with you. I would say quality over quantity personally. There are fluff posts that I enjoy reading and I don't always expect deep posts with edited pictures, but I don't ever want to write a post just because someone expects me too.

Rebecca said...

This is a great topic! I realized after reading this, that I agree with you, I LIKE not having a blog to read everyday. Sometimes my feed overwhelms me with all the posts to read! Right now with my post, I have lots of post ideas in the works, but I know that eventually I'm going to slow down on my ideas, and I've been wondering what I'll do then. I try to post 5-6 times a week, but I'm not sure what the future holds. Maybe I'll try for 3 days a week. I do like having a schedule, but I don't think it's important to post every single day.

Madison @ Wetherills Say I Do said...

I completely agree with this! I would choose quality over quantity any day, but like you there are some bloggers who I do wish posted more often! There are times when I've done a post last minute but I am still proud of the post I'm putting out there. I think that's the difference between last minute and doing it for the sake of NEEDING to have a post on a specific day. I really appreciate your thoughts on this and how important it is to you to always have high quality posts (which you do!) instead of filling you blog with five posts a week.

Kristin said...

I beyond love your honesty. I hate feeling driven by my editorial calendar and feeling like I have to get something out there just to get something out there. I'm getting better about only publishing when I've actually got something to say, but I have a lot of posts that are only there because, well, I needed something and I had content and I abused that content to get something up in a hurry instead of actually putting some good, solid work into it. I'm going back through and editing those a little, and I'm actually taking some of them down to let them marinate a little bit longer.

Anonymous said...

Quality. Always quality. I think readers can tell when a post is slapped together or written half-heartedly. I put myself on a 3x a week schedule, which is kind of silly when I don't make any money off of my blog and have a small readership. But when I'm busy, I don't post, and the world doesn't end. I also make an effort not to return with a big "I've been so busy!" Partly because nobody likes reading that and partly because I don't think bloggers need to justify their comings and goings on their own blog. Write good stuff, people will read it. Simple as that.

The Lady Okie said...

You're so right: there's a difference between last-minute and writing something that has no point just to write it.

The Lady Okie said...

I love your answer! I don't like it either when someone announces their return. I definitely don't think they need to justify anything. Maybe letting people know you won't be posting for a few weeks if you know in advance is good, but people do justify a lot, and I don't think we should feel like that.

The Lady Okie said...

Glad you liked it! I've enjoyed reading the responses.

Blogging 5x a week is way too much. I dropped back to about 1-2 times, and now I feel like I'm back to 2-3. There definitely are different seasons of blogging life where you have more or less time/inspiration to post.

My schedule is that I try to do every other day, however that falls. I very very rarely post 2 days in a row. I've found that it allows me time to respond to comments and also let people read my posts who don't check in every day (which, let's be honest, is basically just my mom). I've also seen--have you noticed this?-- a drop in comments/pageviews on Friday posts. Maybe people are just gearing up for the weekend and don't want to sit and read blogs. I felt like Fridays used to be the "thing" but maybe now they're not so much any more... I don't know.

Natalie said...

I might just have to check that one out, too :-)

Megan said...

I definitely agree with your thoughts on the quality vs. quantity debate. I definitely wish I posted more because I have all these ideas in my head that I just haven't typed up yet, but I also never want to post something "just to post something" and have it suck. Also, as someone who doesn't check my Bloglovin' feed every single day, if a blog posts too much, I tend to unfollow or mark all as read, because ain't nobody got time for that! ;)

Caitlin said...

Great topic! I think quality vs. quantity directly relates to the blogger's motivation for blogging. If someone is looking to make money, get their name known, and find great sponsorship opportunities - then sure, maybe quantity over quality. But I think for so many of us that blog to be creative, meet others, make connections + find new interests, quality over quantity is where it's at!

I also feel like blogging is starting to fade a bit. Blogging seemed to be on the tip of everyone's tongue a few years ago, but it's slowly fading because it's so inundated with bloggers. I feel like nowadays 5+ posts per week can feel overwhelming for readers, unless it's the type of blog the person doesn't expect any connection / interaction with.

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

YES YES YES. And YES. Over the last few months I've felt pressured to post at least 4 times a week, and it has just become so stressful at times, especially on weeks where my weekends are packed and there is no time to write quality posts, plus I'm a grandma and go to bed early. 4 is a bit much for me, and I've been beginning to wonder if my posts are high quality like what they used to/should be when I wasn't so overwhelmed. I think I'm going to try scaling it back to 3, because that seemed to work better. You are so right that our readers deserve our best, and if we pump out posts just to get something out there, it's just not good for anyone.

I always love your blog talk posts. I hang on every word, and respect your opinions. You and your blog are seriously a breath of fresh air, and I appreciate that!

Anonymous said...

It seriously stresses me out when bloggers post daily, because I feel overwhelmed when I haven't had time to read them for a week and then like you, I either mark them as read, or I skim through really quickly just so I can have that mental check in the box. I do think that quantity vs. quality depends on the genre of the blog. I follow a lot of fashion blogs and I'm really just interested in scrolling through the pictures quickly anyway, unless I know the blogger is going to say something more interesting than, "here is my outfit, I wore this to buy groceries and I'm like, totally obsessed with this top and I'm going to wear it ALL THE TIME" (former fashion blogger here, I feel like I can make fun). But for blogs like yours and others that are about the writing, I am with you 100% about quality over quantity.

Rachel said...

Quality is way more important to me, and, sadly, rather lacking in the blog world--you have to wade through a sea of boring to get it, sometimes. I blog 3 times a week these days, which is probably still considered pretty frequent, although my mom, rabid blog fan of mine that she is, says she still checks every single day in case I randomly decided to throw up an extra post.
Of course, I don't think everything has to be super inspiring or jaw-dropping, either. My favorite blogs are just really good at writing about funny everyday stuff, and to me, quality can and often does mean something funny or long as it's not a 'collection' of things on pinterest that are funny, because that is just copy and paste....or something, I'm not actually entirely sure how people put pictures from pinterest on a blog post...

The Lady Okie said...

I do feel like blogging is fading a little. I don't know that it will go away entirely, but I think people are busy and don't have as much time (or want to spend as much time) reading and commenting, and there really are SO many bloggers. You can get lost in a rabbit hole clicking sidebar links on people's blogs. It's overwhelming. I even have trouble keeping up when my favorite blogs post every day. I think you're right about motivation too-- people who are really trying to get their name out there push out content so people will find it. My motivation is to write well and write about things I want to remember or that will make a good story, and there's just not enough time or content to be creating 4+ posts per week.

The Lady Okie said...

It stresses me out too! I laughed at your fashion blogger bit :) I do have a few blogs where I only follow to look at pictures, and so the writing isn't that quality, but I've pretty much weeded my feed down to the blogs I really care to read. Which then backfires because every post is one I want to read!

Anonymous said...

Love all of this, thank you!

1. On my own blog, quality always trumps quantity, largely because the post-for-the-sake-of-posting-something approach bothers me as a reader. I want every post I write to be something worth sharing with the world. Maybe not world-changing, but something I feel has value, you know?

2. It depends. I definitely get annoyed by pointless posts--but I don't expect a manifesto every day. I think even short and simple posts can have "something to say," so I don't mind those. I also don't mind if posts aren't consistent--each good blog post is a gift!

3. I easily get behind on blog reading so I don't mind when bloggers don't post every day. Hence my own laidback blogging schedule. :)

4. N/A. :)

Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife said...

I do sometimes worry about this but then I figure I always read posts because they are in my Bloglovin' feed or a link on Twitter sounds good so that is what my readers can do to. These past few weeks I have been behind on reading and so when I see one blog with 10 unread posts vs another with 5 I am probably going to read the 5 first or scroll through the 10 and pick a few that seem the most interesting.

Betsy said...

Quality is ALWAYS more important than quantity for me on my blog. and it definitely is what I look for in the blogs I love reading. luckily, I think the writers of the blogs I love reading agree. When I read a post that begins "I didn't know what to write about 20 minutes ago so I went to Pinterest to find lists of post topics and..." I'm immediately turned off. I'm also really turned off when bloggers who monetize complain on Twitter about not knowing what to blog about. It's like... people are paying you to blog. Even if you don't know what to blog about, maybe you should keep that to yourself to maintain the confidence your readers have in you and your blog? So, along that train of thought, I will say I place more emphasis on quantity (or at the very least consistency) for Big Big Bloggers. Like, if your blog is your job, you need to treat it like your job. I understand that people get burned out, but if I went into the office and was like "nah, I'm not feeling it today" I'd get fired. I do think you have to have a stockpile of posts ready to go for those days or SOME even slightly quality content to throw up if your blog is a big moneymaker. But then we get into the issue of the reader/consumer dichotomy and that's a totally different topic :)

The Lady Okie said...

I think that exact same thing about big bloggers who say they are too busy to ever respond to reader comments. I get that you can't sit there and respond to hundreds every day, but if it's your JOB and I am basically a customer, hearing back every now and again is a really nice gesture and keeps me invested. Hence why I only follow a few "big" bloggers.

Such a good point about treating your blog like your job (if it is your job). I'd never thought about it like that, but you're totally right: I can't just show up at work and say I don't feel like it, and a full-time blogger shouldn't be able to do that either (to an extent).