Dreaming of Warmer Weather: California Wine Country


Since we're all freezing in our respective states, I thought I would share some pictures of my trip out to California that I took back in December. You know, where I could wear a short-sleeved shirt and not get instant frostbite.

You may remember Day 1, where we took the full tour of San Diego and saw the sun set over the ocean. Later that night, we awkwardly changed in the fitting room of a Marshall's and headed to Del Mar for the Electric Run 5k.

After the race we drove back to Temecula, where Alison lives, and passed out from our long day of sightseeing and run/walking the slowest 5k known to man. The next morning, (Sunday), Alison's husband, Brett, made us all pancakes for breakfast, and then we headed out for a tour of California wine country.

First, we went to Old Town Temecula, hit up a few antique stores, and found a delightful outdoor restaurant, where we ordered a smoked sausage trio appetizer.
^^^They had these bacon-infused fries that were amazing. Because regular fries aren't fattening enough apparently. Not that I'm complaining. 

After lunch, we spent the day at two different wineries. I've never been much of a wine drinker (let's be honest: I'm really not much of a drinker at all), and I'd never been to a winery before, so this was quite the experience. If you must know, when I do drink wine, I like it sweet.
^^^Don't be too impressed. That limo was not for us.

After the wine, we stopped in at a local grocery store for frozen pizzas and ice cream. We stayed up late playing spades, and when we woke up, it was Monday and time to head home. Boo real life!

^^^This is what the San Diego airport looks like on the outside. Just in case you were wondering! I probably won't be seeing palm trees again for a long time. Oklahoma isn't so much fertile ground for palm trees.

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  1. So fun!!! Love all your pictures! I have never done the wine country thing, but definitely need to!!! It looks like a blast!

    PS So over the cold weather :(

  2. What a gorgeous vinyard landscape! I'm with you on wine. There are times I've tried a little, hoped to like it, and just haven't. When I mention that to wine lovers, they tell me I just haven't tried the right variety . . . but I remain unconvinced. :)

  3. I am so jealous! I totally LOVE going to wineries, doing tastings, and drinking different wines. Ahem, maybe I am borderline wino? When we lived in Missouri, we went to the wineries there all the time. They have a great selection. Who knew? Anyway, CA wine country is totally on my bucket list. As is Washington State & New York wine countries. Looks like you had a great time!

  4. Looks so fun! And I may be dreaming about bacon infused fries from now on...

  5. I love the wineries in Temecula. I definitely need to go again this year. I like my wine sweet too (and plentiful-we keep wine stocked at home).

  6. As I saw the title of this my first thought was "I didn't know she ever drank!" so thanks for clarifying ;) You take great photos btw- so clear and vibrant!

  7. Bacon infused fries. My life will not be complete until I try those.

    Ahh, it looks and sounds so warm and lovely. Quite different from the grey skies out my office window.

    1. Oh and I only like sweet wine too. Moscato all the way.

  8. Warm weather, I miss you!!! I'm glad you all stuck your faces in the snowman cutout. Face cutout props are one photo opportunity I can never pass up. I wish I was joking, but I'm not.

  9. These pictures are absolutely dreamy and have me yearning for a vacation anywhere south. Ahhh, t-shirts. Remember those? I'm not a drinker, either, so I can appreciate your approach to sweet wines only. Those look like some fun link-ups!

  10. It looks so pretty there. I am not much of a drinker either, but I would enjoy a wine tour. Love the you ended the trip with frozen pizza and ice cream. Perfect girls night.

  11. Look at you rocking those short sleeves. I'm jealous, haha! Also, bacon infused fries... um... amazing. I need some of those!

  12. I am admittedly still trying to figure out the never-having-been-to-a-winery-before thing. Glad you got to have your first experience in California! :) And speaking of things I've never done, I'm excited for your link-up on Wednesday! I started my post today.

  13. There is something therapeutic about palm trees to me :-) And salt water... and the beach... but that is another story.

  14. Sounds like such a great trip! I've only been to a winery once and it was local (there aren't many in SC). Maybe I would have enjoyed it more somewhere like California!

  15. Bacon-infused fries? Never seen those in this part of the world!

    And you totally should've lied about that limo. I would have believed you. :)

    I am from/used to live in the wine region in France, but visiting a Californian winery somehow sounds way more exciting. (my friends from France would kill me if they heard me say that... it's supposed to be a sacrilege). :)

    Great pictures! You look great, as always. California seems to particularly suit you!

  16. I want to be somewhere right now that I can wear short sleeves. Ah! I also want to be somewhere that I can eat bacon infused fries. What?! Yum!

  17. "There is no place like Napa, There is no place like Napa".......Gorgeous. I can almost taste the wine right now. ;)

  18. what gorgeous pictures - is it the sunlight? or how happy you look? some combination of the two? makes me wanna hop a plane and go eat those bacon-infused french fries (and some wine would be nice -- a few more months!)

  19. Moscato wine is my favorite sweet wine. So, when the wine mood strikes you at some point in the future - I would totally suggest that.
    But at any point, I would so be down with bacon infused fries, I mean, uh YES.


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