Keep it Local: Lunch Walks in Downtown OKC


Oklahoma City Downtown
I am in the process of going through the reader survey responses (which I promise to share with you at some point), and I was surprised to see that a lot of you (over 70%) either Love or Like my Oklahoma posts.

Truthfully, I'm not always a huge fan of specific city posts myself, but then again I do enjoy seeing pictures of places I might not ever have the chance to go to. And those posts do come in handy if I am planning a trip. Not that anyone really ever makes a special trip to Oklahoma, but this is me telling you that Oklahoma, despite the fact that no one ever seems to care about it except to make fun (Chandler working in Tulsa, anyone?), actually has a lot of great things to offer.
^^^This is one of my favorite buildings! I love the different colors.

I've been working downtown for over a year and a half now, and I absolutely love it. Oklahoma City is a big enough city that you feel like you're in the city, but it's not so big that you feel overwhelmed. It's really fun to learn my way around the downtown area and discover delicious restaurants and fun shops. During my lunch hour, I try to take the opportunity to walk around, taking pictures and just getting outside. 
Oklahoma City Downtown Library
^^^This is the downtown library, where I often go to check out books. It's awesome to have such a large library system so close!
Devon Tower
^^^ This is the Devon Tower, the tallest building in OKC. I actually interviewed for a job here before I got the one I have now. It was the first interview I had after I got fired, and it was literally two days after the firing. When the recruiter asked me about my previous job, I started crying IN THE INTERVIEW. 

Let's just say they didn't hire me. Crazy, party of one?
^^^This is... actually, I have no idea what this is, but whenever I see this tiny building flanked on both sides by giant ones, I smile. The building on the right is a parking garage they just finished building. The floors are all color coded.
Myriad Gardens
^^^Across the street from the Devon Tower is the Myriad Gardens. During the lunch hours, tons of people are outside on the lawn doing workouts, and people pass me running or walking. They've done an excellent job the last few years fixing up the downtown area so that it's really a great place to walk around, take photo shoots, and watch movies.

Have I convinced you to come visit me yet? I think you'd like it!

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  1. What a beautiful area! And the little building wedged between the two others makes me smile as well! It must be doing something right if it can keep up it's position next to those two towers!

  2. I always want to come visit! I love okc!! And only about three hours away.... :)

  3. the building you love reminds me of a pantone color swatch, and I'm crazy about those! :) I also love the color coded garage. Your city looks beautiful from your eyes. :)

  4. Fredrik has had us almost going to Oklahoma more than once since concerts usually do not sell out as fast or are not as expensive. He has this whole love for the Midwest though that I think only comes with being a foreigner!

  5. These are great shots! I like all the color coding on the building...very neat! My family and I made a stop in OKC when we were touring all the states. The main thing I recall is the OKC Memorial area with all the chairs. An impressive tribute.

  6. If you like tiny houses surrounded by large buildings, you could always make an offer on this little Seattle home. :) It became famous for its story's resemblance to the one in Pixar's "Up" movie: The elderly owner refused large sums of money for her property, so the urban landscape was built around her. After her death, it went up for sale.

    Enjoyed seeing glimpses of your local landscape!

  7. I love these posts! We walked around a little bit of Minneapolis on Saturday when we were down there,and I actually really enjoyed it. It's fun to see all the quirky stores, bars, and restaurants, and just to imagine living there. Like the apartments over the giant Whole Foods store we passed - I'd go broke if we lived there!

  8. Loving all your photos! I think EVERY city has something to offer- no matter how big or small, I seriously just love exploring new areas. I definitely don't get out and about enough in Cincinnati, even though I've worked downtown for almost 6 years now! They've really improved it a lot over the past few years too- lots more restaurants, shops and some really pretty parks/gardens! Once I'm off the crutches I am determined to get out more!

  9. I feel so bad for you, because I have most definitely cried in an interview before--except with me it was because I was so sad that I was having to leave my current job. Needless to say, I also did not get the job.

  10. ummm such a beautiful city - and that home (?) in between the two buidlings LOVE the outside of it and the wooden doors!

  11. I used to work downtown and lived downtown too. I used to live in the Montgomery, just west of the Devon tower. I've walked through there countless times. I used to go to that library too. Now I work in south Okc and my home is in Paseo. It's a nice neighborhood north of downtown. There a fun arts festival this weekend, if you needed something to do. They also have the art walks every first Friday. my favorite is the myriad gardens. It's relaxing there.

  12. Yay for city walking! I am a city girl and I love posts like this with such fun details that you only notice if you take the time to explore. Also, as a Minnesota native who moved to NYC, my pet-peeve has become the lack of respect/notice the entire middle of the country gets by people out here! It's like they think there is nothing but cornfields until you hit California! OKC looks lovely!

  13. I agree - I'm not super into city posts, but when I am searching for a trip or whatever, I love them! that little building in between the bigger buildings is so cute!

  14. I'll admit I was one of the people that love your Oklahoma posts. I seriously love seeing new places, so if I have to do that via blog post, so be it. The downtown area looks beautiful. I can't get over the fact that you cried in the interview, but knowing my ridiculous sensitivity and hormonal self, I would have been in shambles, too.

  15. I love cities....all cities...any this is right up my alley. You do such a great job of capturing OKC!

  16. I just send this to my very good friend who moved to OKC! :)

  17. "Muskogee! That's only four hours from Tulsa!"
    (I don't know where I pull this stuff from. My goodness.)

    I've been to Myriad Gardens! I wish that I'd spent more time in OKC when I lived in Norman. We'd go up to Bricktown for fancy occasions, but that was about the extent of my exploration. Sad face.

    1. Okay, I know this is totally loser-y of me, but it's been bugging me. I thought I got the quote wrong, and so I had to look up where Muskogee is, and then I looked up the quote. And now I feel better because I was right and Chandler doesn't know his Oklahoma geography.

  18. i love seeing the city through your eyes! i have such an appreciation now for traveling domestic to see american cities; need to do more of that. i feel like i would love the midwest!

  19. I took a very quick business trip to OKC awhile back. It is pretty. Love the tiny building. So unique.

  20. Enjoyed seeing the city! Oooh, that must have been tough crying in your interview! The gardens look like a nice place.

    If I ever do head back to Oklahoma, I'll be looking you up!

  21. I love city posts. And city stories.

    That tiny building reminded me of a cartoon I used to love when I was a child (can't remember the name, plus google fail), where a tiny house is stuck between two huge buildings, and she decides to leave the city to settle on a hill in the countryside. #RandomThrowbackTuesday

    PS: Pie charts. We need them.

  22. Oh dear, your interview at the Devon Tower sounds rough! I'm glad you have such a great job now, though! :)

    And that tiny building in between the huge buildings... adorable!

  23. I love that little building, still persisting through all the growth around it! And that interview! No fun - my husband went through the job-interview-right-after-being-downsized bit a half dozen years ago and while he didn't quite break down in it, there is still scar tissue. No fun! Virtual hug!

  24. Oklahoma is the best! I love that you are always adventuring out!!!! We are so bad about doing 'Dallas-y' things!!!

  25. You know how people say that Tulsa is the Paris of Oklahoma?
    What? Who says that?
    People who've never been to Paris.

    I LOVE Friends!

    Also, I cried in an interview once, too. My boyfriend broke up with me as he drove me to the airport, so I could fly to Houston for the interview. I don’t remember ever even getting a call that I didn’t get the job on that one. They probably just figured I knew. :)

    I love reading your Oklahoma posts because I’m kind of partial. Plus, I don’t know much about “The City.”


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