All that Cheesy Love Stuff


For Jordan. 
On our 4th anniversary.
I don't get sappy much on the blog. I get dramatic and personal, sure, but when it comes to all that cheesy love stuff, I'd rather just share funny stories.

So I tell you about how Jordan left half the dishwasher unloaded or how I get rage in my sleepI write about that time I elbowed him in the face or the weirdest thing I remember about the beginning of our relationship.
But here's what I don't tell you.

He tells me he loves me every day.
He kisses me and tells me I'm beautiful.
He gives me the first sip when he opens a can of pop because he knows I like it.
He makes me laugh.
He prays for me and provides for me, and there's no one else I'd rather do this marriage thing with.

And let's be honest: there's no one else who could handle me anyway.

So there. That should cover all that cheesy love stuff. 
At least until next year.
Comments turned off. Go find someone you love and tell them something cheesy so we can all be sappy together.

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