Pardon the Interruption


Remember when I was bored?
I don't.

My life is a tad crazy right now, and even though I want to spend time on blogging, I just don't think that's the best use of my time at the moment. Because packing.

I have photos from the Bahamas I want to share and also our maternity pictures! I have a bump update for you, because we get to see Baby Bum on the ultrasound screen today (girlfriend is measuring big, so the doctor wants to check her out). But all of that will have to wait for a time when I'm not getting buried alive by a pile of boxes.

So, in the meantime, I figured I would share a few articles and blog posts I've come across recently that I enjoyed. Hopefully you will too!

I Went Paleo and Now I Hate Everything -- DYING. This is so funny.

In case you're interested, I am an ESTJ; Jordan is an ISTP. We both feel this is completely accurate to our personalities.

*Note: This is long and does include some cursing, so just beware, but oh man is this funny. I promise that you will not be sorry you read this. Let's just say I was snort laughing.

I hate emojis, but this is too good. Especially the one that's a pile of poop.

It's Not About the Nail
This video went viral a few years ago, but if you haven't seen this, WATCH IT. So stinking hilarious.

And now for a few posts on the more serious side...

Did you catch my post about the amazing God moment that happened to us in the Bahamas?

Running While Pregnant -- On supporting a woman's right to decide what's best for her and her baby. Love this.

How Christians Should Respond to the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner Issue - Whatever your beliefs are about this, I really found this blog post well written and very thoughtful.

And also this article on the same topic. These two articles basically sum up how I feel about this whole thing. My favorite quote from the second article is this:

"There are among the gender confused and the gender reassigned future children of God through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Whatever it is Caitlyn Jenner seeks no amount of surgery, hormones, or editing of a Wikipedia page will bring it. Joy comes from the one who made us to find joy in himself."
I hope you enjoy a few of those articles and have a great rest of the week and weekend! If you need me on Saturday morning, my mom made me swear not to pick anything up, so I'll be supervising moving day with donuts in hand.


  1. Wait you hate emojis?????? I'm stuck on that right now!!! How can you hate something I love so much?

    I love this quote about Bruce Jenner. We will never, ever find joy in anything except Jesus! Such truth so thanks for sharing?

  2. Best plan ever to move whilst pregnant so you do not have to lift things! I hate moving boxes but when we have to do it next week I have no excuse but to help.

    1. Ok and I have to add that for the Myers-Briggs thing I am an INTJ and Fredrik is ISTJ and we do what each other are meant to do according to that post!

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing my post!!! I hope life settles down for you soon! <3

  4. Your links made me laugh so much. The yoga mat! And the paleo cookies! Oh my goodness. The day just got a bit brighter.

  5. Well, I dislike that you're so busy and feeling pressed for time, but the things causing it are actually pretty good things. Moving to new house? Yay! Being pregnant and having a baby? Yay!

    I fall somewhere between ISTJ & INTJ - so I am usually planning everything down to the last detail, and yes, that likely includes a museum or two.

  6. That paleo article is GOLD! I laughed so hard, totally made my day :-)

  7. I'm in a double INTJ marriage and I can confirm that we eat exceedingly well on vacation. Best of luck this weekend - sending you well wishes and hopes for cool temperatures. Maybe have some Freeze Pops at the ready?

    Both of those were excellent articles on Caitlyn. I have read a lot of vitriol on the subject and I can't help but think that Caitlyn is never going to see it or care. But the next Leelah Alcorn might.

  8. thanks for some fun links! When you get a chance, I know you run and I'm about to run my first half marathon!! Any suggestions?

  9. The yoga mat and paleo posts have me in tears. I need to befriend both writers and have them tell me stories all day long.

  10. I love that quote you included! Truth! And I don't know when I last blogged either. I binge read blocks once every few nights while I pump before bed. Too tired to write because I'm having too much fun with the babe and the nieces and the friends because SUMMER! Eh, well....someday.....

  11. Good luck packing! I want to see your maternity pictures AND your vaca pictures!

  12. The Paleo article? Yes and Amen! I had a really sarcastic post drafted once all about Paleo but then I knew it would seriously offend my crossfit friends so I deleted it. I'm still waiting for Myanmar to pull up the emoji post! #storyofmylife

    I've been praying your move goes well. I know it is stressful but super exciting too. I'm with your Mom 100%! Just eat donuts and tell people where to go and what to do. Besides, if the donut picture on your IG is as big as it looks you'll be eating that thing for days.

  13. Great links! Now, go enjoy some time for yourself, mama! Can't wait to see more bump pics on vacay.

  14. So many things you have to blog about that I want to read about and see! I want to see maternity photos! And vacation photos! And I want to hear all about your appointment! But I totally understand getting busy. So take your time! No worries. :)

  15. That Paleo article nearly made me choke on my coffee. Too funny!

  16. Good luck with the packing! And thanks for the fun links.
    I can't wait to see your vacation pictures and read your bump update.

    Last time I was bored was in 2005. I kinda miss it

  17. Thank you for highlighting my blog post! I'm enjoying perusing these other links. Although I haven't volunteered on a local organic farm, and tend to do more exploring than slipping away to read (I border on INFJ and INFP), I definitely see my husband's approach to vacations reflected in the Myers-Briggs article. He is a planner and museum goer who now does his best to make time for my more experiential, exploratory, and relaxing approach to vacations. :)


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