How I De-Stress


Linking with with Blogtember again! We are sharing how we de-stress. Here are just a few things that I can usually count on to help me de-stress, in no particular order. I'd love to hear what things work for you!

1. Prayer/Reading My Bible

I've talked about prayer a few times on the blog lately, and I highly recommend this book if you are interested in learning more about prayer. But of course, the best book to read to learn more about prayer is the Bible.

2. Cooking & Baking

Sometimes cooking or baking really relaxes me. After R goes to bed, I put on some music or Netflix and have some alone time in the kitchen. (Maybe making these freezer muffins for R's breakfast!) 

Of course, then the dishes pile up and I get all stressed out again, so I don't know how effective this strategy is. And sometimes the thought of cooking anything at all totally stresses me out, so I really have to be in the mood.

3. Blogging

Blogging is a fun, creative outlet for me, and most of the time it's a de-stressor if I make sure not to think too hard about (un)followers or page views and that actual mechanics of blogging.

4. Scrapbooking

As I've mentioned numerous times, I love to scrapbook! It's very relaxing for me to get out my supplies and get creative with photos. Here is the Project Life scrapbook I made last year.

5. Running

I didn't start to love running until I'd been doing it for about three years. Before then, it was something I had to force myself to do, and it wasn't very fun. But now running is a release and definitely something I use to de-stress. A few people commented on my reader survey that they want me to write more about running, but I don't know what to say about it since it isn't happening nearly as often as it used to! Maybe I'll try and think of something for a future post.

How do you de-stress?

p.s. Things I Enjoy Doing (When I'm Not Blogging)
^^^someone on my reader survey asked about my hobbies, so here you go!
Ashley said...

When I do de-stress (I have a bad habit of just stressing), I'll read my Bible, write, or do something crafty. I can't wait until it gets cooler so I can crochet. That's my all-time FAVORITE way to de-stress!

Chesson | Magnolia+Main said...

I definitely do a few of these things on your list when I need to de-stress, especially the blogging/running one. Sometimes you just need an outlet of some sort to get the stress out. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Running is the best. It's the way to work out that pent up energy & just clears the mind.
Those adult coloring books are amazing for me to bring the stress down.

Audrey Louise said...

Sometimes I like to bake or scrapbook, too :) I also like puzzle books and coloring. I'm a yoga person so that tends to help me, too! (Definitely NOT running, though. Ha!)

Michelle said...

I feel the same way about cooking and baking. Sometimes it's therapeutic, and other times it makes me want to cry.

AnneMarie said...

These are so great! Prayer journaling or praying with Scripture is definitely a top one for me. I also love walking outside with no technology. Sometimes, I also will spin some yarn or knit.

Elena Alice said...

These are great! I mentioned blogging as well because it is a creative outlet and a way to process things. And running is a great release for me too, though I agree; I am not running as much as I should/used to!

Angi said...

I love baking for de-stressing! Not so much cooking because it's more of a necessity/chore because, well, we have to eat.

It's a bad habit, but Netflix is what I like to use for de-stressing. Mindless shows where I can just tune out and not have to think too much are where it's at.

Unknown said...

Hi! Prayer and reading my Bible for sure. Funny movies help me relax, I love to laugh. And working out, I always feel so much better after working out.

Laura Darling said...

I really needed to read this today! I have had SUCH a stressful few weeks at work, and have been struggling to turn my mind "off" at night! These tips are great and I will definitely be trying some this weekend!

Emily said...

I was about to agree and say baking is one of mine, but I think the eating part of the baking is really mine ;)

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

Working out at the gym/outside, reading, chatting with girlfriends, wine, alone time and manicures top my list. That and sometimes just sitting in the quiet!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i run to de-stress as well. although, sometimes i find it hard to get out there and run, like i'm too up in my own head to start, but once i do i feel great about it, so i really should make more of an effort. i like to wallow in whatever is bugging me, and running doesn't let me wallow. i mean, i don't enjoy wallowing lol, i'll just be like 'no, you don't get to run, you get to sit here and think about what is stressing you out!'. which makes no sense.
moving on... i also have a bath, read a book, or watch a corny movie.

Danielle said...

Great list. Also getting a Starbucks, going on a walk, watching TV with the hubby, cleaning... all help depending on the situation!