Iconoclast Dad Bag: A Diaper Bag for the Modern Dad


This is not a sponsored post. I contacted this company myself to review this product on my blog because it seemed like something we would enjoy using with R.

A month or so ago, I met up with a friend for a play date, and she had a diaper bag backpack. I told Jordan that was a really cool idea, and I wanted to try and find something like that. We have loved using our Vera Bradley diaper bag for the past year, but I think it's time for something slightly more portable. 

He asked me specifically to find something "manly" (his word). I remembered hearing about the Iconoclast Dad Bag, and so I contacted the company and asked if I could receive a bag to try out in exchange for a review on the blog. So while I am not getting compensated to write this, I did receive a product. All opinions are 100% mine. You know I wouldn't lie to you. There is a discount code for 15% off anything on their website at the bottom of this post good until October 7!
What I love about this bag and why it was the first place I went when Jordan asked me to find him a manly diaper bag is because it's created by a dad for dads. Their philosophy is all about breaking out of the mold of childcare being a woman's job. When a dad is watching his kids, he isn't babysitting. He's being a dad. You can search the hashtag #BreakTheMold and #IAmAModernDad to find out more. The materials are all made in the USA too, which I love!
Okay, so let's talk about the actual Iconoclast Dad Bag. I asked Jordan what he thought of it, and here's why he loves this bag. Read more on the "about" section of their website too!

-The one-strap feature of this bag is so that you can easily swing the bag around to the front to get something out. You don't have to put the bag on the ground or take it off to get inside.

-Ambidextrous Straps: The strap to go over your should can clip to either side, which is great because Jordan likes switching sides every so often if we are going to be out for a long time.

^^^ R told me that when she's out in public, she needs a hat and sunglasses because she's starting to get recognized.

-The Iconoclast Dad Bag comes with a changing pad and special zippered section on the side to hold it. It also has a few different mesh sections on the inside for diapers, and on the left are two mesh pockets that have velcro to keep them shut. The interior section is large enough to hold a tablet or laptop, and the back of the bag is sturdy.
-You can also buy accessory pouches that attach to the outside front of the bag using their patent-pending Vertical Integrated Molle System. And can I tell you? I had no idea what that even was, but Jordan saw the bag and immediately said, "Oh, a vertical molle. That's cool!" So there's that.
Can we talk about price for a second? An Iconoclast Dad Bag is a very comparable price for this type of quality bag. I know this because Jordan bought a backpack a few years ago to take on our missions trip to Nicaragua that is similar in material and size, and it was around the same cost. The bag is made of quality materials (made in the US!) and will last well beyond the diaper stage for years to come. 

This would make a fantastic gift for a new dad, a fun Christmas or birthday gift, or a creative Father's Dad present! It currently comes in three colors: black, gray, or camoI highly recommend checking out Iconoclast Dad Bags

Use the code LADYOKIE to get 15% off your purchase! 

Make sure to visit them on Instagram to see more pictures and get info on preordering their newest dad bag: fire engine red! And just for fun, check out this picture of Mario Lopez rocking his dad bag. Thank you to Iconoclast Dad Bags for letting us try your bag! We love it.

#BreakTheMold #IAmAModernDad
Audrey Louise said...

That's an awesome bag! I can totally see my husband sporting that someday when we have kids! I kind of want one, too! So awesome that they sent you a bag AND a coupon code for your readers! (And I love that R is matching daddy with the sunglasses! Lol!)

Leslie Lukens Martin said...

Cool! I got the camo Diaper Dude bag for Ryan before H was even born, and he VERY RARELY uses it. I should have just gone with a backpack style!

Michelle said...

Uh, I want that for me.

Nadine said...

That might be the coolest daddy bag I have ever seen! I will have to show Chris this. We registered for a Columbia "dad bag" but we haven't purchased it yet. Since I have a fancy Coach on for myself, he may want to step it up too.

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

I like that bag! I think I would want a manly bag if I were a Dad too. I'm glad you got a free bag for Jordan. That's fun!

Mar Ward said...

I love this bag! My husband and I settled on a grey messenger bag from MEC (the Canadian version of REI) because it was inexpensive and its gender neutral. Once baby girl grows out of it, we'll be able to use it as a carry on and to carry a computer. I'm not going to show my husband this bag though, because he'll want it immediately lol

Unknown said...

So since my last comment was about how we don't have babies, but we do want dogs, I bet this would be a great dog bad, haha! ;)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

very manly! haha. i think KC would totally use this, and i can see how having a backpack style would be great with having your hands free.

Parker Edward said...

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Abiha Lord said...
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