Links + Loves vol 4


The Cubs won the NL Central Division, in case you didn't know. This postseason hype video gives me all the chills. Is it October yet? #LetsGo

A pretty amazing fact about the English language you didn't know you knew.

One of my favorite places to shop online. Such cute stuff all the time, and I have a hard time resisting buying one of everything. (Not an affiliate link. I just love them.)

This YouTube video came out in 2008, and I remember watching it way back when. I had forgotten about it until for some reason recently I thought of it and went back and found it. It's quite literally one of the funniest videos I've ever seen. I just can't. It starts out slow, but I promise you will not be sad you watched it.

I updated my "motherhood" page so that it is a list of all the posts I've written specifically about motherhood. Hopefully that makes it easier if you want to go back and find an old post!

I've mentioned my dad's podcast before. This series of interviews are so interesting. My dad is talking to a guy who is currently walking around the world. Crazy!

Happy Friday and weekend! 

Tomorrow R and I are leaving Jordan to fend for himself while we head to Saint Louis for a girls' weekend with my college friends. This will be her tenth plane flight! I'm hoping it goes as smoothly as the others have. Wish us luck!

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  1. I totally forgot about that video! SO funny.

  2. That entitlement article is great! I giggled when I first saw the kid with the beer money sign but the fact that 2,000 people donated money and there are homeless shelters running out of food donations and animal shelters that barely have any funding makes me so sad.

  3. That article about the English language makes my grammar-loving heart so happy!

    Where is your favorite place to shop online!? That link goes to the same article about entitled kids...

    Watching that video now...

    1. DANG IT. I hate when I mess up links. Here it is:
      It's one of those "pop-up online shop" places and they always have super cute stuff. (In my opinion!)

  4. Omg the text exchange about her period is KILLING ME. So hilarious!!! Happy Friday, Amanda! Hope you have a fun weekend.

  5. I blame you (and thank you!) for introducing me to Brickyard Buffalo lol! I cannot believe your daughter has flown more times than I have haha- she's a pro!!!

  6. That Youtube video makes me cringe!! Hope you enjoyed your trip and the flight went smoothly!

  7. Wow she's been on more plane flights than I have in 28 years! Hope it was fun! That little fact about the order of adjectives is so interesting to me.

  8. OH my. That text convo! Hilarious! I did think wow.. that's a convo with a 13 year old?! I don't want my babies to ever grow up! Lol. I love that little online shop! I never heard of it before!

  9. Hahahaha! That text exchange is just too much! Seriously, though, the world we live in...

    Uuuugh why did you link to Brickyard Buffalo?! I had forgotten about that place. It's a dangerous place to visit, haha! ;)


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