November: Hot Water with Lemon Date


Note: This is not a coffee date, because I don't drink coffee. If we were together in the morning, I would be drinking a glass of hot water with lemon, which probably sounds terrible but it's actually really good so don't say things about it.


That I really like baking muffins at night after R goes to bed.
Baking muffins for R's snacks at daycare has uncovered a secret love. Seriously, muffins are so easy to make, always turn out delicious, and so customizable! I love using whole wheat flour and adding oats and veggies to make them super healthy. They freeze really well too so we always have a healthy breakfast or snack to grab when we're in a pinch! Her current favorite is the blueberry avocado muffin. You can find that recipe and a few more of our favorites here.


Where my keys are.
In case you missed it, I lost my entire set of keys a month ago and had to replace them all (even my car key, which was $100), and I will never stop wondering where they went. They straight up disappeared and it's weird. And don't bother commenting to say that I'm sure they will turn up. That's called false hope, and I shall have none of it here!

Why I'm writing this blog post right now instead of sleeping.

Why people comment on certain blog posts more than others.
Almost every time, the blog posts that I think will get the most comments hardly get any and the posts I don't think people will comment on get a lot. What is the deal with you people?


I actually quit on a book a week or so ago, which I hardly ever do but I have my reasons. (BTW, I really need to do a book review post soon. It's been a while.) I haven't started a new book yet, but Chelsea is making me want to pick up The Woman in Cabin 10.


I'm really trying not to click on anything politically related for the time being. I deleted both the Instagram app and the Twitter app off my phone, and I'm just kind of taking a mini break from the socials. It was all getting to be a bit too much and I have to say, I don't miss it.

Jenny suggested I watch this video after I posted about my problems getting R and Jordan to cooperate while taking a photo of me. Seriously so funny. Minute 1:42. Dead.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I need this hair dryer. I blame Maria for making it sound so great.

Erin just wrote an update post about life with two kids now that her son made his arrival!

This giveaway for an OttLite!


Idols - My thoughts on the election
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What have you been clicking lately? What are you wondering right now?
Audrey Louise said...

People always end up commenting on posts that I hesitated to post and then ignore the ones I work super hard on... haha.
My husband lost his truck keys one year after our Halloween party. To this day we have NO idea where they are. We didn't go out that night. It wasn't a crazy party. We have no clue.

Danielle said...

Chelsea is making me want to read that book too! Thanks for the muffin suggestions!

Angi said...

I love how versatile muffins are, too. Whole wheat flour is the best! I just like the flavor better....otherwise it's basically just a cupcake without frosting.

I thought I would take a nice long break from political stuff after the election ended, too, but I just love politics too much. If I could go back to college...anyway. It's probably why after months and months of being back on Twitter I still only have 30-ish followers and only a handful of them are blog friends, haha. Oh well.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Not sure if my other comment went through so if you have like seven of them from me, my apologies. Let's try this again. Ahem. What book did you not finish?! I'm asking because I have now read three terrible ones and I really wish someone would have warned me. Also, on the keys front, I have a story.

I worked at a church, and we set up this GIANT Christmas tree every year. It was a pain, and I had to stand on a ladder and lean in to fluff it and decorate it and it was just an all day thing that everyone dreaded doing every year.

Anyway, the dreaded day was over and I went to leave...only to find that my keys were gone. I looked all over that church for at least two hours (I hadn't been anywhere else that day) before realizing they must have fallen into that dang Christmas tree. So I spend another hour and a half shaking the tree, crawling under it, making myself INSANE when this woman shows up. She had dropped a food pantry donation off at the church that morning, and "accidentally walked by your desk and picked your keys up and took them to work with me" (?!?!?!)

So no false hope. Sometimes there is no logical explanation and the real reason is just insane.

Maria said...

If and when you get that blow dryer, I really do hope it lives up to your expectations.

Right now I'm wondering if I'm getting a head cold or it was simply the fact that our bedroom got down to 60 degrees last night. I'm hoping for the latter.

Have a nice weekend!

Michelle said...

I love R's hoodie! The internet has gone insane lately over the election. I've had to step away some too for the sake of my sanity.

Courtney said...

I totally notice that with the blog comments on my blog too! I think it probably has more to do with the timing/day of the post more than the content of it? I don't know. It is funny though!

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

Blog comments are weird. Some posts that I spend so much time on get no feedback and others that I plan and work hard on get little to no feed back. I'm sure there is science behind it.

I thought people were supposed to calm down after the election but holy cow! They got worse. I'm over it. And I'm not sad to say I have hid a bunch of people on FB and I've unfollowed accounts on IG and I'm thinking about deleted 2/3 of my FB friends just to make things simple again. I thought FB was supposed to be like a place where you posted happy pictures. I guess I was wrong.

I make muffins too but mine aren't healthy. They do have blueberries and lemon so that's good.

Also, can I just say how funny it is that we met over coffee and you don't even like coffee. ha ha!

erinhzauner said...

Totally not going to hate on you for not drinking coffee. I mean, i need it because it's my lifeblood, but I'm also a fan of hot water with lemon! You inspired me to make a bunch of muffins to freeze before big Will got here and I am also hooked now. And thank goodness, because I got no time now! I'm glad you liked the update post too :)

Miriam said...

I have wondered many times (and pretty much given up now) how some posts/blogs/photos get popular (or even viral), while others, much better ones, don't. Is it all about being in the right spot at the right time? Is it coincidence? Luck? Or there's a secret formula we don't know about that you have to use in order to get pageviews/likes?
I will never understand it.

Rachel said...

Hot water with lemon sounds WAY better than any sort of coffee. My most usual drink is room temperature water from the filter on our sink.
I have no idea what the formula behind a blog post that gets a great response is--my favorite posts always seem to be the least favorite posts when presented to the world at large. :P

Rach said...

I always hear what great health benefits there are from drinking hot water with lemon. I need to try that sometime.

I'm sure your keys will turn up! Always here to offer a little false hope. ;) Seriously, though, I wonder where they are! Five years from now you are going to find them in the strangest place. ;)