for jordan.


Sunday is Mother’s Day, but do you know what else it is?

Our sixth wedding anniversary! They fall on the same day this year, and I think that's so fun!

When we first got married, six years sounded so old and felt like so long, but of course now I realize that six years is nothing compared to the decades we hope to be able to spend together.

I read a blog post a few weeks ago that was just so absolutely perfect and honestly I teared up a bit reading it. It was talking about motherhood and how hard it is but also how thankful she is for the dads. And she wrote this: “The truth is, even on a difficult day the load is lighter because he helps carry it."

So Jordan, thank you for lightening my load.

You're the crunch in my peanut butter.
The mint with my chocolate chip ice cream.
The icing on my cupcake.

I love you. Happy anniversary.