fall fun + a tangent about the fiasco that is going places


There's really just something so fun about fall. Oklahoma summers are so hot, and although I honestly don't mind the heat too much, the cooler weather is such a nice change. Sadly, fall in Oklahoma is about 1.5 days long, so I am a big believer in packing in as much outside time as we possibly can. I like to stop at the park on the way home from daycare pickup, which makes for a rushed and hectic dinner rush and a bit later bedtimes, but it's so nice to be outside! Minus the mosquitos, which love me and thus ruin my life.

Two weekends ago we went out to our friend's parents' house to hang out and pick some pumpkins. Last weekend we drove downtown for one of my favorite things to do every year: Pumpkinville at the children's garden.

Getting there was a bit of a fiasco, and I had a.... well, let's just say I had a moment with the lady at the ticket booth because they wouldn't give me $2 off admission even though I'd brought the sticker they said I could use. They ended up giving me a voucher to paint a pumpkin, which normally costs $5. The gesture was nice, but I didn't want to paint a pumpkin. I wanted my $2, people! But I didn't say that.

I used to think I wasn't the kind of person who liked confrontation, and I wouldn't say I like it necessarily. But more and more lately I'm realizing that I am in fact exactly the type of person who will confront if I have a problem/complaint/issue, especially when I feel like I'm being ripped off. It is extremely embarrassing to Jordan, and sometimes embarrassing to me, but I find that sometimes I just can't help myself.

As I'm sitting here writing this and looking through the pictures I took, I have to admit that I wish I hadn't gotten so upset over $2. I worry that my kids are going to get the worst parts of me, and that I'm setting a bad example. I've never cursed at anyone, and I don't straight up yell or throw things or wave my arms wildly. But I do get frustrated and don't always speak with grace. Often I end up going back and apologizing to people for getting upset, which is probably super weird, but I do it anyway.

Anyway, I don't know why I went into all of that except to say that behind every nice photo and every fun event we do it feels like there's also a fiasco of some kind. Either the kids are freaking out or I'm freaking out or Jordan is freaking out. Why is going places so stressful sometimes? Maybe it's the pressure of having a good time that makes people nutty.

Anyway. We did rally, and I calmed the crazy that is my indignant rage and intense emotions. The kids had a really good time, and I got some fun pictures! I only wish it were slightly less crowded, but that's what happens every year because we have to go on a weekend since it closes at 5pm during the week.
J is surprisingly great at throwing and knocked down a few of the faces. I'm so thankful for Jordan and what a great dad and husband he is. Love getting to do things like this as a family! We had planned to go to the zoo, but this was the only weekend we were going to be able to get to Pumpkinville while it was open, so we came here instead. So glad we did! I feel like the kids are at such magical ages where things like this are so fun and exciting. That makes it super fun for me too. Until next year!

Michelle said...

I saw your IG story about the pumpkin patches closing at 5 during the week. If it makes you feel better, they aren’t even open during the week here for the general public, just school field trips. And like you, I want to make it a family affair. I’ve had the exact same complaint even though the circumstances are different. I hate how crowded they get on the weekend! We went this past weekend too and it was just nuts. I would much rather go on a weekday evening.

I am so not confrontational at all, but I had to fight our home warranty company several times over the summer, and I was shocked at how firm I was. I also negotiated window prices and pushed so hard that James was uncomfortable. I had no idea I was capable of either!

Kenzie said...

I absolutely love going to the pumpkin patch but it can be so hectic. Especially on the weekends. Also, normally I am not confrontational but when it comes to saving money and someone not honoring something they told me they would... well, I do get really irritated and will say something.

Maria said...

This may sound pessimistic of me, but every time we go places, I always set my expectations real low. Am I going to get peed on on the plane (probably and yes, happened twice)? Is someone going to be grumpy? Are there going to be people there that annoy me? Is my blood sugar going to drop because I'm too busy packing all the things and forget to eat breakfast? Then, if those things in my head don't happen, I'm the happiest person ever!

As always though, your photos are gorgeous and I'm pretty sure those are the cutest and best-dressed kids in all of Oklahoma :) I need to see J's arm in action!

The Lady Okie said...

Would you believe me if I said both their outfits are from the thrift store??? 😂