Ultrasound and Enneagram Numbers


On Wednesday, Jordan and I went to our anatomy scan for Baby Bum 3. The doctor said everything looked great; the baby is growing right on track, and I do not for one minute take that for granted. What an insane miracle that I literally do nothing (other than things like drink lots of water and not do drugs), and a human baby grows inside my body. It's just incredible. I am so very much aware that there are so many people dealing with loss and infertility, and I consider this sweet baby such a blessing.

The appointment was at noon, and then Jordan and I both took the rest of the day off work. We went out for lunch downtown at a Mexican restaurant that I've been wanting to go to, and we drove to the local running store to get Jordan fitted for some new shoes. After that we picked the kids up early from daycare and went to get ice cream. Then I took them to the park. Overall it was a great day!

We successfully did not find out the gender, even though Jordan was trying his best to see the screen the tech was looking at while she reviewed the sensitive areas. I'm really excited for the surprise! I thought it would be excruciating not to find out, and maybe it will become so, but honestly I can truly say I don't have a burning desire to know if Baby Bum is a boy or a girl. I'm just so thankful he/she is healthy so far! 

I'm 20 weeks, so halfway! And you might think this pregnancy is flying by, but in fact I will tell you it is not. I disagree that it goes faster just because I have kids to take care of. If anything it's moving slower because I'm just.so.tired. Honestly sometimes I feel like I'm just on autopilot and my brain is not contributing any actual forward progress to life.

Right at the end of the ultrasound, the tech turned on the 3D, and we got to see the little baby wiggling around, and they even yawned. It was amazing. We've seen pictures of other people's babies in 3D, so obviously we know what it looks like, but we've never seen 3D for any of our babies before, and it was really neat. So much different than just the black and white alien version we were used to.

I did find out that I have anterior placenta, so that explains why I haven't felt baby movement! The doctor said it's totally normal if I'm not feeling a ton. I have felt a few wiggles, but honestly nothing much at all for twenty weeks, so it was reassuring for me to hear that it's just the placenta blocking it.
I've been finding myself feeling All The Emotions lately. Which I realize is totally normal, what with all the extra pregnancy hormones and such. I'm kind of a nutter when I'm pregnant, and that's saying something because I'm a bit of a handful regularly anyway. If you want the truth, Jordan's just really too nice for me. I finally took that Enneagram test after getting tired of feeling left out when everyone posts memes about being a 7 and I have no idea what they are talking about.

I'm a 1. Or an 8. The test gave me those are my top two but said ultimately I'm a 1, and I think that's accurate. I'm of the mind-set that all personality tests are basically the same thing. There are only so many types of personalities, but there are tons of different tests that like to categorize people in certain ways. The Enneagram is just the current fad. (My opinion; no one freak out.) That said, I find personality stuff extremely interesting and generally get annoyed at the test for knowing me so well (lol). 

Type 1s at their best are said to be inspiring and hopeful, organized, fair, ethical. That's great. But at their worst (my worst), my type can often be highly critical of self, picky, judgmental, extremely opinionated, impatient, and indignantly angry (SO ME; it get indignant about things all the time).

Anyway, I haven't (and probably won't) take the deep dive into the Enneagram world, but at least now I can participate in all the number fun! Although none of the descriptions I've read about Type 1s really sound much fun, so there's that. It's fine. I've made my peace with the fact that I'm just not a calm person. It's not that I love confrontation, but I do speak my mind and have zero poker face, so I can't even fake it if I disagree with someone. It's very unfortunate for everyone around me.

It was 76 degrees today, and I celebrated by wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a vest even though it made me hot. Because FALL. I also bought a pair of maternity overalls, and maybe if I stop feeling weird about them I'll actually wear them in public and maybe post a picture on the blog. It's not that I hate overalls, it's just that 8-year-old Amanda loved overalls, and 33-year-old Amanda just isn't in that headspace yet. I need more time. You know you're old when you've lived long enough to see fashion trends in, go out, and then come back in. I'm talking about Birkenstocks and overalls specifically. I should try to find an old picture!

Okay that's all I've got for now. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Have you taken the Enneagram test? What number are you?
How do you feel about overalls???? I must know.
Rach said...

I'm so glad to hear Baby #3 is doing so well! What a blessing! And I'm glad you and Jordan got a bit of a date day out of the anatomy scan. :)

My cousin's wife wears overalls (even while she was pregnant this summer) and she is just the cutest thing! So I vote go for it! :)

Sarah said...

so glad all is well with the baby! i've read one enneagram book and honestly don't know what type i am. i don't know what that says about me. i know what the tests say i am (a 7) but maybe i just don't want to accept it. lol. there are parts that seem accurate and parts that don't. haha.

Ashley H said...

I'm an 8! I think it's pretty accurate. & I can't do the overalls trend. Nor the rompers. I just don't want to deal with all that when I have to pee. Which I do a lot.

Awesome you got to see 3D US! That would be SO cool. I miscarried before 8 weeks back in March so I never even saw anything other than a little bean in my uterus.

Sarah @ Sweet Miles said...

I could see you as a 1! But I could also see an 8, because I feel like you're not afraid to confront things and state your feelings, even if they're different from someone else's. I'm glad baby boy or girl is doing well and is healthy! That's all that matters, praise God! Also, yay for a fun little date afternoon!! I'm a type 3 wing 4, at least that's what I think is the *most* accurate. I think you can be several numbers at once, but ultimately just the MOST similar to a specific one!

Rachel said...

I would so wear overalls if I lived in a place that wasn't hot all the time!
That's a real, real baby in there! So cool that you got to see 3D, too, we've never had a 3D ultrasound, but I so, so love getting to see baby growing inside, I feel like over time I've gotten better at recognizing what the doctor's looking at...when I show my parents the pictures they're still like, "That's a nose? Really?"

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

That day sounds so perfect! I could not wait to find out- it's just not my style. I'm not sure which number I am because I always get different responses. Which test did you take?

The Lady Okie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, Ashley. Seeing the little bean is really the most so special :)

The Lady Okie said...

I thought it would be harder, but honestly I really don't have a huge desire to know this time. It's weird! But I'm going with it haha! I can see how you wouldn't like that, though. I know you're a huge planner!

Betsy said...

haha I'm with you - there are only so many types of personalities, so of course everyone's going to fit into one of whatever categories the thing assigns. on the one hand, how is EVERYONE born btwettn Aug 23 and Sept 22 like me? on the other, I AM EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY VIRGOS ARE. (I'm an Enneagram 1, too, and it's spot on.)

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

I really enjoy the enneagram. I found it about 4 years ago, but I've met people whose parents were reading books about it in the 70s. I enjoy it and I find it has been helpful for me in self-growth terms the more I have learned about it.

Congrats on a new baby coming your way!