New Big Kid Room + Guest Bathroom


While I'm sitting here being quarantined, I thought I'd take a break from Netflix and share some house updates! Nesting hit me hard and I spent basically all the fall and holiday months purging and cleaning and organizing all the things (not that you could tell if you came over right now, but we won't talk about that).

As many of you know, R and J have been sharing a room since J was 6 months old (before that he was in a bassinet in our room). We had them in the nursery, which we painted mint green before R was born. My thought was to paint a gender neutral color so that the room could be adapted to a boy or girl later on, and so far it's been perfect! 

I still love the color, and we plan on keeping that room the nursery and putting Baby Bum there when he/she comes home. I haven't updated any artwork or basically done anything to the room since we had R, which honestly is fine with me. I like how the room looks and is set up.

We have a 3-bedroom house, and the back bedroom has been Jordan's man cave slash extra storage space since we moved in. We had a bookcase and Jordan's computer and desk in there, and my running goal was always to make sure everything was always at least somewhat organized so it wasn't just a total junk room.

When we started talking about a third baby, we knew we would need to make the back bedroom R and J's room so the baby could have the nursery. Jordan went through a bit of struggle giving up his man cave, but we eventually moved his desk/computer to the corner of the playroom, and I actually think it's been okay so far.

Once we moved Jordan's desk out, I went absolutely crazy cleaning and organizing the back bedroom. I completely cleared off the bookcase (which we moved into our bedroom), and I cleaned out the closet and unpacked every single box and bin we had in there. I made piles, and Jordan and I each went through all of our stuff to decide what to purge and what to keep. Then I bought clear bins and labels and organized everything into categories so that we knew exactly what was where. Some stuff went up in the attic, and other stuff got moved to the nursery closet, which is going to be half the baby's things and half storage, since the back bedroom is now R & J's closet with all of their stuff. 

I took a huge box of books to Half-Priced Books, donated giant bags of clothing, and threw away so much old crap that we shouldn't have even been keeping! It was awesome, but for a couple of months the house was a complete disaster (I mean a worse disaster than normal lol) because boxes and stuff were everywhere.

For a little while it felt like we were getting packages delivered every day. We had to buy two twin beds, two mattresses, and two sets of comforters, sheets, and pillows for both the kids in their new big kid room. I bought artwork (which I still need to hang up, but I'm waiting for my mom to come help me decide were it should go). I got them a new laundry hamper since they really didn't have one, bins for clothes, and more hangers for their closet. AND, last but not least, I bought paint!

This project was a true labor of love for both my parents, Jordan, and for me. I wanted something colorful, but I didn't love the idea of painting the entire room one color. I searched Google and Pinterest for "boy/girl shared kids room paint ideas" and found an idea of painting geometric squares that I instantly fell in love with. I showed it to Jordan and said I really really wanted to try and do this in the kids' room. I LOVE how it turned out! Like, it is exactly what I envisioned, and I'm obsessed with it.

From start to finish it took one evening to paint the gray/white walls, one entire day to paint the squares, and another entire day off and on doing touchup work. It was not a simple DIY, but I love it so so much. Here are a few pictures showing our progress!

All the nesting made me to want to redecorate other areas of the house, and I decided I really wanted to update our guest bathroom, which is the kids' bathroom! It's looked the same for a while, and I just wanted something fun and kid-friendly in there. I bought a new shower curtain, artwork, bathmat, and I had the kids make handprint art for the wall by the sink. It's so colorful in there, and I love it! 

Not for any reason other than I had the paint on hand, I used the same yellow, mint, and coral paint for their handprints in the bathroom as I did for the squares in the bedroom. The paint didn't cost that much actually because we were able to do all the squares using just one sample tin of each color, which cost about $5 at Lowe's! Then one gallon each of white and gray.

Now here is the part where I pretend to be an actual home decor blogger and share sources! ha ;) *some affiliate links are used below; I do get a few cents!

Beds (twin)
Mattresses (twin)
R's comforter (geo print)
R's sheets (ballerina)
J's comforter (blue striped)
J's sheets (campout)

Shower curtain (polkadot)
Bath mat (splish splash)

Kaity B. said...

You did such a great job with both the bedroom and bathroom! I love that they're not "trendy," but colorful and timeless. They look like the perfect rooms for children to actually use! ❤️

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

That's a ton of nesting! Great job. It always feels soooo good to purge. The room turned out great. I'm glad it all got done. I feel like your mind is in a better place knowing things are organized and semi ready for a babies arrival.

Sara said...

You did a lot! I hope I want to nest and get home projects done with my next baby. Right now I have no desire. It all looks really nice!

Jenny Evans said...

Okay, but how?? I don't understand how you got those diamonds so perfectly aligned. You know what? Don't tell me. It's better when I just think it's magic.

Sarah said...

this looks awesome! when you posted on stories about the diamond painting, i showed them to my husband. we both thought our marriage wouldn't survive a project like that. lol.

Betsy said...

Amanda, this looks awesome! I loved the timelapse instagram stories too :)

Audrey Louise said...

The bedroom looks AMAZING. And the bathroom is so fun and colorful! Great job, lady!! You guys did an awesome job with the design!