Around the House


1. Something's wrong with my washer. Every time I do a load of laundry, I'm seriously afraid my washer is going to lift off and take my clothes with it. I'm not kidding. Imagine a moving train with a shuttle inside it, preparing for a space mission. That's what it sounds like.

2. I have some paper muffin cups, but I don't make muffins or cupcakes often (though I should), so I always have extras I need to stash somewhere. My apartment kitchen was not structured with the thought that a normal human would be using it, so there are random cabinets and drawers everywhere. Thus, every. single. time. I need to put my muffin cups away, I try to put them somewhere I know I'll remember. And without fail, I have to dig through cabinet after cabinet looking for the stupid things. And when I finally find them, I think, okay, well now I know where they are. But, sadly, this knowledge doesn't last until the next time I need to muffin cups. It's infuriating. And pathetic.

3. I forget to use my left-handed spoon. Until it's too late, and I don't want to dirty another utensil. So it sits in all its wooden glory, waiting for a chance to show my lame right-handed spoons what's up. 

4. I bought two canisters like these at William Sonoma. One for flour, one for sugar. (I don't have the little size. Mostly I'm just too lazy to take a picture of the actual ones in my kitchen.) They came with a handy little scooper, and they're pretty much the best thing ever. Oddly enough, this makes me finally feel like a grown-up. Who knew that's all it took?

 Now I just have to figure out what the heck is wrong with my washer. And remember where those dang muffin cups are. I really want some cupcakes.