When Friends Collide


I'm off to Wichita on Friday for my run. I'm nervous about the actual 13.1 miles part, but I'm looking forward to meeting up with a few friends. (And, not gonna lie, I'm totally buying a 13.1 sticker for my car the second I get home.) But anyway, as sometimes happens, these three friends don't know one another. I am the link responsible for bringing them together. 

Two of them are running with me; the other is letting me crash at her apartment. 

1. Hilda. Years known: 10

We met freshman year of high school. I remember her specifically, because we were sitting in Spanish class, and this strange girl knew all the answers. Question after question, translation after translation, she had a response. I was like, "Who is this girl?"

Then, we ended up eating lunch together, and the rest is history. After graduating from college, she moved to Kansas for her job (she's a smarty pants engineer), and I'm using that to my advantage for free housing this weekend. What a pal.

2. Audra. Years known: 2
My first Oklahoma friend. We met on the job. She'd started only a few weeks before me, but her strong, opinionated presence confused me into thinking she'd been working there much longer. Only a month after moving to Oklahoma, I planned to fly back to IL for the weekend. My flight time required arrival at the airport at ridiculous o'clock (like, 5 in the morning), and Audra graciously offered to take me. That early-morning drive to Will Rogers Airport kicked off a friendship that's been going strong for over two years, in spite of her move to Kansas City a year ago. This half-marathon will be a first for both of us. This is where our first long-distance running relationship ends (or begins?).

3. Cori. Years known: 6

Beloved college friend who lives in the St. Louis area and will be joining the party in Wichita for her second half-marathon. I honestly don't specifically remember the moment I met Cori, but I do recall seeing a cute redhead around campus. Eventually we ended up in the same circle, and I'm glad we did. We're both religion majors and were also roommates junior and senior years. Good times were had, that's for sure. Love this girl.

On another note, I noticed a pattern in the above photos. Clearly I need to start taking picture on the other side of people. I also need to stop wearing green. Hmm... Or I just should have chosen different pictures. Ah, well. Such is life.

I'll be sure to give a full update on the race next week. Wish me luck!