Flashback Friday--A Fall Sort of Memory


I found this picture in my box of random stuff the other day.  Instantly I was reminded of summer and early fall trips to my great aunt and uncle's house. They have a huge yard, a ranch-style house, horses, guns (real ones they let us shoot pop cans with!), and, obviously, tractors. And when I was a kid, I thought riding in the tractor was the coolest. thing. ever.

That's little me in the blue dress in the middle, the one facing front, second from the right. Next to me, in the black shirt, is my brother Daniel. The other girls to my left are two of my cousins. And to the far left is my grandma. That head poking up in the back is my mom's cousin John.

Two things to note: 
1. We are in a tractor. I don't know if we're about to be lifted up or are just coming down. I also don't know if I'm about to jump ship or am settling in for the ride.
2. I am wearing my favorite blue dress. I remember the day I grew out of it. My mom said I needed to pass it on to my cousin Bethany (she's the girl in the red shirt on the left). I cried. I'm not sure I have ever found a dress I like so much.

Now I'm wondering why I liked wearing a dress at all. Older, wiser me knows that sweatpants are the way to go. Especially when you're riding in a tractor. Seriously, I question younger me's intelligence. 

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Anonymous said...

It's not the decision to wear a dress you should question. It's the decision to wear that particular dress you should question. :)

love you!


PS you're not on gchat, but in your post below, please change NLF to NFL so the boys don't make fun of you. :)