(Installment 1) My Next 9 Weeks


Today, November 1, is the start of the second to last month of 2010, and that's hard for me to grasp. It marks what I'm going to call the beginning of the end of the year. Two big holidays left, which means days off work. Now it's crunch time.

I looked at my calendar and realized that there are officially 9 weeks left in the year. While that number doesn't have any particular significance, I'm deeming it so if only because it's the start of a new month and I can do what I want.

All that to say, I have decided to commit myself to 9 new tasks--1 new task for each remaining week of 2010. 

This week I'm shouldering the rather daunting task of getting up 1/2 hr earlier than I normally would to read my Bible and pray. I realized that lately I haven't been focusing on that as much as I would like, and I think an early time with God will help me be positive and focus this week. It'll be busy (and possibly stressful) at work, and I'm going to need all the focus I can get.

So...6 a.m., people! 

Today it was 6:05, but considering how tired I was because I stayed up late watching the Rangers lose to the Giants in game 4 of the World Series (insert sad face here), I'm counting this morning a success.

I haven't yet thought of what else I want to commit to for the remaining 8 weeks. Mostly because I'm not in a hurry to rush the dwindling hours of this most wonderful of years by focusing on what's to come instead of what's happening now.

But I think maybe next week I'll keep the early-morning routine alive and commit to working out for 1/2 hr every morning? Or maybe not. I'm flaky like that. Stay tuned.