Flashback Friday--Time for a Haircut?


Preview: For today's flashback, I'm going to discuss hair.

My hair is getting long again. I don't try to make it long, but I'm too cheap to pay $30 for someone to cut off something that freely grows from my scalp. It's a scam. Seriously. So I usually end up rolling into the salon sporting horrible split ends about twice a year.

When I do get it cut, I definitely need to keep it ponytail length, because I have to be able to easily get it out of my face. Plus, I just flat out don't look good with short hair. This is unfortunate, because my dream haircut involves short hair. I'm talking chin length.

Yeah, that will never be me.


But once upon a time (ahem, four years ago) I decided to be brave and selfless and donate my hair to Locks of Love. The minimum length I think is 9 inches, maybe 10.

It's the most I've ever gotten cut off all at once, and it was scary. And I was miserable and hated it until it grew back to a reasonable length. Because it made my face look fat. And because I couldn't pull it into a ponytail but was reduced to bobby pins. Bobby pins hate me.

My mom was with me for the event and took pictures. (Side note: I seem to be referencing my mom a lot lately. I promise I have my own apartment and live a good 3-hr drive from my parents. Promise.) Anyhoo, here's the sequence of events as they unfolded...

Long hair. Notice how happy I am.
Measuring the cut.


Short hair! Notice how scared I look.
Okay, now I imagine you're wondering why I think I look bad with short hair. You're comparing the last picture to the first and thinking, Actually, your hair looks better. Before it looks scraggly and awkward, like you just came from milking a cow. (My apologies for the cow stereotype.) I would agree, BUT after she cut the required inches, Stupid Salon Lady cut three more inches, and I ended up being very sad.

I'm not showing you a picture. Just trust me. It's not pretty.

Four years later my hair is long once again (I've gotten it cut at least twice since 2006. Promise.), and I'm thinking it's time for a chop. Or a cut. Or...at least a trim.


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MarieElizabeth said...

I'm with you, I love how sassy short hair can look, but not on my face! Good for you for donating the hair - great idea.

Tia Colleen said...

What, I thought your hair looked cute short. It does make the roundness in your cheeks stand out more, but it doesn't make you look "fat"! I'm a big fan of cheeks, though :)

stacey said...

Oh My I chopped my pony tail off & did the whole 10 inch donation as well-about 2 years ago. It is for an awesome cause! But I was traumatized for a long time- I wanted to cry when I looked at pictures of myself with long hair. I haven't had a trim since - just kidding;)I have!

Amy Nielson said...

i am TOTALLY not a short hair person. just doesn't work for me. i've always wanted to do locks of love, but i am just not brave enough. good for you! :)