(Installment 3) My Next 9 Weeks


If I was going to give myself a grade for last week's task of note giving, it would probably be a C+/B-. I definitely didn't fail, and I did give an average effort; but I didn't excel. I could have done better. Maybe it's because last week was busy. Like, crazy busy. Next week isn't going to be any better either. Darn.

But I can't make excuses. I've committed myself to this project of sorts, and despite a lower-than-average attempt at week 2, it's now time for task 3.
(For task 1, go here and here. For task 2, go here.)

This week I'm doing something different. Instead of a physical task, I'm going to try a change in attitude. I do have a busy week coming up, but that also means I am going to have a lot of opportunity to interact with other people. That also means more opportunity to be impatient or frustrated when others aren't acting how I'd like. 


This week I am going to actively recognize how I act when I'm around others. I will be patient, helpful, and accepting. Okay. I will try to be all those things. Give more than a C+ effort. Because that just won't cut it with this sort of challenge.
Amy Nielson said...

love this. can't wait to hear how it goes as you're actively paying attention to your actions!!
love your new header, btw ;)