(Installment 5) My Next 9 Weeks


My goal for last week was to cook 2 new things.

What I cooked: 

Cream cheese ball (find the recipe at the end of this post) and chicken spaghetti (read about that crazy experience here).
I also made a double-batch of chocolate chip cookies and a huge pot of puppy chow. And gained 50 pounds. But that's okay, because it's a new week, and I've got a new goal.

For this week, it's already Tuesday, so I've missed a few days. Something I'd like to do in the future is enforce a strictly no-computer Sunday. I want to at least try it for a month. But right now it's still Fantasy Football season, and I need to stay updated. (I'm first place in my division and closer than ever to my $100 prize. Watch out, boys.)

So...I need a different goal for this week. I've already failed at this for yesterday, but for this week (minus a day or two) I am going to exercise for at least 20 minutes every day. That could be Pilates, running, crunches, weights. Whatever. I'm doing it. 
Aaaaand...I might be registering for another half marathon tonight. Oye.

UPDATE: As of Friday, Dec 3, I have not registered for any upcoming races. Jordan seems to think I have blocked out how awful training for the other half marathon was and should at least fully think through the commitment required to participate in another one. So I am thinking it through. And waiting for a basket full of hundred-dollar bills to drop from the sky and into my living room.

UPDATE #2: As of Sunday, Dec 5, I am registered for a half marathon on March 5. Apparently it didn't take long for my attitude to change. My financial situation, however, has not. Still waiting for that basket full of bills...