My Smoothie Love/Hate Relationship


This past weekend I went to Texas (which I'll write more about later once I get my pictures sorted). Every time I leave to drive back to Oklahoma, I stop at the Jamba Juice near my parents' house and get a smoothie for the road. It's the perfect road trip beverage. Yesterday's smoothie was peach flavored, and it was so so so good. Maybe the best one yet.

I love Jamba Juice, but it's grown into a love/hate relationship, as I've a few unfortunate episodes courtesy of JJ. One, interestingly enough, is similar to the embarrassing car incident from a few weeks ago. In this case, I came out of JJ holding my smoothie and was so focused on getting a good sip from the straw that I opened the wrong car door and actually sat in the driver's seat before realizing it wasn't my car. To make matters worse, the people whose car it was were sitting outside on a bench with smoothies of their own and shocked/confused/slightly suspicious expressions on their faces. 

Needless to say I apologized and quickly found my own car. I'm going to be a terrible elderly person. 

The second unfortunate episode happened about a month ago. I purchased a delicious strawberry-flavored smoothie, got in my car (it was my car), and held the smoothie between my thighs while I placed my purse in the passenger seat. Why I didn't put my smoothie in the cup holder, which is specifically designed and strategically placed for such a purpose, is something I wish I knew. Anyway, then I pulled out of my spot and onto open road. As I accelerated, I grabbed my smoothie close to the lid to get a sip; the lid popped off, and it spilled all over! I mean, all over my legs, the seat, everything. 

I quickly scooped up a glob of smoothie and put it back into the cup. Unfortunately, this only caused my hand to become sticky. Luckily, I knew I was coming up to a gas station within about ten minutes; but by that time there was little I could do. I rinsed my hand, wiped up what I could of my legs and the seat, and continued on my sad way with half a cup left of smoothie. 

For yesterday's JJ experience, the only unfortunate episode was when I came to the end of my delicious peach smoothie. You can be sure I was extra careful when getting into my car. And when holding the cup to take a sip.

I love smoothies, particularly from Jamba Juice. Sometimes, though, I hate what they make me do.

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