(Installment 4) My Next 9 Weeks


It's week 4 of my little project, which means there are only 5 weeks after this. Five weeks left in 2010! Good grief. 

Here's how last week's task went: Honestly, I didn't expect to really focus on being patient as much as I did. But throughout the week I did find myself in a situation where I was starting to get annoyed and I thought, This week I'm trying to be patient and kind. Focus. So I did, and overall it went well!

It was a good exercise--one that I really should continue and practice every day, not just for a week. But that's neither here nor there, because this is a new week with a new task. 

My task for this week involves cooking. This year I'm actually not spending Thanksgiving with my family for the first time ever. I'm staying in Oklahoma to spend the holiday with Jordan and his family. Should be good times with maybe a funny story or two. 

But since I'll be home and off work for the next few days, and since I've been feeling inspired as of late, and since it's the season for eating, I'm giving myself the task of cooking. Not every day, mind you (because that would get expensive, and I already know I wouldn't be able to finish it). But I'm going to say at least two new dishes--something I've never made before but wanted to try.

Maybe I'll do three if I get ambitious or come into a lot of cash. But like I said, I'm making at least two. Hopefully I won't make a mess of myself or give anyone food poisoning. That would be really bad, since I told Jordan's mom I'd bring something to Thanksgiving dinner. 

Wouldn't want to be the girl who met everyone for the first time and ruined Thanksgiving.