Flashback Friday--Camping Old School


Two weekends ago my family went camping. According to my mom, we hadn't gone in about 10 years; but I still have many fond memories of camping growing up. Our recent trip to middle-of-nowhere Texas made me wonder how things looked back then.
Here's our campsite in Door County, Wisconsin, circa 1992. Check out the leaves! There's nothin' quite like fall in Door County. That I can promise you.

 *Dear, yellow and blue tent, thanks for keeping the rain and wind off me while I slept.*

Here's my brother and me standing next to our blue station wagon with good old "Reese 14" license plate that is now hanging in my parents' garage in Texas. Note: the license plate is hanging in the garage. Not the car. I'm actually not sure what happened to our trusty blue friend. 

Notice the bike racks on top of the car. One time, my dad forgot those were attached and started pulling the car into the garage. That was funny.

We always pack the car with stuff. At least back then, when I was a smiling six-year-old with bangs, I had a seat all to myself. Now there are four of us kids--and we're bigger, of course--so that eats up space like you wouldn't believe. 

Ah, camping. Sleeping on the ground hurts my back. My dad's snoring wakes me up in the middle of the night. My toes are cold in the morning. My face gets hot standing by the fire. I have to pee in an outhouse. I accidentally get ashes on my hot dog. And leaves in my s'more.

Wouldn't trade it for anything.

(Flash forward to two weeks ago. That right there's grown-up Texas camping in 2010. [Note: that is not the same tent. We borrowed a bigger one from our neighbors. One that would actually fit six people.])

In case you're wondering, yes, that is my crazy slept-on-the-ground-last-night mess of morning camping hair you see popping up over the blue chair.


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Tia Colleen said...

Camping!! I haven't gone camping in sooo long. I'm too afraid to go camping in Texas. I'm from Washington, with trees and lakes and, now we live in west central texas, with rattlesnakes and tarantulas, and all this weird clay dirt stuff that gets all over EVERYTHING.

This brought back so many great memories of camping trips from way back when.

Also, totally funny that the tents were the same color, heee.