Flashback Friday--Faces


My family is crazy, but I love it. We often do strange things, and it's fun because everyone usually plays along.

Last year, when we were all home for Thanksgiving, my brother happened to find this Styrofoam picture frame. He immediately stuck his face through it and demanded I take a picture. Real mature. But then, somehow, someone came up with the idea to have everyone take a picture with the frame. (By someone, I mean me. It was my idea. There. I said it.) I ended up making a Christmas card for everyone using a collage of the faces. It was pretty great.

And weird, I know.

Below are the best faces...

Me, showing off the only funny face I ever make. I just can't think under pressure.

My older younger brother. His eyes get crazy when his beard is out of control.

 And then he closes them and falls asleep.

 My younger younger brother. Sometimes he just wants to open his mouth and accentuate his big head.

My younger sister. She likes to think outside the box. The best face maker of the group, in my opinion. She's so cute, but her faces can look so, so bad.

My mom. She was confused. She thought we were being weird.

My dad. He was kinda tired and only slightly confused.

One of the many things I am thankful for: a family who can joke around and be weird. Even if no one else understands what the heck is going on.


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