I'm embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to make my new blog header. Let's just say it took me more time than I would have thought--more time than it certainly looks like it took. But at first I couldn't get the width right, then the letters, then the font, then the color. It was a whole domino effect thing.

You see, I've been in a rather crafty mood as of late. Everywhere I go I see evidence of craftiness to the point that I start thinking, I could make that too. No big deal. Yeah right. Walking into a store like Hobby Lobby is enough to make me want to run back to my lamely decorated room, tear everything down, and vow to never attempt to decorate again. (If you could even call hanging a Cubs poster on the wall behind my bed decorating anyway.)

I like scrapbooking and other crafty things like that, but I often find it difficult--no, impossible--to measure up to the idea in my head. The real thing just doesn't cut it. I have had a few brilliant moments to be sure, but for the most part I have learned the valuable (and annoying) lesson to be satisfied with my best effort. My best effort, of course, being hours upon hours spent trying to get it to look exactly right. Hence my new blog header.

I wanted to make something that didn't look completely computer generated, and I'd seen such things on other blogs, so I knew it could be done. I just didn't know how it was done. Now that it's finished and uploaded and all that jazz, I can't honestly remember how I did it. But I know it involved a lot of clicking. And, like I said, many hours.

Hours I could have spent, oh, I don't know...sleeping, reading, working, conversing with actual human beings. Bah to that, I say. People come and go, but the Internet will live forever.

Kidding. I don't honestly believe that. Okay, well maybe I do, but I still think you know what I mean.