On Being a Winner


I used to say I never won anything. I blamed horrible luck and all that. While my friends were off winning cars (true story) and cash, I won nothing. Ever.

Then, just when I'd begun to accept the sad and lonely life of a loser, I won something. Something awesome. Every year my company throws a Christmas party, and they give away small prizes. Nothing to be super excited about. But there is one thing to win--a four-day cruise for two and four free vacation days. Plus airfare to and from the port site. Holler.

It's a rather involved story, but the long and short of it is, last year I won! They called my raffle ticket number, and I had to go upfront and participate in a game where there was a golden apple (rather cliche, in my opinion) under a cup. The person who found the apple got the prize, and I found it!

That's how I ended up going on my first cruise vacation this past summer.

It was a great trip, and while I personally wouldn't recommend cruises as the way to travel, it was quite the experience. Like when I got lost or when I almost threw up. Yeah, experiences like those somehow always find me.

Since that major victory, I realized I could no longer take the poor-me-I-never-win-anything approach.

Last night, in an effort to meet people and get involved, I went to a craft party of sorts at my church. To be honest, I felt kinda lame about the whole thing. Lame and nervous, I might add. Showing up to something by yourself is never fun. Unless that something turns out to be a surprise party--which this wasn't so forget I said that.

We put our names in a jar for door prizes, and I would have walked right past the table if someone hadn't reminded me. In any case, I wrote my name down and proceeded on my merry way.

I was happily engaged in something crafty, thoroughly enjoying myself, when I heard my name. I was confused at first until it hit me. I'd won something!

Turns out, that something was this: 

I was so excited! Mostly for the following reasons:

1) I would never have bought a wreath for myself.
2) Now I can hang it up and fully embrace Christmas cheer.
3) It's got all these pretty pine cones and berries on it.
4) It's fake, which is great because I don't have to worry about the needles falling off everywhere.

So maybe I win stuff occasionally. That's fine with me. Which brings me to reason #5 why I was happy: 
I happen to like winning. A lot.
Does that, like, totally make me a terrible person? No, don't answer that. But seriously, who doesn't like to win stuff?

**Volume #3: Things that make me happy. (For other things that make me happy, go here and here.)
Amy Nielson said...

ok first, i can't believe you won a cruise. that's amazing. second, winning a wreath is pretty awesome too.