Flashback Friday--My Older Younger Brother


Can I just talk for a second about how awesome my brother Daniel is? He's great. I mean, seriously. And despite what you might think, he is not older than me. Everyone thinks Daniel is older, but he's not. It must be the facial hair.

He's the type of brother I'm proud to introduce to my friends. The type of brother who had to get along with my boyfriend. Or else.

He's really funny. Often weird, always hilarious. He doesn't roll his eyes and complain when he has to dress up nice. Actually come to think of it, both my brothers are often more high maintenance than I am.

Austin (18), Daniel (22), Amanda (24)

But do you wanna know the real reason he's awesome? He used to look like this (flashback to little Daniel)....

I really don't think I need to say anything else. Don't think I'm weird, but I love my brothers!

Little me agrees :) Brothers are the best.

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Devon said...

that photo is a riot! it looks nothing like your brother!

it's nice that you are so close with your brothers!

Amy Nielson said...

oh my gawsh, i'm dying at the stonewash jeans & mis-matched suspenders. AWESOMENESS.