Flashback Friday--Summerfest


This is Alison (she's on the left). She and I have known each other since sixth grade. Basically, a long time. But we're not that young in this picture. Don't let my braids fool you. No, we're sixteen, hanging out on a gondola in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Every summer there's a music festival, with some famous bands/artists and some no one's heard of. A few high school friends and I tried to start a Summerfest tradition, and we sorta did. If you can count going two years in a row a tradition. But now I live far away. Boo to moving to Oklahoma and getting older.

Alison and I don't talk a whole lot, but that's okay. She's the type of friend I don't have to see or talk to every day. But when we're hanging out, it feels like only yesterday that we were together. Hanging out on a gondola.

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(Note: This is my first try at linking a blog. I know, get into 2010, right? Lame. Please don't judge me.)

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Tia Colleen said...

(I thought your blog looked unfamiliar, welcome to flashback fridays!)

This got me thinking about all of the summer traditions that I used to have with my friends, usually centered around concerts, festivals and fairs. Such good times.

Also, your braids are awesome.

AND, while I was scrolling through your blog, I noticed that you're a runner, and THAT IS AWESOME.

Love your blog!!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the welcome and for the comment! Yes, I'm trying to be a runner. Toying with the idea of a full marathon. We'll see... :)

Dana Rae said...

Oh a Half Marathon is awesome. Someday...someday...I need to get through the 5k first. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog and my bucket list. I so need to learn to crochet. My mother has done it for years, but I have never been patient enough to learn - now is the time.

Unknown said...

Aww, Amanda, I'm in your blog! I feel special! I'm sad that the Summerfest tradition died. This past summer was the first time I didn't go. But without you, what's the point? :( Come back to me!!!