And... My Lucky Streak Continues


A year ago, I won a raffle at my company's Christmas party and got a Caribbean cruise for two. A few months ago, I won a raffle at a church event and got a pretty wreath (which, btw, is still hanging on my wall). 

Okay, so. . .

On Thursday, I may or may not have won another raffle. Okay, I did win another raffle, furthering my lucky streak and fully erasing the line "I never win anything" from my life forever. (I know I already said I'd do that, but now I really mean it.)

Three days ago, I took a friend to a cooking demonstration by the only female Iron Chef, Cat Cora. I'm not going to lie, I actually had never heard of her before two weeks ago. Jordan's dad works at a hospital, and every year they host a famous chef (last year it was Emeril), who cooks and shares a few healthy recipes. Apparently it's a big deal, and you have to buy tickets and dress up (I didn't know about that part), and--this was totally awesome--eat the food. Yay! 

I didn't actually go with Jordan, because he was busy, so I recruited another friend, who got really excited and thanked Jordan no less than three times for not going. We didn't know what to expect as we walked up to the entrances doors. Then, we saw a flash.

"Are those cameras?"
We peered through the tinted glass window.
"Wait," I said. "Those people look fancy."
Sharelle looked down at her black-and-white polka-dotted rain boots then up at the sign, noting the "VIP entrance."
"VIPs?" I said. "Hmm... Well, too late to change now."

We walked in and gave the lady our tickets, and she handed each of us a pink raffle ticket. Then she told us we could sit anywhere there wasn't a "reserved" sign.

For the next hour, Cat Cora cooked and talked and answered questions, and it was really cool. She made an appetizer, a pasta entree, and a freaking delicious apple dessert. And as she cooked, waiters brought out the dish for each of us. I learned some interesting cooking facts, and each guest got a wooden spoon with Celebrity Chef Cat Cora carved into the back.

Then, at the end they raffled off three of Cat Cora's cookbooks.

Knowing my history, I suppose I shouldn't have been shocked that they called my raffle ticket first! I jumped up in front of everyone and shouted, "That's me!"

A lady handed me a cookbook, and I got it signed by Cora herself! 

If you're keeping score, that's now three raffles I've won in the past year. Don't be jealous. I'll cook you something delicious and make up for it.