7 Things and an Award!


I got something yesterday from my friend Lauren over at Heya, Sparky! She gave me a blog award! I didn't even know they had things like this. But I guess that means I'm awesome, so...thanks, Lauren!

I've been writing on here since May 2010. At first I wasn't sure I'd have anything to say, but it turns out I have a lot more than I thought. I have a job where I get paid to read other people's work, so it's been super fun to write my own and get to write whatever I want (even if I'm not getting paid. Boo on that.)

The rules of this blog award thing is that I now need to write seven things about myself:

1. I have a love/hate relationship with running. I continue to run, hoping that eventually it will turn into just love. It's now been a year of mostly consistent running, and my hopes are dwindling that it will ever not include some hate.

2. I really, honestly (strangely, I know) hate taking showers. Note: That doesn't mean I don't take them (I do, promise), but it does mean I hate it.

3. Country music never fails to make me happy, even if I'm in the crappiest of moods.

4. I am a sore loser. This is something I am aware of and something I fight on a daily basis. Later, when I'm alone and have time to think, I always regret acting like a child and vow to be a gracious loser from then on. Sadly, my aspirations to better myself and vows of adulthood haven't amounted to much yet. There will always be chances to practice, though, since my sports teams (ahem, the Cubs and Bears) are destined to lose for the remainder of my life.

5. I used to be convinced that I was an introvert. I continued to tell people this throughout high school and college and into the workplace...until last year when I took a personality test at work. Come to find out, I'm an extrovert! What a shocker. Who knew? It's not like I'm loud and like to make friends and talk to people. It's not like I love being in a crowd. On second thought, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.

6. I love my last name. When I get married, I'm making it my middle name just so I can keep it around. I'm also going to use it to name my daughter someday.

7. Besides being born into an awesome family with an awesome last name, Jordan Bumgarner is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

And now to pass along the love to Laura over at "Beauty Will Save the World." She's a coworker friend, hopefully soon-to-be neighbor (since I'm applying to get an apt in the area where she lives), and new to blogging. But she's great. So, Laura, here you go!
LHawk said...

My mouth dropped when I saw you passed the blog award to me...lol. That's awesome! Thanks!